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Chapter 3


A half an hour later, night fell and an hour after that, the quartet found the decimated camp. "A mated pair of 'Rex's hit the camp. They smell furious." The largest of the trio hissed out, scenting the air.

"Young one. Wake up. We're here." Runtu murmured, watching with sharp eyes as Harry slowly came back to the land of consciousness, yawning the whole way.

"We're here already?" The sleepy, green eyed young man asked, glancing around in slight confusion. In some ways, he hadn't yet recovered from the Dursley's treatment, and this was one of them. Sleep had always been hard to come by, so when he got a rare nap in, he was quite out of it for a while.

"Yes. The larger group of prey seems to have pulled the lost prey and two other prey up from the edge of the cliff. It seems a T-Rex pride passed through here just a few moments ago-very angry. We'll need to be careful…" She responded, glancing back at him while he slid off her back, leaning against her to regain his balance. "You're slow to waking up. The next chance we get, we'll watch over you as you sleep." She added quietly, her voice laced with worry.

Harry grunted in acknowledgement and strived to listen to the discussion between the large group of humans. "They're planning on going to the main compound. The other pride's nesting grounds are there. When they escape, they're planning on coming back with more reinforcements and capturing more of us from the sounds of it." Harry informed the others, sounding more than slightly worried. Runtu hissed angrily, her slit eyes focusing on whom she wanted to kill the most. Her tail lashed angrily snapping a few branches. Immediately, guns were aimed from some of the fringe hunters of the group.

"Quickly, they're coming to investigate the noise." Ocllo whispered as she moved backwards, further into the foliage.

"We need to head to the other pack. Establish relations with them and warn them of the coming danger to their hatchlings." Anahuarque said as Harry slipped onto her back. As the hunters started pushing aside the thick rainforest plants, the quartet darted ahead of the group, moving quickly towards where they needed to go.

An hour later saw them passing through a large meadow, where herbivores were busy gossiping and eating, slipping back into the forest as quickly as possible so that they wouldn't risk the hunters' catching sight of them. Harry groaned in relief when they finally took a break, relaxing by a river for a half hour so they could rehydrate before crossing it. By now, the group was following the now more frequent scent of other Velociraptors.

Stopping at the edge of the other pride's territory, Anah sent out a call of greeting, asking for a meeting at the same time. Harry slipped off her back, stepping behind her and the other two flanking his sides for protection. They wouldn't risk their young one getting hurt if they could help it.

A call came back confirming the meeting and the four pride members waited patiently for the other pride to choose who would come. After ten minutes, six of what looked to be a mixture of young and older pride members appeared from the lengthening grass in front of them.

"We come from the other island to warn you of a danger fast approaching." Anah started in, stating the words of peace, making the wary strangers relax slightly. "Two leggers, have appeared on this island. They have plans to walk through your nesting grounds and come back later to hunt through our prey for themselves." She continued, moving to the side to show Harry.

"How do we not know you are lying to steal our hatchlings?" Called one of the younger strangers.

"I listened to their conversations myself. They were already making plans to come back with more reinforcements." Harry hissed, adding credibility as a speaker to his family's words. He shifted closer to the middle again, showing that he was not the leader of the group as the other pride had immediately thought he was, due to his Parseltongue status.

Murmurs spread through the other group, surprise and amazement rising up, before the group quieted again so their not-so-obvious leader could speak. "We listen and take heed of your warnings." The eldest velociraptors stated, stepping forward to prove she was the leader of the pride. "We would also like to invite you to our nesting grounds for the night. We're sure it's been a long day, and you probably haven't had much rest. Please accept our thanks and come relax. Tell us of the news on the other island." She said, drawing the formalities to a close.

"We appreciate the offer and accept. May your hunting be fruitful." Anah replied, glancing over her shoulder so Harry would come forward to stand with her.

"If you don't mind, would you share the news of this island with us as well? We're very curious as to what's happened over here." Harry asked politely, keeping in step with his family.

The younger raptors darted off, obviously going to warn the others what was going on. A few looked as if they wanted to stay, but went off to spread the news anyways, slipping through the grass almost completely silently.

"We have no problem sharing the news of our island." The elder raptors assured Harry, their curiosity shining in their eyes.

Harry smiled and nodded, slipping through the grass quietly to the main outer nesting grounds. Settling down, the group started to chatter about their respective islands. Over the next three hours, the green eyes of the young man resting against his pride's leader slowly slipped close, off to sleep again. Finally after five minutes of even breathing, Anahuarque glanced down and shifted slightly in her laying position to make him more comfortable. The male leader of the other group paused in the middle of his sentence, glancing at where her gaze rested. "Excuse Harry please, he hasn't been sleeping well for the last few days." She murmured, raising her head and turning her attention back to the conversation.

The group settled down for the night, Harry briefly waking up to spread out his sleeping bag as well as eat some small snacks.

The group woke half way through the night, loud crashes and screaming making them jerk awake. "They're here!" The two leaders of the prides called out, making the group scatter to make sure the young were safe.

"Cover your ears young one. This won't be pretty." Runtu whispered, the three elder's surrounding him to protect him from possible exposure to the human race that had almost destroyed their little one.

Harry slipped out ear muffs after casting a muting charm on them, listening to the silence and relaxing back into his sleeping bag. He didn't hold any loyalty to poachers. Greedy people who tried to endanger his adopted, extended family and his distant relatives weren't worth the effort. He'd been hurt too much to give a shit about them.

Twenty minutes later, Harry rose up, packing away his sleeping bag at the signal of his family. Slipping the bag onto his back, and himself onto Anahuarque, the group took off for the research facility, knowing they would need to look around for more supplies to fix the items that were broken at their own house/facility casting the repairing charm only worked for so long on electronics.

Snarling greeted their entrance to the main facility, making the three raptors close ranks around Harry. Sharp green eyes spotted four people rushing up the stairs towards a helicopter, the adults were glancing every so often behind them. Harry gasped softly, recognizing the form of Ian Malcolm as he glanced back and caught sight of Harry.

"We need to move now. The humans may catch sight of me, which isn't a good idea to happen. At the moment they think I'm dead, which is a good thing at this point." Harry murmured, ducking back and behind Anahuarque. Hopefully all that Ian would think was that he was having a slight flashback.

The group moved into the basement, which still held a fully stocked top-of-the-line medical bay for any injured, sick or sedated animals or humans. They didn't want the few things that were broken to make other pieces of equipment break.

Carefully packing away the delicate mechanical pieces took some time to store, but by dawn everything they thought was important, was disassembled, shrunk and put into Harry's bag. Slipping back out of the building, the group head back to the clearing, the raptors and their hatchlings awake and chattering away about recent events.

Harry and the three other raptors soon said their good-byes, stating they had left the younglings by themselves long enough. It was dangerous to leave them on their own for too long. Other meat eaters seemed to think it would be okay to move in on their territory then and try and demolish their pride.

After reaching the bay, the group watching as another ship took off from the port before they left the harbor under the wards Harry had created. The boat was quite large, making Harry wonder why such a ship was there in the first place, having not seen it there before. Shrugging to himself, he moved the boat forward, ready to head back.

It took a half a day to travel back to the other island, the waves being much higher and the ocean a good deal rougher than it was the last time. Finally, as dusk was starting to set in, the group manages to make it to the shore they had launched from only two days ago.

"Let's go home." Harry said in relief, finally back on dry land and thankful for it. The four beings slowly walked up the overgrown road, careful now that it was dark out. They were wary about the dangers, but not enough to stop talking.

"You need to sleep again." Ocllo pointed out, smirking slightly at his annoyed glance back at him. Harry could feel eyes on them, but knew that they wouldn't attack him or his family, making him feel a short burst of relief, before that emotion faded back as well.

"Well not all of us can laze about while others do the work." Harry snipped back playfully, exhausted enough that the statement had no heat, only sleepiness seeped throughout the words.

"Come along children, we're almost there." Runtu pointed out as the group exited the trees and entered the trimmed grass of the area around their nesting grounds.

"Let's just go. I'm exhausted." The sleepy green eyed young man murmured, hiding a huge yawn behind one of his hands. He was ready for his bed. Anything else could wait until tomorrow.

The next months were spent travelling between the two islands, exploring the second island, organizing the two prides, collecting items that could be of use for the other island, cleaning up an area of the lab to make a makeshift guest room for Harry, while layering charms, wards and protections around it to keep people from noticing the changes taking place.

Slowly, over the course of the first few weeks, the group went back to normal, with a few small changes taking place. The velociraptors on Isla Sorna had adopted him into their family and were now his escort whenever he was on the island. The new island, Site B as Harry had found out it was called from the notes in the research lab, was much, much more dangerous than Jurassic Park.

That morning, the group was gathering in the clearing, training the newest hatchlings the primary foundations of hunting when a plane circled closer than any had before. Harry's eyes stayed on the sky, watching warily for any sign of movement. After an hour of silence, he started to relax again, only to practically vibrate with tension when he heard a loud crash and soon after that a very angry, triumphant roar from the Spinosaurus in the near distance.

"Shit." He murmured, glancing nervously at the forest. "Check the eggs. Hurry!" He exclaimed worry shining in his eyes. The sounds were too close to the nesting grounds for him not to worry. If something destroyed their next group of hatchlings, it would be dangerous for their pride. They were too small of a group already, so without the next group of hatchlings, they could possibly be killed off because of how dangerous the island was.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, three raptors tore off towards the hatchling grounds, two of the egg-layers and a male, all worried about their future. Three more off duty egg-guards quickly followed, hoping nothing had happened. Ten minutes passed with the group making plans and worrying in general about the situation. Harry grabbed his bag and walked over to Ocllo, "We need to find out what is going on. Would you mind taking me towards the noise?" He asked her softly, knowing Anahuarque would need to stay with the group.

"Two of my eggs are gone!" Cried out one of the egg-bearers, her distraught voice carrying over the pride.

"We're going to find out what happened. Do you want to come track the thieves? I have an idea of who they are…" Harry murmured, frowning as the group gathered.

Three of the younger males stepped forward as the egg-bearer walked up next to them. "Let's go." Her distraught and angry voice making any worries or doubts disappear under a hardening anger. Just as the small group was going to set off, a distress call from the main compound alerted them to another problem. "It's on the way. We'll check it out. If it's anything important, we'll send someone back." Ocllo said, glancing at her alpha and beta as Harry climbed onto her back.

"All right. Be careful." Anah murmured as the other pride leader gave the four members of her pack directions.

Slipping off into the woods, the group followed the scent trails, leading through the refurbished mansion-home. "There were intruders that ran through the cages only a few moments ago. They were running towards the prey fields from what I heard." The lone male that met up with the group said in greeting. "If we get there quick enough, we may be able to find them. One of them had the scent of our eggs on him." He continued with, making the group quickly take off in a hurry.

Laying flat on Ocllo's back; the two burst out of the woods and into the herbivores' feeding grounds. Darting across the field, the group of six slipped into the dense foliage again, picking up the scent trail and going after the one that veered away from the rest. "Stay hidden with Harry. We'll take care of this prey." One of the egg-guards snarled out, identifying one of the scents as the egg-stealer.

"Be careful. We don't know if they have their own weapons." Harry warned, slipping off Ocllo's back to land crouched on the ground. Burying himself in the foliage, the dark haired young man curled up, resting his head on his sister's stomach. "You know, I don't think I've ever told any of you how grateful I am that you demanded I come with you all those years ago. So…thank you, Ocllo." He murmured, tuning out the screams of fear and panic. Hearing a rustle in the bushes, the green eyed male peaked up over Ocllo's stomach, his arm wrapping around it to help push himself up. Seeing nothing he slid back down, snuggling against the warmth of the body next to him.

"We never regretted it for a moment, regardless of thanks or not. You're part of our pride, Harry." She hissed softly, smiling slightly in her own weird way.

Silence descended on the two for a few minutes before the all-clear call emerged from the trees off to their left.

Taking off in that direction, the two emerged from the foliage and rejoined the group. "We have the scent, but we need to go back and check in with the pride. The prey is up in the trees now, or gone, so we have probably the rest of today and up until dawn tomorrow to get back here." The egg-bearer explained softly as their guards scoured the area for another trail.

"Then let's head back for the night. It's T-Rex territory here, too dangerous to sleep in if we stay." Harry suggested, hearing words of agreement from everyone else. Everyone took off for the pride's territory, hearing a roar of anger in the distance. "Definitely don't want to be caught by that." He murmured, gripping his sister's neck so he wouldn't slip off, his magic anchoring the rest of his body to her.


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