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Last time:

"Then let's head back for the night. It's T-Rex territory here, too dangerous to sleep in if we stay." Harry suggested, hearing words of agreement from everyone else. Everyone took off for the pride's territory, hearing a roar of anger in the distance. "Definitely don't want to be caught by that." He murmured, gripping his sister's neck so he wouldn't slip off, his magic anchoring the rest of his body to her.


Night fell and passed quickly, Harry falling into a fitful sleep on his bed inside the transformed headquarters. The only thing he had been worried about was the illusion charms breaking, which obviously hadn't happened. When pre-dawn hit, the group of seven were off again, moving quickly to catch up to where the egg-stealers had been the night before. Day had dawned an hour before they reached the spot, having to avoid a rampaging spinosaurus, as well as a lone female T-Rex.

"They've left for the day, moving towards the flyers' nesting grounds." Ocllo hissed, her snout scenting the air around them for old traces of their target prey.

"If we move south on land towards where the river meets the bay, we should be able to beat them and plan an ambush. I'm pretty sure they're headed to the beach in order to escape." Harry suggested, pulling out the old maps of the island that he kept in his bag for occasions such as this. Glancing it over, his finger traced an invisible path on the mostly-blank paper.

"Agreed." The lone egg-bearer said, her claws flexing at the thought of finally getting her eggs back. Although if she didn't find her eggs with them… Well, she would just say it wouldn't be pleasant.

The group moved off, using their dexterity to move quickly through the brush. Harry would never get tired of racing fifty to sixty miles an hour through thick jungle on the back of a vicious predator. Some things just couldn't be topped. Although riding his Firebolt did come quite close, especially when he was flying low. Sighing, he settled in for another hour or so of travel. The group would take a break then, before starting off towards the edge of the isle. Knowing that even at the speeds they moved at it would take awhile to travel the large island, the group settled for a prolonged run, saving their energy for later.

After finally arriving at the perfect ambush area, the group set out to remove their prints from the area so as to not cause suspicion. Harry helped with that by casting a few light wind charms to make the sand look more natural.

"We'll pounce on them closer to the ocean-lake. It should be an easy capture as their guard should be down. But step lightly. We don't want to reveal ourselves too soon." Ocllo instructed the younger raptors as they set up for the ambush. Hunting human prey was very different than hunting their regular prey.

Only a few minutes passed before the group of raptors could hear the clumsy movement of their soon-to-be-captured-but-not-yet-killed prey. "Be ready…and…now!" Ocllo snarled viciously, the egg-guards and herself surrounding them quickly.

"No biting! I want my egglings first!" The only other female snarled, snapping at the two younger guards as they stepped forward slightly.

"Get down on the ground. She's trying to challenge us." Alan Grant said softly, slowly falling to a kneeling position, hoping against hope that they would make it out alive-despite their now very slim chances of survival.

Harry stepped out of the brush behind the group, circling to the front of the group soundlessly from the outside so the humans remained unaware of him for as long as possible. Hm…it seems Doctor Grant couldn't stay away. He thought, smiling slightly and helping the raptors calm a bit by way of his magic. He listened quietly to the conversation taking placing, hissing a translation to the others.

"I'd suggest you explain why one of your comrades took the eggs in the first place." Harry voiced out, finally announcing his until now, unnoticed presence. Heads snapped up and the older man who knew him from before paused before gasping in shock. Harry's form was pressed against one of the male Raptors, his hands scratching an itchy spot behind his ear, making the dangerous being relax enough to purr.

"H-Harry? How are you alive?! …and touching a Raptor…." He asked in a daze, confusion and worry prevalent in his voice.

"Now now, I gave you a suggestion, shouldn't you listen to me? The others tend to get a little snappy when things aren't explained and they're treated like stupid animals." Harry said by way of reply, watching sharply as the woman stuttered out the story, too scared to do anything but tell the truth. Humming in interest, he nodded to Ocllo to leave them alone. "They're innocent. We do not kill innocents when on a hunt of vengeance." He hissed lowly, loud enough for the closest Raptor to him to hear and send the message to her.

Grumbles were heard before Ocllo hissed in agreement and watched carefully as the egg-bearer and a primary egg-guard picked up their unborn younglings and slipped into the woods. His sister waited next to him, ready to kill if the group in front of them started making problems. She would guard him while he stayed back to talk to the prey, sticking to his side like super glue.

"You could come with us Harry. Escape from the island's curse. The world is still there for you." The eldest tried to persuade him as the teen looked on in awe and his parents looked on in fear. "Lex, Tim, Ellie and Robert ((the game warden from Kenya-remember? I never killed him off…)) would love to know you're still alive." He tried to persuade the young man, knowing the effort may be futile, but still wanting to try.

"Why should I, Dr. Grant? Humanity has hurt me far more than any Raptor or spinosaurus has ever. Look up my history if you don't believe me. It was blaring all over the United Kingdom's news channels fo0r weeks before I was offered to a chance to come here by the U.S. ambassador. Besides, after the war I was dead inside.

"I still am to an extent. My family has been the ones to support and help me become me again. Not the people I saved. Not the world. Not humanity." He replied bitterly, the female next to him butting her head against his arm and purring lightly, hearing the sadness and betrayal in his voice, even if it wasn't directed at the group in front of him.

Hugging her around her neck, he shook his head. "No, I don't think I will. Though feel free to come visit me again on Isla Somna or here on Isla Nublar if you want to try and convince me again, or to just talk. The others will you and anyone who accompanies you to me without harming or killing you, they promised. Can't say much about the 'Rex though. We think he was dropped while in the egg." He added with a half smile. Stepping back and slipping into the foliage without breaking a twig.

The four survivors caught sight of him swinging up fearlessly onto the back of the deadly reptile that had stayed back with him, before losing sight of him when the two moved deeper into the island interior.

Harry sighed and rested his cheek against his sister's scales, feeling the quick movement that beat a tempo. "Well, the future just got more interesting." He whispered, only Ocllo hearing his words.

"We'll take it as it comes. Who knows? Maybe one day the oldest prey will come for a friendly visit." She suggested, humor in the very depths of her words.

"Who knows? Perhaps he will, but for now…let's go home." He replied, contentment seeping into his words as he grinned at the multiple voices agreeing with his statement.



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