So, super exciting news! I'm adding a sequel in to this fic. Jurassic World inspired me. :) I'll be starting the fic years before the timeline of the new movie. It'll start right about when the hunters came back to kill off all of the wildlife on the south side of the island. What do you think happened to all of the previous dinosaurs? They didn't just disappear after all. I'll add the timeline I'm working with for the story to the beginning of each chapter and update it as the story progresses.

Since the movies (which is what I based the first fic off of originally) is completely different from the books, I had to…adjust a bit to fill in the gaps.

So sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy this ride! :)



Chapter 1 – 12 years after the 3rd Jurassic Park Movie

Harry sighed, glancing over his shoulder at Runtu nodding slightly and shifting back on the overhanging ledge that looked out at the encampment of soldiers, professional trackers and hired killers were. "They're here to clear the island. As we feared." Harry stated softly, squirming back quickly to his companion, wanting to get further away from the small army of professional hunters he had just been observing.

His mind may be older, but his body didn't look as if a day had passed, forever twenty-three due to the unfortunate ownership over the Hallows. Death had come for a visit about five years ago explaining about what had happened in his final year of fighting the Dark Lord Voldemort. He had allowed his Master's body to age until twenty-three when his hormones leveled out and became stable. Now Harry was thirty-five and had struggled through accepting the permanent acceptance of his youthfulness.

"We need to clear out our allies and move to Isla Sorna then. We can't stop them from making the same mistakes, however, we can monitor it." Runtu hissed in response, glancing behind her rump at the scent wafting on the wind. It screamed prey, but she knew it was a trap.

Harry climbed up onto the second-in-command's back and they took off, back towards the compound and away from the dangerous infestation.

"We'll have to contact the grass-eaters and transport them to the next island over if we can manage it. We know shrinking spells work on them after I shot that overpowered one at the T-Rex when it attacked our nesting area two years back. Maybe we can shrink most of them and transport them that way?" Harry thought out loud as the two made their way back to the compound.

Arriving back just a bare fifteen minutes later, the two found Anahuarque and Ocllo snarling at the three missing juvenile's they had been looking for originally.

"Anah, Ocllo, we have a problem. Hunters have come to exterminate everything on this island as we had predicted." Runtu hissed out quickly, distracting the two from their scolding and allowing the three juveniles to escape almost unnoticed-not that the reprimand wouldn't continue after more important matters were taken care of.

"When? Where?" The pride leader demanded to know, her hisses choppy as her mind raced to try and find a solution.

"Southern tip of the island. There's too many already and even more arriving. We'll need to evacuate to Isla Sorna." Harry said quietly, frowning as he looked around at their home. "I can put wards up to stop them from building over this compound, then we can use it as a base when we come back to see what they're developing." He continued, his green eyes darkening at the thought of abandoning their home.

"We'll do what's needed to survive. We'll need to travel to the other island and alert the other half of our pride." Runtu stated softly, her eyes focusing on a possible solution.

"I don't like giving up our territory." Anah snarled out, tension running through her whole body.

"Strategic retreat. We know this park will fail, just as the last one did. We just have to wait it out and help the new dinosaurs survive until then. We'll contact them when their old enough to understand what we're saying and have less eyes on them. Until then, we'll need to just watch as this develops. At least we have some knowledge of what is going on and maybe if we manage it right, some control." Harry pointed out, not happy either, but knowing this wouldn't be the end.

"We don't want to die. What they plan to do has us dead within weeks." Ocllo added, her hind claws sinking into the soil as she snarled herself.

"Gather the hatchlings and juvenile's. I want us away from this place before sun-up tomorrow." Anah finally managed to get out. A hard, cruel light starting to glow in her eyes. "We wait until they slip up. Then they'll regret infringing upon our territory and forcing us away. If they live long enough to regret it." She added, calls of agreement rising from her two oldest comrades and a nod of agreement coming from Harry.


So there's your teaser for the first chapter! Hope you enjoyed! I'm super excited to be posting this up finally, although I am warning you now that because of college my updates will be sporadic and rare.