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Owen's team (none)

Owen woke up in his bed in the ship that was taking him to the new region that he hadn't heard of. He had a brand new outfit, consisting of a a short sleeved grey t-shirt, black gym shorts, navy shoes, and his poke belt that didn't have any Pokeballs on it. He waited in his room for a few minutes before the captain of the ship began to speak over the speakers that were everywhere on the ship.

"We have arrived in Littleroot town. Have a great time, and good luck to any new trainers." Owen ran off of the ship and made his way to a small lab that appeared to be very lacking in technology. Owen knocked on the door, but nobody responded so he tried to open the door, but it was locked. Owen walked around the town and asked all of the citizens where Professor. Birch was, but they all had no idea.

"This sucks!" Owen shouted as he left the town and walked down a road that led to another town.

"He-Help!" a voice screamed. Owen ran to where the shouting came from, and saw a man being chased by a small black dog. The man saw Owen and started screaming to him.

"You there! Choose one of the Pokeballs in that bag!" Owen saw an orange satchel on the ground, and grabbed the first Pokeball that he saw.

"Go!" A small green gecko stood in front of Owen. It had a green tail, a red chest, and yellow eyes. "Use Tackle!" The Pokemon turned to the clueless trainer and stared at him. The Pokemon began to hit the ground with its fist. "Ohhh, use Pound!" The green Pokemon smacked the dog with its tail, causing the pooch to run away.

"Thank you. You must be Owen! I'm Professor. Birch. Follow me," he dictated. Owen followed behind the man who picked up the satchel. They arrived at the laboratory, and Owen wasn't very impressed with the technology inside of it.

"What region is this?" Owen asked the man who was gathering supplies.

"This is the Hoenn region. Here is your Hoenn Pokedex, and five Pokeballs." The green Pokemon looked at the Professor, and then hopped up onto Owen's shoulder. "Hahaha! It appears that Treeko has taken a liking to you," the man analyzed. Owen looked at the friendly Pokemon and began to smile.

"Do you want to come with me, Treecko?" Treeko nodded violently, and both Owen and Professor. Birch laughed.

"Here is Treecko's Pokeball. The closest gym from here is in Rustboro city. Good luck," the man said as Owen and Treeko walked out of the laboratory. Owen and Treeko continued onto Route 101.

"Are you ready for this, Treecko?"


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