I woke up and my heart shattered into a million peices, I saw her the one who haunted my nightmares she is ok but she is still here wherever here is I don't want herin it. Well I do. No one asked you. But I'm still here. Regrettably. Melanie, her name is Melanie. Fine I don't want Melanie here happy now? Any way Melanie stole a body. Seems to me that wanderer was doing the stealing. Melanie was supposed to be gone. And stealing a dead body makes it more justified. YES! I try to remember how I got here and why Melanie is here she is supposed to be dead because she went into the desert and there was no way she could have survived and... Wait I'm in the desert! How did I get here? Cant say it's all a blur just thinking about it makes me dizzy. Well we just spent a few weeks in the desert you should be dizzy.Melanie was moving forward she touched my face and I cringed away. Dude she was touching my face. "Seth?" she said. Melanie I'm here I luh luuuuuhh. Then everything went black.