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Back to Peeta's POV! Enjoy!

October, 1772

The cool October air from the open window chills the room. The tip of my nose is cold, but the rest of me is comfortably warm as I lie, my limbs entwined with Katniss's.

Katniss...my wife.

The memory of yesterday's wedding brings a smile to my face, followed by a chuckle when I think about Katniss kissing me in the middle of the ceremony. I feel heat on the back of my neck, slightly embarrassed that I gave in to her so completely in the moment. I had pulled her against me in a tight embrace, wishing that I could explore the rest of her body with the tongue I had thrust into her mouth. Of course we were in church, in front of God and before all our family, friends and acquaintances.

I guess it doesn't really surprise me that Katniss always surprises me. If I am being honest, it is one of the many reasons why I fell in love with her. Katniss doesn't care about social confines or appropriateness and most of the time acts purely off the passion she feels in a single moment. It is why she is so quick to anger, but it also fuels the intensity of other emotions in her as well. It is the reason I was able to make her scream my name over and over and over last night.

I can feel my hardening length twitch against Katniss's thigh as I think of all the ways she let me take her last night. I have known no greater stamina than when I am with her. She fuels me with her moans, her breasts against my chest, her hands woven into my hair. The way she looks at me in the heat of it all, like she wants to devour me makes me groan out loud as the memory of her calling my name into the night echoes in my head.

I think it is time to wake Mrs. Mellark.

Katniss lies curled up at my side, completely naked. Her head is nestled on my bicep, the arm completely numbed beneath. Her molasses-colored hair falls in waves over her shoulder and down her back. The hands in front of her rest against my stomach, in prayer position while her arms squeeze her chest, exaggerating the swell of her breasts, pushing them upward, beckoning for me to take them in my mouth to toy with and tease them.

I drag my fingers up and down her exposed arm, watching in delight as small bumps appear at each pass. The contact makes her arm and face twitch. I lean over and plant a kiss on her forehead.

"Kaaatniss" I whisper as I draw out her name. "Wake up, beauuutiful." I watch as her lips curve upward, but she stubbornly keeps her eyes screwed shut. My fingers crawl across her belly, and I can feel the skin quiver underneath the pads. I keep up my ministrations until Katniss finally gives in, opening her eyes and looking up at me with the most stunningly serene smile on her face, a smile I look forward to waking up to every morning for the rest of my life. The smile is so lovely, in fact, that I am almost tempted not to drag my fingers across her core, transforming that pretty little grin into tight 'O.'

"Peeta!" Katniss hisses as my fingers move under the blankets and dip inside of her, drawing out moisture that I use to lavish on the area that makes her buck against my hand. Soon I have her shuddering under my movements; her back arches off the bed as the covers fall to the side, revealing her whole body to me.

"Good morning, Mrs. Mellark." I whisper against her lips before claiming them with my own. I swallow the satisfied groan that escapes her. "What would you like to do today?" I ask as I pull away. "I was thinking we could fill your house with furniture."

"Our." Katniss corrects.

"Our." I agree with a smile. I glance around the near bare bedroom. "I didn't buy too much. I wanted you to purchase what you liked best." I turn back to see a wide smile on Katniss's face, her eyes sparkle as she stares back at me.

"I like that idea," she says sweetly. I nod, smiling back. I turn to get out of bed and ready myself for the day when I feel Katniss grab my shoulder and pull me down next to her. "But first I have some wifely duties to attend to, Mr. Mellark." Then her head dips to my waist.

Katniss and I fall into a easy routine. I spend most of my days writing speeches, discussing strategies with Haymitch, and speaking at rallies across Massachusetts. Katniss occupies her days helping Rue, visiting with Prim and her mother, and occasionally hunting. Even though she no longer needs to shoot game anymore, there is a certain smile she gets on her face only when she's spent a day in the woods. I still become irrationally nervous about her going, so sometimes on days I have no scheduled engagements, she allows me to accompany her. Then at night, we belong only to each other.

We finally spend our first Christmas together. We have Prim and my mother-in-law over for holiday dinner. It is the first time the topic of children comes up. The initial question comes from Prim, but the way Lily looks to Katniss the moment the question is asked makes me wonder if it was planned.

Katniss and I have yet to have this discussion privately. I am still careful to always pull out when we are together to prevent a pregnancy, and Katniss has yet to tell me to do otherwise. I would love to have children one day, but I am not in any rush, not with the prospect of war on our doorstep. We are still young and have been married just two months. Katniss told me once that she didn't want to have children, but she also told me she never wanted to get married either, so I don't know how seriously I am supposed to take that.

Katniss simply smirks at Prim's question, gives a small shrug, and quickly changes the subject. I have to stifle a chuckle when I see how quickly her mother's face falls. I chance a peek at my wife and find her gaze on me, her face abnormally apprehensive. I offer her a comforting smile, and I nod, and after a while she smiles back.

As time passes I discover more of the many benefits to marrying Katniss. We don't have to hide anymore. If I need to travel for work, she is allowed to travel with me, and if there is a public function to attend, she can accompany me.

One such event occurs at the beginning of July. It has been three months since the Tea Act was established. This seems to be the final straw for the Sons of Liberty. It is the spark that has finally propelled them to take action.

It is a poorly kept secret that this act has been established to benefit the East India Trading Company, which has been floundering financially as of late and is burdened with an excess of unsold tea. The unsold tea was to be shipped straight to the colonies and sold at much lower prices than at the local market—thus resulting in significant losses for local merchants.

The British government foolishly thought that we would just allow this flooding of the market to commence. They have always underestimated the intelligence of us colonists, but we caught on quickly, and presently British ships have docked in New York, Philadelphia and here in Boston but have not been allowed to unload. Each ship's stranded crew has had to look for work on other vessels along the docks. Those of us who have worked behind the scenes in this budding revolution have happily accepted this gift horse and will use it to our advantage.

So I stand here now at the front door of the Abernathy estate with the most beautiful woman in the Massachusetts Bay colony on my arm. Katniss wears a stunning white dress with a pattern of green vines and a variety of colored flowers, most of which I am afraid I couldn't name. Her dark hair pulled up, and around her neck a single red ribbon is tied into a bow at her throat. This bow has done things to me in inappropriate ways since the minute she walked down the stairs in our home.

Presently I feel Katniss's hand tremble slightly in mine. She is never good around large crowds, and she is always nervous when she doesn't know anyone at an event. I bring our joined hands up to my mouth and brush my lips against her knuckles. Katniss turns to me.

"Stay with me?" she asks anxiously.

"Always." I reply just as Portia answers the door to let us in.

Haymitch catches my eye as soon as we are lead into the ballroom. He maneuvers through the crowded room, drink in hand until he is standing in front of us.

"Good to see you, Sweetheart." He nods to Katniss.

"You too, Haymitch," she replies. She has begun calling the man by his first name in the months since our wedding. They have gotten to know each other well and have found a real kindred spirit in one another.

"Well, come on you two." Haymitch gestures for us to follow him as he turns and begins walking across the room. "There are some people who would like to meet you both." We follow him, coming to a halt in front of a seated woman with auburn hair and a burgundy dress, and a man, shorter than I, with a pulled back black pony tail, standing beside her, his hand resting on the back of the green chair.

"Mr and Mrs. Mellark, I would like you to meet my cousin, John Adams, and his wife, Abigail."

"Sir." I extend my hand towards the man. He takes it and shakes it briskly before letting go.

"Mr. Mellark," he says with a nod. I turn towards his wife, and suddenly I am 15 again, and she is buying a cake from my father.

"Ma'am." I give a small bow.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Mellark." She has a warm, welcoming smile on her face.

"Actually, Mrs. Adams, we have met before, quite a few years ago at my father's bakery. My family and I were actually neighbors of yours." The woman's eyes narrow in contemplation before mouthing my last name.

"Of course." Her eyes light up with recognition. "You're Andrew Mellark's son." She turns to her attentive husband. "John, this is the son of our former neighbors.

"Your family moved to Nova Scotia, did they not?" he inquires.

"Well my mother and brother, yes sir. My father however passed away a few years back."

"Oh, that's too bad," Abigail jumps in, her face sympathetic. "He was a good man."

"Yes, ma'am he was." I find I have to clear my throat of a lump forming there due to the mention of my father's death, even after all these years. I feel Katniss squeeze my hand, bringing me back. "And this," I gesture, happy for the distraction, "is my lovely wife Katniss.

"Katniss." Abigail stands from her chair, taking my wife's hand in hers. "I have heard so much about you. Haymitch is quite fond of you, of both of you." She looks to me and smiles.

"Mrs. Mellark." John steps forward and bows.

"A pleasure, sir." Katniss nods her head back.

"Well.' Abigail comes to Katniss's unoccupied side, linking her arm with my wife's. "How about I take the lovely Mrs. Mellark off your hands so you boys can talk about your war," she says knowingly.

I look to Katniss, my fingers still entwined with hers. I gave her my word that I would stay by her side, and I intend on keeping my promise, but her face does not show any hint of nervousness. She smiles sweetly at me and nods reassuringly. I pull her hand to my mouth, kissing it gently, before mouthing the words, "I will see you soon". I see Katniss blush as she turns and walks away with Abigail.

I turn back to see Haymitch, feigning disgust at our show of affection, but John has a very slight smile on his face.

"I must warn you, Mr. Mellark." His haughty and proper tone is unable to completely mask his Boston accent. "Abby has been known to corrupt quite a few people in her time. I fear your wife may not be the same when she is returned to you." I can't help but chuckle.

"Not to worry, sir. My wife is never the coruptee, but more often than not the corruptor. If anything she may be able to teach your wife a thing or two." Haymitch barks out a laugh, while John smiles and nods in understanding.

Haymitch collects a few other men throughout the ballroom and herds us into an adjoining room. Cigars and drinks are handed out and soon the room is filled with a light cloud of smoke. Haymitch stands at the front and all eyes are on him.

"So Johnny and I have been talking," Haymitch begins, gesturing at his cousin. "This Tea Act has really set a great many things into motion so we have a few ideas on how to proceed." The room looks to Haymitch with rapt attention. "The boy—" He gestures at me, and while some men in the room turn in my direction, I can't help grimacing, lowering my head, rubbing the back of my skull, hating that Haymitch calls me that. "His pretty face and fancy speeches have gotten us quite a bit of support up and down the coast." I feel pride swell in me at my accomplishments. "However we will need more, especially financial support in the coming months. So the plan is to host a huge rally in Boston; every one of any note who is willing to speak out for this cause should be there. Once everyone else sees the support this campaign is actually getting, it won't be long before other prominent people and merchants begin opening their pockets to sponsor our cause."

The room fills with agreeable murmurs, and after a few drinks, a smoked cigar, and some discussion later, we are in agreement that a rally will take place in the beginning of August. I am even encouraged to ask the Odairs and any other Patriot families I may be familiar with to join us that day and show their support—financially and otherwise.

I leave the room about an hour later, a little fuzzy in the head, and I immediately spot my wife in the corner of the ballroom having a very animated conversation with Abigail Adams. Katniss's hands move about in front of her wildly as she appears to be explaining something to the woman. After a moment, both women burst out laughing to the point of becoming red in the face. The sight of Katniss so carefree and happy, along with the liquor in my head, causes me to chuckle quietly.

I saunter over to the women. Abigail spots my approach first.

"Mr. Mellark," she calls out joyfully, raising her hand to greet me with a wave. Katniss spins around and smiles widely as I close the final distance between us.

"Peeta." She sighs happily as I lean over and plant a small kiss on her cheek.

"Mrs. Adams, would you mind if I stole my wife from you for a dance?"

"Of course not, Mr. Mellark. I should find my husband anyways." She looks to Katniss. "It was a real pleasure meeting you, Katniss."

"You too, Abigail," she chimes in.

"I look forward to working with you in the future." I look up to see Katniss nodding in response, a broad smile on her face. "Good evening, Mr. Mellark," Abigail says with a bow of her head before walking towards the room the rest of the men and I were gathered in.

I guide Katniss to the dance floor. As the orchestra plays their next song, one of my hands finds her hand while the other seeks purchase her waist.

"You and Abigail seemed to be getting along well." Katniss smiles.

"I like her very much. She shares a lot of the same views as I, about the rights of women. It was nice to talk to another woman who understands." Her expression becomes thoughtful.

"What was it she meant by you two working together soon?" I ask.

"Oh, well." I see the glint of excitement in her eye, and I find myself becoming excited along with her. "She and a few other women have started a club of sorts where they discuss how they can help with what is coming, whether it be war or otherwise. She asked me to join them."

"Wow, Katniss." I am elated. "That is great! I think you'll be able to help a great deal."

"You really think so?" Katniss asks, hesitantly.

"Of course I do." I try to assure her. "You are brilliant and clever and have quite a few skills that many women—or men—do not possess." Katniss smiles bashfully.

"Well, thank you for that." She looks up at me with her smoldering stormy eyes, and I can't help but pull her closer to me as we dance.

"No, thank you." I whisper.

"For what?" She cocks her head. I lean even closer so my lips brush against her temple as I speak.

"For wearing that ribbon," I confess. "I cannot even begin to explain what it is doing to me." My voice sounds husky. "When we get home, my love, I intend on taking every stitch of clothing off of you, except that ribbon, because once you are naked and lying before me, I would like to pull it undone with my teeth." I listen as Katniss inhales a sharp breath and feel as she shivers against me.

"Can we go home soon then?" Her voice is so earnest that I can't help but laugh out loud.

The rally takes place the first week of August on Kings Street, just a few feet away from where the Bloody Massacre, as it is now being called, took place. I can't help but stare at the spot on the ground where Thresh laid dead, shot by a British musket. When I catch Katniss looking at the same place. I take her hand and squeeze it.

"I love you," I whisper in her ear. She turns and smiles at me, though her eyes are sullen.

"I love you, too."

The rally has attracted a large crowd. Finnick and his parents have come up from Rhode Island to show their support, along with many other influential people from around New England.

I make a speech in regards to the Tea Act...

"...It is time that we stand up for ourselves, and for what we believe in. We need them to know that they cannot treat us as less than we are. We need to tell them we are not going to be another piece in their games." The crowd goes wild and when I catch Katniss, gazing adoringly in my direction, I feel as though I could take on the world, let alone the British.

From the animated sounds of the crowd, I can tell that we are making the impact we had hoped for. These colonists do not want to be treated as half-citizens any longer—they want the full benefits of being Englishmen or they want their freedom.

As the rally comes to a close, Haymitch and I stand on a makeshift wooden stage in front of the crowd. Haymitch is thanking everyone for their support and adds that he hopes they continue to help the cause as events begin to unfold. My eyes search the crowd, pride filling me as I watch these men and women stand up for what they believe in. It is as I scan the front row, however, that I notice something out of place. A tall man, eyes narrowed, his mouth twisted into a scowl, holds something in his hand, pointing it in Haymitch's direction.

It's a pistol!

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-Abigail Adams is considered the first real feminist in America

-John Adams, a lawyer, actually defended the British soldiers who were accused of shooting into the crowd during the Boston Massacre in court. Out of the 8 soldiers on trial, Adams got 6 of them acquitted. The other two were charged with manslaughter and given lower sentences. Even though it was an unpopular thing for him to do, Adams defended the soldiers because he believed wholeheartedly in the right to a fair trial.

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