Return: Chapter 11

The night was still young, and in the outskirts of Zonama, some distance away from La'okio, Tam walked along as he approached one of the nearby boras forests to live out his exile. That was all Sekot, in Danni's form, told him to do after he left his and Danni's grashal; from that point on, she didn't speak to him. He just marched on for his exile.

As he continued to approach the closest boras forest, he managed to discern a barely-seen shape off in the distance opposite from the forest. He looked and, figuring that he wasn't in any rush to get to the forest, he began to approach this shape. It wasn't long before he was only a few meters from it and found that it was a ship.

Using the light afforded to him by the stars of Zonama's night sky, he managed to get a read on the ship's name: the Spiceman.

Solo's ship, Tam thought. Not that this would do him any good anyway; the ship was surely locked, and he decided to confirm this for himself by trying to open it up.

But when he tried to open it up, the attempt succeeded, and the boarding ramp was down.

Tam's eyes widened at this turn of events. How could Solo be so stupid as to keep this unlocked?

"Maybe because he doesn't need to," a familiar voice said behind him.

Tam swung around to find Danni standing there. "Sekot?" he asked.

The form of Danni nodded. "I must admit, though, that you are correct that it was quite a mistake on Jacen Solo's part to leave his ship unlocked. After all, even though I am perfectly capable of watching over his ship, it was quite irresponsible of him to leave it out for any common thief to steal this vessel."

Tam smirked. "Well, why don't you allow me to teach him a lesson about that?"

"I already know what you have in mind, Tam, and quite frankly, I do not approve," Sekot said.

Tam's face dropped in disappointment. He had the thought of utterly destroying his ship's console, but with Sekot here, that didn't seem like that was going to happen.

"Rest assured, though, I will see to it that Solo will pay for his own idiocy," Sekot said. "As for you, you must continue your exile in the forest over there." She pointed to his original destination.

Tam nodded and began walking back over to where Sekot was pointing.

After he was gone, Sekot turned back to the Spiceman and used the Force to lift its boarding ramp back into place. Then she locked it from the inside, still with the Force and smirking in amusement even after she was done.


On Korriban, homeworld of the One Sith, Darth Wyyrlok regally entered the throne chamber of his Lord Krayt, who sat contentedly in his large chair at the other end of the room.

"My Lord, I have some news that I knew would interest you," Wyyrlok said once he had knelt a few meters from Krayt.

"Speak, Lord Wyyrlok," Krayt said.

"Our agents within the Galactic Alliance have reported to us that Jacen Solo, better known to the galaxy as Darth Caedus, has been discovered to be alive," Wyyrlok explained.

"I know," Krayt said. "I have sensed it in the Force. His return was a powerful event, but subtle enough for only the most powerful of Force-sensitives, such as myself, to have felt it."

"Oh," Wyyrlok said, caught off guard. "Then may I ask why you have not informed the rest of the One Sith, My Lord?"

"I have been biding my time, searching the galaxy through the Force to find out where he would be while your agents have been confirming their information about Solo's false moniker, Captain Jaken Kollo of the Spiceman, from his voice recordings with Control Officer Heol Girdun, who had been part of Solo's Galactic Alliance Guard during the Second Galactic Civil War," Krayt informed Wyyrlok. "You were wise to have a disgruntled, dissatisfied Girdun inducted as a non-Force-sensitive agent after Natasi Daala's first year as the Galactic Alliance's Chief of State, Wyyrlok; otherwise, he would have informed his false Alliance superiors rather than us."

"Well, then, what do you recommend we do now, My Lord?" Wyyrlok asked.

"Solo is on the living world of Zonama Sekot," Krayt told his subordinate. "It will take an army of the One Sith to kill him and that world."

"Kill him and the living world, My Lord?" Wyyrlok asked. "You are sure we cannot bring them on our side? After all, Solo was a Sith Lord..."

"I am quite sure that neither Solo nor Sekot will join us, Wyyrlok," Krayt said sternly. "Solo became a Sith Lord for self-righteous reasons anyway. We have no choice but to kill him. We must assemble an army immediately."