Reagan's POV

"Reagan, where are you going? You don't have ballet today!" Says dad. "Relax, dad." I reply "Just a swim." I put my goggles around my neck as I close the front door. I walk to the beach and jump in the water. Above the water, I could see a girl look back and forth, as if she's checking if anyone's there. Seeming to make a decision, she dived into the water with a splash.

Something amazing happens. As she touches the water, the girl's legs join together and is replaced by a glimmering tail. When she sees me, the girl's eyes widen and in a flick of her tail, she's gone.

At first, I'm to shocked to wonder where she went. Now, I do wonder. She probably swam to the deepest current to hide from the Holt. But she doesn't know I'm tough. And I am running out of breath.

I kick up to the surface and gasp for breath. I haven't gone swimming since I was captured by the Vespers. And now, I've just made a very shocking discovery; mermaids are real.

Madison's POV

I open the door to be face to face with a dripping wet and wide eyed Reagan. "You won't believe what happened!" She cries. "Yes, I can." I say impatiently. Reagan always thinks of something dramatic, like a shark nuzzled her or something. "You saw a stingray." I guess. "No, better!" Reagan cries. "I saw a mermaid!" See what I mean by dramatic? A mermaid. Very real.

"Reagan, be real. Face it. Mermaids just aren't real." I snap. "Yes, they are!" protests Reagan. "Let me show you!" "No, Reagan." I simply reply. Reagan looks me right in the eye. "Do you think that I, Reagan Holt would believe that mermaids are real, unless I saw one?" She asks. "You have a good point." I point out. Reagan looks at me hopefully. "Fine," I sigh. "But it has to be real, or I am so getting back at you."

I can't believe it. I actually saw a mermaid. Reagan was not kidding. Wow I should never doubt my twin again.

Hamilton's POV

By the time they get home, my twin sisters are out of breath. "Hamilton," gasps Madison "Reagan and I (gasp) saw a (gasp) mermaid!" "Huh, yeah right." I scoff. "You two are getting girly." "No we are NOT Hamilton." Reagan gives me a shove. I shove her back. Madison watches us shove. Then, she finally says, "Alright, enough! Enough with the shoving! And bro, there is a mermaid out there you've got to believe me. We may have been the first Tomas to find something out." "You mean me." Reagan glares at Madison. "Not you."

I finally agree on following my sisters to the nearest beach. Then, I see hair and a tail, and I didn't need an explanation.