"If these, shadows remain unaltered by the future…"

~Ghost of Christmas Present, A Christmas Carol

"Preservation? Hah!" the great beast lumbered. "You are naught but a tomb, deafened by its own screaming souls."

"Our purpose is beyond your comprehension. We—," the voice, made of screeching bellows, stilled under the booming laughter that shook the very air.

"You are flesh and machine, and all the more deluded," the beast declared. "You claim your purpose is incomprehensible, and you mission; as old as the stars." The ground rumbled under its chuckle, "If what you say is true, then I am older than the stars. And my once brothers who made your…fathers. The are older still." It dismissively sunk back into its resting place, "Leave us to our slumber, whelp."

"You will soon join our cause, and understand our purpose."

The great beast shifted, "Leave. Here lies your grave."


Levana danced.

She danced though her data files. Her hard-light body danced through the med-bay.

"So long. I've been alone so long. And I have waited so long." She twirled up to an enclosed medical bed, "Eons, upon eons. Eternities, upon eternities."

Her hand reached through the barrier, "Such a strong face. You remind me of him you know," she stroked a finger wistfully down his face. "A beacon in the darkness, a bulwark against the drowning tides. Like him, you are strong and you have been where you have needed to be." She brushed a non-existent hair away from his face, "I would swear you are his descended, if not his son."

Leaning in, she placed a chaste kiss on his forehead, "I've read about her. You are lucky to have been, and be, the favorite of so many." She sneered suddenly, "Even of that bumbling woman. She should have stuck with her technology left such matters, especially you, to us and our Life-workers."

"Do not worry, my new Lord of Generals," her face smoothed out. "When you awake, the mess of all her bumbling will be gone."

"Sleep well, my Spartan," she rose to her feet. "Sleep well, John."

Author's Note:

Instead of the stereotypical post that is an authors note that I have seen that usually says something like, "Oh, I haven't posted for so long for this or that reason, but I will be posting again soon!" I decided to give you, my readers, a teaser of what's on my brain for later down the road. Remember though, as the quote hints these teasing thoughts might actually change down the line.

Until then, have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!

Avid Reader