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Amanda (Andie) Anderson: August (Auggie) Anderson's 13 years younger sister

Addison (Addie) Anderson: August (Auggie) Anderson's 21 years younger sister

Jumping into a cab, unable to say anything a depressed looking Auggie Anderson hands his phone to the cab driver. Over the phone Annie Walker informs the driver of the hospital he must take Auggie too.

"I got it! I will get you there in less than ten minutes, Mr. Anderson!" the cab driver informed him in his thick southern accent.

"Andie! Why Andie?" Auggie painfully whispered from the back seat as he thought back on the days previous.


Auggie POV:

"Auggie!" I heard Annie squeal from the door way of my office.

I smiled, hearing her voice and smelling her Strawberry shampoo just makes me happy, "Annie Walker, how can I help you?"

"Auggie, why didn't you tell me you had a little sister?" Annie asked as she walked around my desk.

My smile faded and in an agitated tone I informed her, "Actually, I have two, and I haven't seen, well talked to, either of them in six years, when my parents were killed for reasons unknown and child services wouldn't let me take care of them for more unknown reasons. But how could you possibly know that?"

I could hear the nervousness in her voice, "You have two? Well, which one is 17?"

"Amanda, why?"

She was right next to me. "Come with me," she whispered taking my hand and placing it on her elbow. I followed her.

"Where are we going?" I asked when I heard the elevator bell.

"To the lobby," Annie said vaguely, I could tell she was smiling from her voice. I sighed as we stepped off the elevator to the lobby.

"Auggie!" a teary female voice cried. She wrapped me in a hug. Even though I hadn't seen/heard her since she was eleven I knew exactly who was in my arms.

"Andie," I sighed pulling her close to me. Since I could smell the strawberry, I knew Annie was leading us to the lobby chairs.

"Andie," I said as I pulled away from the hug, "Andie, I'm not the same as I was six years ago. Andie, I'm…"

"I know, Auggie," she whispered as she curled herself into my chest.

"How do you know?"

Andie spoke as if she was quoting something, "'Brave Soldier, Captain August Anderson, Survives Bombing, Loses His sight' I read it every night, a newspaper clipping."

She pressed it into my hand, "You are still August Alexander Anderson, mine and Addie's big brother."

I was suddenly hopeful, "You've seen Addie?"

I heard her start to cry and whisper, "No, I was hoping you had."

I pulled her close to me, "Shhh, We will find her, Andie. Now how did you get here? Where are your foster parents?"

"Probably still in northern Missouri, I doubt they are looking for me," I could hear the anger mixed with fear in her voice.

"What did they do to you, Andie?"

"Nothing," she whispered.

"Just please don't make me go back, Auggie, please!" she begged.

"Never," I promised her with a kiss on her forehead. I pulled out my phone and pushed speed dial number three, Annie's is number two.

"Joan," she answered.

"Hey Joan," I said.

"Auggie? Uh, Auggie, you're not in your office, where are you?" she asked.

"Um, Joan, can I have the rest of the day off? My sister showed up and I want to take her home."

"Sure, Auggie, see you Monday," she said.

"Uh, one more thing?" I whispered.


I was still whispering, "Can I take, Annie? Well, can she take me?"

Joan laughed lightly at that, "I will see you and Annie on Monday, Auggie. Bye."

"Bye. Let's go, guys," I stood up with Andie under my arm and I grabbed Annie's elbow, "You're driving."

We got Andie settled, and she brought out her favorite movie, mine too, we had watched it many times years ago, so I had no problem with us watching a movie with every word or sound I heard I knew what was happening. We had ice cream and popcorn, the three of us fell asleep on the couch. We woke up at ten, well, I did, Andie and Annie were already showered, I could tell they were becoming fast friends, and enjoying the breakfast Annie brought back. "Mmmm… Burger King, my favorite, Ham Egg and Cheese Crossan'wich?" I asked sniffing at the food.

"But, of course!" Annie giggled in her sweet voice that I love hearing the first thing in the morning, but she will never know that.

After eating, I called to the girls, "Come on!" I grabbed Andie's hand and Annie's elbow and I led them to my garage. I opened the door and they both gasped.

"Auggie! I didn't know you had another car!" I heard Annie whisper next to me.

"A black 2006 Acura RSX! This is a great car, bro! And it still looks like it's in good condition," Andie squealed.

"You know your cars, sis," I told her as I reached up and grabbed the keys from the hook, "I pay someone to take it for a drive every once in a while so it will still run well."

"Well, ya know I had this brother who was like a car freak and got me hooked on cars. So what are you going to do with it now?" She asked me.

I pressed the keys into her hand, "I'm giving it to you."

"I- Auggie I don't have my license yet only my permit!" Andie protested.

"Well that is why I was hoping, Annie would teach you?"

Annie agreed and they went out for some practice. I had to clean the mess up from last night and I still had to get a shower. Three hours later I got a panicked call from Annie, and I called a taxi.

*end Flashback*

Annie met Auggie's taxi on the steps of the hospital and guided him to the room. "I can't lose her, Annie! I just found her! I can't lose my sister again."

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