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Something was coming.

It was a dark energy, foreboding and menacing, and it brought with it ill will and bad times. What it was exactly was unknown, but the Elf could feel it. She could hear it coming, see the signs it was hear... She only followed her instincts, and hunted down the energy. She didn't know why she did it, but she believed in her gut feeling.

Something was coming.

Something was here.

It all started in the forest.

Amelia took aim, her muscles tense, her whole body on edge. She waited from her perch in the tree, breathing steadily, listening, not making a sound. There was a rustle and her aim snapped to the bush it had come from. A few seconds later, it rustled again. Amelia breathed out, and with her exhale, let the arrow fly. Her fingers pulled away from the sting and it snapped forward, propelling the angle straight off her bow. It took a spiraling motion and flew straight into the bush with deadly fast precision. There was a high-pitched yelp, and then nothing.

"... Lime?"

Not a sound. Amelia climbed down from her perch and trotted over, pushing the leaves of the bust aside. There was a ripped piece of green and white cloth, obviously Lime's. Lime was the only person who Amelia had ever missed with her shooting, and Amelia was the only one who could stop Lime's assaulting kicks. They were elves, and though they were from different tribes, they could sense each other and their magic all the same.

"Lime, are you still there?"

Amelia flinched to the left and nocked Lime's leg out of the way, sending her skidding across the floor. The green-haired Elf kick-wormed into an offensive stance and stared at her friend, before motioning angrily to the large rip in the side of her skirt. "I just fixed this from our last run in!"

"Oh, sorry about that..." Amelia smiled, rubbing her head. "I didn't know it was you."

"Pfft, like hell you didn't." Lime replied, crossing her arms and tapping her foot. "You can always sense me, right?"

"Yeah, I can. Usually." Amelia replied, retrieving her arrow and handing the cloth to Lime. Lime took it and tucked it in her bag, fluttering her wings nervously. "Usually?"

"I don't know, but I couldn't tell it was you until you screamed. Usually, I can just sense it's you, you have this energy about you." Amelia explained. "It's like how I can tell when Speka is going to try to blow me up or something. It's also how I can vaguely track Edan. But recently, something's turned that sense off."

"So what you're saying is that your sensing has magically disappeared?" Lime asked. Amelia nodded. "Great, just great."

"I don't know. Some dark magic interference maybe, maybe Speka's trying to prank me or something." Amelia reasoned. Lime proceeded to kick at the ground. "Hey, speaking of Edan, you haven't heard from him, have you?"

"I thought he left after getting whipped by Valak." Amelia said.

"That's what I thought too, but I recently spoke with Lowe and he seems to believe that Edan's come back." Lime said. Her wings fluttered nervously again. "Should we go check on him?"

"Yeah. Maybe we should head over to Velder and speak with Speka as well. I want to know if she's the one who's blocked my sensing." Amelia said. "But I can't believe Lowe is still talking to you, even after the beating you gave him."

"It wasn't that bad... Compared to the one I want to give to Q-Proto_00 for breaking my bow, his was nothing." Lime scowled, punching her hand. "That little Nasod is gonna get it when I see her next, if she's lucky to come out of that fight, it'll take her decades to fix herself."

Amelia smiled and pat her friend's shoulder. "No need to get rough now... You can hit her all you want later."

"Fine. Anyway, let's just focus on Lowe for now." Lime sighed. "I should hit that man."

After a day's long travel, Amelia and Lime finally reached Ruben where Lowe was training new recruits. He was working with a young girl, raising the sword in her hands and directing her which way to swing. She swung twice, nearly hitting him, and he took the sword.

"Why don't you head home for the day? I think you're getting tired." Lowe said with a nervous smile. The little girl frowned, but said, "Okay... See you tomorrow, sir."

"Well aren't you the heart breaker?" Amelia whistled. Lowe glanced up from putting away his swords and jumped at Lime and Amelia standing there.

"Amelia! L-Lime!" He yelped, hiding behind the blade rack. Amelia laughed and walked over to him, leading him out from behind the rack. "It's okay, Lowe. She won't hurt you this time. At least, not that badly."

"I said I was sorry! I didn't know that was your forest!" Lowe yelped again, but Lime silenced him with a punch to the hand. "Didn't know it was mine, my ass."

Lowe squeaked and hid behind Amelia, Lime's smiling glare scaring the living daylights out of him. It had been at least a month since she had beaten him into the floor, he still didn't dare approach any of the forests on his own. "What are you two doing here, anyway?"

"There are a few reasons." Amelia replied. "Why don't you take us to your home and make us some food? We'll explain everything there."

"But I don't want to bring you to my house." Lowe started.

Lime punched her hand twice this time, cocking her head to the side. "But you want to bring us to your house. You want to make us food, too. And you really want to let us stay the night or I'll hit you."

Lowe gulped and nodded quickly, saying, "Yes, yes I do! Come on, I'll make some food!"

They arrived at Lowe's home a few minutes later, where he started some vegetable stew and tea. "I don't know if you guys are vegetarian or not, so I'm just making a vegetable stew and tea."

"Yes, I can see that." Lime replied, sarcasm dripping from her tongue. "Are you going to ask if I want to sit down?"

Lowe rushed to the table and pulled a chair out for her. "W-would you like to sit down, Lime?"

"No, I'm alright, thanks." Lime smiled. "Amelia, do you want to sit?"

"May I, Lowe?" She asked. He nodded and went back to the kitchen as the kettle started whistling, and she sat down, waiting for him to bring back their tea. When he came back and handed them the cups, he asked, "So what did you want to talk about?"

"Well, first off, I overheard a little bird tell Lime that Edan seemed to have returned. Did I hear correctly?" Amelia asked. Lowe nodded. "I got in touch with Noah who had talked with Valak. Apparently, he seemed to be pretty angry, saying something about Edan returning."

"I see..." Amelia "hmm"ed him. Lowe nodded. "I don't know if what I heard from her was the truth, but she sounded pretty sure of herself."

"... Hmm... Well, the second order of business, I can't seem to sense you guys any more." Amelia said, taking a sip of her tea. Lowe choked, coughing a few times and slamming his cup on the table. "What?!"

"It's just like it sounds. I seem to have lost my sense." Amelia nodded. "I can't tell where anyone is anymore, I couldn't even tell who Lime was when I shot her earlier."

Lowe made a face. "You shot- You shot Lime?"

"I missed." She admitted, pointing to the tear in Lime's dress. "No big deal, I always miss her anyway. I believe it might be Speka who's dimming with my sensing. Some dark magic interference or something. I need to go to Velder and speak with her, will you come with me?"

Lowe spit his tea back into it's cup and sprayed some in his face. With a cough and a gag, he wiped his eyes, and then stared at her. "To see Speka? With you? And Lime? Are you joking?!"

Amelia and Lime stared at him. He stared back, before placing his hand over his eyes and sighing. "You aren't kidding. Okay, let me just... Get my food, get your food... We'll eat, sleep, then decide. I just... I don't even know right now."

"Alright then. Thank you for having us tonight." Amelia said as Lowe brought out the bowels of stew. Lime joined them at the table, and together, they sat down to eat.

Later that night, Lime and Amelia were in the guest room of Lowe's house, in the dark, well after everyone was asleep. Amelia wasn't though, she was awake as day, with millions of questions running through her head. What was wrong with her sense? Was Edan really back? Did Speka really have something to do with this? What did any of this mean? How did she tie into this? Why her?

"Hey. Hey Lime." She whispered, turning on her side. Lime grumbled something and shifted under the covers of her mattress on the floor. Amelia prodded her in the side, the Forest Spirit's wings fluttering in annoyance. "Amelia, I'm trying to sleep."

"I know, sorry. But I need to get something off my chest." Amelia replied, withdrawing her hand. Lime groaned and turned on her side, her florescent green eyes lighting seemingly lighting up the room. She sighed. "What?"

If there was one thing Amelia knew, it was that Lime never hesitated to act as a therapist. If someone wanted to talk to her, she'd listen until they had talked themselves out of words. It wasn't like she wasn't annoyed by the constant blabbing, it obviously got her ticked. No, she seemed to love the gossip and interesting stories she got out of it, so it was much more fun than annoying.

"I don't think it's really Speka who's stopped my sensing." Amelia said, staring at her friend's eyes. "It doesn't feel like her magic."

"Then why did you say it was?" Lime asked, her nose scrunching in annoyance.

"I don't know. At first I thought it was hers, but her magic has a different hold. In fact, I'm starting to doubt it's even magic." Amelia explained, turning on her back. She rested her head on her hands and stared at the ceiling. "Though it feels like magic, it has an electrical buzz to it... Who do we know that could do that?"

"Speka could have used an electrical-type spell... Like that Lightning Bolt she has on her. " Lime reasoned. "Or it could be Apple or that stupid Code."

"... Maybe it was Apple, she always seems to be up to something." Amelia responded.

"If you want my opinion, it was Code:Q-Proto_00. She broke my bow, tried to kill Valak and Noah, went after Apple, I bet she has a grudge against everyone." Lime grunted, turning her winged-back to Amelia.

"Lime, that's just your personal vendetta talking." Amelia chuckled, earning a glare over the shoulder. "... But it's a good idea. Still though, why would she come after me?"

"Maybe she doesn't want any competition. I bet she wants to kill someone and thinks we'll get in the way." Lime replied. "It's not that farfetched."

Amelia fell silent. That was probably it, but it still didn't feel right. "What if it was Speka though?"

"Damnit Amelia, make up your mind. Was it Speka or Code?" Lime snapped. "I want to go to sleep, we're getting up early tomorrow."

"... I'm going to stick with Speka. Good night, Lime." Amelia said, watching her friend's wings flutter before falling limp. Her breathing returned to normal, and then finally, she was asleep again.

Amelia wasn't so lucky. The first lights of the day were showing through the window when she finally drifted to sleep, and she woke up what seemed to be five minutes later to something that smelled delicious and Lime jumping on the edge of her bed like a child.

Oh boy, this was just gonna be great