Despite Rick's encouragement to leave in a hurry, the packing seemed to be going particularly slow in order to leave the motel. I had helped Carol and Lori tear down the common reception desk area before packing myself up. My room wasn't going to be particularly difficult; I usually kept my things in my bag for an emergency evacuation.

The comforter on my bed was slightly rumpled from sleeping there last night, after the rejection from Daryl. I shook my head to attempt to stop that flood of thoughts.

On the end of my bed was my pad of paper and my little pencil. Which I had left with Daryl the night before. I sighed, silently, and tucked them into my pocket. Out of curiosity I went to my backpack and rummaged around inside. Both of Daryl's shirts that I had been wearing were gone.

Through the stereotypically thin motel walls I could hear Daryl softly walking around his room. I briefly considered confronting him about going in my things but decided against it. As much as I wanted an excuse to physically attack him, I didn't want to give myself any opportunity to break down in front of him. Distance was of the essence right now.


"Daryl, you and Layla circle around on your bike, see if it draws anything out. Parking lot's half full, doors look open, bait 'em with the noise." Rick said.

T Dog, Glenn, Maggie broke the huddle around Rick, nodding and preparing weapons. I grimaced and look out to the shopping mall a few hundred yards away. For my sake I prayed it was empty.


Layla held on to me as lightly as she could, leaning as far back as possible. I took some corners a little sharper than necessary, hoping to get her to cling like she had before but it didn't help. My two, slow loops around the lot, drummed up a few walkers. I parked near the main entrance and Layla and I dismounted and waited for the attack.

The others were taking their time driving down to us. Layla pitched a knife right into the eye socket of the closest male walker and detached another knife from her belt. I sighted in my crossbow and waited to see who she would drop before releasing my arrow and dropping a younger boy in a lime green polo shirt.

Layla and I killed about eight walkers as the rest of the group parked and piled out. Layla retrieved her knives and clipped them back onto herself. She left my arrows impaled in their victims and I had to walk into the pile of bodies to reclaim them. So far no one else had noticed her cold shoulder to me but I was starting to get angry. If she got me killed in here, or worse, bit. I'd kill her.