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Chapter 1

Bullets kissed the air, chasing after their target and missing by barely a hair. Hard, hot breathe met the cool atmosphere, leaving it's mark with a signature of mist and sweat. The sound of feet hitting concrete echoed off the walls of the tunnels and the smell of sewage was enough to make even the toughest stomach turn.

A cry of pain broke the near silent tension. A girl, hair long and raven black, looked back at her fallen friend, gray eyes widening in fear.

"Damnit." she breathed, the words taking shape as a fog in the cold air. She stopped running dead in her tracks and started to head back when a winged shadow flew over her. A girl with blue and cream wings landed next to the fallen girl and swooped her up in thin, narrow arms. Her blue eyes were full of fear, bleach blond hair an unusual mess.

"You got her?" The raven haired girl asked.

"Y-y-yes." The winged girl took to the air again and flew past the raven haired female, headed towards the center of the group.

In the very front a near naked woman lead the small group. In place of clothes she had a full long coat of ginger, red streaked tangled fur. She perked her feline ears up and looked behind her. In the distance an engine roared and the smell of antiseptic became ever present. She peered into the darkness with sharp green eyes. It was times like these that she was glad she had night vision.

The cat lady came to a halt as a wall came into view, blocking her path. She spun around, laid her ears flat against her head and hissed.

"Guysss... we have a complication."

The winged girl fell to the ground in front of her and dropped the girl in her arms. The raven haired girl caught up and took a moment to analyze the situation. Her fallen friend laid on the concrete in front of the winged girl, curled up in a tight ball. Her skin seemed bluer then normal and the gills that ran right under her jaw line flared desperately. She needed water. And soon.

The headlights of an SUV blinded the girls momentarily as a group of men dressed in white labs coats exited the vehicle and walked towards them.

"T-they've caught us. T-t-they've c-caught us." the winged girl sobbed.

A man with dirty blond hair and a full beard stepped forward, his hazel eyes shining in joy behind black plastic rims.

"Hello girls."

"Shut it, Mickey. I got what I wanted, that's all that matters."

Mickey tugged on his older brother's shell repeatedly and bounced around him in a little circle. "Com'on Rahey boy! What'd you get? Cheese? Pepperoni? BBQ? Oh maybe Hawaiian! I bet it was Hawaiian, wasn't it?!"

Raphael pushed his brother off and snarled at him. "Ain't none of yer business, Mickey. You'll see when it gets here..."

"But Raaaapppphhhheeeyyyy..." The hothead brother spun around and pushed the younger turtle off of him roughly.

"And what did I say 'bout callin' me Raphey?!"

In the distance guns shots sounded, followed closely by the crying and sobbing. Mickey and Raph became quiet at once, both wanting to listen in. A few more shots echoed throughout the sewers, making Raphael turn his head away from his annoying little brother and start walking toward the commotion.

"Duuuudddee...was that a gun?" Mickey asked, following at Raph's heels. Raphael rolled his eyes.

'Na, it was just some idiot setting off fireworks in the sewers." Mickey stopped in his tracks, and put his hands on his hips.

"Are we following it?"

"Na, I'm lookin' fer a pot of gold, somewhere over that damn rainbow."

"You do know that doesn't exist, right?" Raphael gave a short sigh and shook his head. Without a comment he continued to walk forward, Mickey catching up and right at his heels.

"Leo I swear, if you touch this toaster again the next thing I'm going to dissect is your brain."

"It's not my fault, Leo, I swear! I don't try I just.."

Donny took the small kitchen appliance in his hands and sighed. "I know I know. Just hush up and let me do my job..." Leo sat down just close enough to hear Donny mutter something about poison fingers and slumped his shoulders.

"Donny I-"

"Sh." The stern look his younger brother gave him magnified through his large googles almost made Leo laugh out loud. Instead he covered his mouth with a three fingered hand and let out a soft chuckle.

The sound of bullets ricocheting off concrete made both brothers look up. Another round sounded, Leo jumping to his feet and pulling out his swords.

"Gunfire." The eldest said.

"In the seweres?"

Leo made his way to the door and gestured his brother to do the same. "I don't know but I'm checking it out. Let's go."

Donny picked up his staff from beside his computer and ran after his brother towards the gunfire.