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I do not deserve that look, you know.

You nearly killed Annabeth.

Hey, she kicks; she gets what's coming to her.


What are you— OW! Hey, it's not my fault that you kept kicking like there was no tomorrow, you can just ask! C'mon boss, tell her.

. . . She says she doesn't care, and that you're in serious trouble now.

Hello? You're dealing with me.

She still doesn't care. She's going to . . . how did she put it . . . get her dagger.

Are you trying to scare me?


I think you are.

Well, I'm not.

That's a relief, because you were doing a rubbish job, anyway—OW!

What I'm actually trying to do is get you talking about the next story. First problem: title.

Well, duh. Call it the Titan's Maze.

The—Titan's—Maze . . . got it.

You're a slow writer.

Do you want to do this?

No, but I want you to hurry up.

Gee, that's nice . . . okay, let's start.

Hello again, readers! This is Blackjack back with the next adventure! The one where boss needed more help than usual . . . so, sit back, and watch the words on the page.

That's a bit brief.

Look, the story won't be, so be quiet please.

Fine. Right, let's go.

Whoohoo! Whoopee!

*Dances around*

We have the first chapter here at last!

Actually it's the same day as the Epilogue of the Blackjack Tales . . . but ANYWAY!

Please be patient! You never know how long it might take to get into the groove!

At the moment, I have NO IDEA what to do, so I may need to READ UP!

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