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Summary: In a desperate bid to save his godson, Sirius sends Harry four decades into the future but a miscalculation and a malfunction see him ending up four and a half centuries into the future instead. Stranded and alone, Harry must learn how to fend for himself in a war torn universe where technology is society's lifeblood. See inside for full summary, warnings, & pairings. Powerful!Harry, Smarter!Harry, Evil!Dumbledore, and Evil!Snape

Pairings: HP/Dorothy, 01/Relena, 02/Hilde, Zechs/Noin, past 05/Meilan, & implied 03/04.

Warnings: Mild to moderate violence, character death, foul language, brief mentions of implied rape (no descriptions), alternate universe (i.e. kiss canon goodbye), angst, drama, Dumbledore and Snape bashing, implied bashing of select Weasleys (no specifics mentioned), OOC moments, and who knows what else.

AN: This story is self-beta'd; so there may be occasional grammatical or spelling errors that crop up every now and then and for those I apologize in advance.

Banished Destiny
Prologue: A Daring Rescue by Banishment

A large black dog, whose dark coat was liberally sprinkled with pale gray, silently nosed open the door to the office of Hogwarts' current professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts and cautiously scented the air in order to verify that there was no one waiting to ambush him. After confirming that the room was unoccupied, the dog slipped inside the room and padded his way towards the desk. Two seconds later, the dog stood up on its hind legs and blurred out of existence as the dog transformed into a man with shaggy black hair heavily peppered with gray, slightly insane blue eyes that burned intensely with determination and grief, and wearing ragged and torn robes.

The man glanced around the room once before he began ruffling through the piles of parchment that littered the desk that had been used by the escaped Death Eater who had impersonated Alastor Moody for the entire school year.

"Aha, gotcha," Sirius Black crowed softly as he pulled a rather old and battered looking scrap of parchment out from under the mess that covered the desk. He quickly unfolded the parchment as he pulled his old school wand out of his tattered robes and tapped the map as he intoned, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

As the lines of the magically created map raced across the parchment, Sirius scoured the halls of Hogwarts for a specific dot. "Found you," Sirius whispered with a feral grin as his eyes landed on the portion of the map that represented the Hospital Wing of the school. "You won't prevent me from saving my godson this time, you evil old codger."

Tucking the map into his pocket, Sirius hurried over to the seven compartment trunk that belonged to the real Alastor Moody and rifled through each of the seven compartments until he came to the one Moody had been imprisoned in for most of the year. That compartment was a real mess and Sirius wrinkled his nose in distaste as he leaned down into the room to make certain there wasn't anything inside there that would cause problems for his godson. He would have loved to clean it out but he didn't have the time to clean it by hand and the amount of magic he'd need to clean it by wand would destabilize the magic of the trunk.

Sighing, Sirius locked up the other six compartments (leaving the filthy, if empty, seventh compartment unlocked) and pocketed the keys before he shrank the trunk down to a more manageable size and put it in his pocket as well. When a quick glance around the room turned up nothing else worthwhile, Sirius morphed back into his animagus form and dashed out of the room towards the dungeons so he could raid the potions supply room. The moment he reached the damp passages leading down into the bowels of the castle, Sirius changed back into his human form and checked the time on his watch before pulling out the map to make certain there was no one around.

He then quickly moved towards his destination and once he reached the proper door, he carefully dismantled the wards on the supply room before he slipped inside and locked the door behind him. Working quickly, Sirius pulled out two dozen wooden crates the size of a tennis ball, restored them to their full size with a flick of his wand, and used the pack charm to transfer all of the ingredients and potions stored in the room into the crates (taking care to keep everything as neat as possible despite how rushed he felt). When the last bottle flew neatly into place in the final create, Sirius sealed the crates with his wand and checked the time and the map again before he pulled Moody's trunk back out of his pocket and restored it to full size.

He hurriedly slipped out of his outer robe and set it on one of the empty shelves before he reopened the section of the trunk Moody had been imprisoned in and carefully transferred the twenty four crates of potions and potion ingredients into the trunk. He then pulled out several more shrunken crates out of his robe pocket and restored them to full size before he slipped into the potions classroom to clear out the all of the ingredients in the student supply cabinet, remove every last potions text kept in the classroom's bookshelf, and pack up every last one of the creepy jars filled with the preserved remains of various creatures in various stages of development (just to spite Snivellus).

The process was repeated again in Snape's office (packing up anything worthwhile) which sat directly beside the classroom on the opposite side as the supply room. All of those crates soon joined the others in Moody's trunk and once the last crate had been packed, Sirius put his robes back on before closing and shrinking the trunk. Another check of the map confirmed that his next destination was unoccupied and that the quickest route there was free of any witnesses or potential problems. He then he checked his watch again to make certain he wasn't running behind schedule before he ducked out of the supply room, reset the wards, changed back into Padfoot, and dashed off once more.

His next three targets were the supply rooms for Herbology, Transfiguration, and Charms (leaving behind pre-written letters that had been sealed and warded with magic for Sprout, McGonagall, and Flitwick to explain what had happened to their class props and supplies). He then headed for the hospital wing where Dumbledore was just now holding his 'parting of ways' with Cornelius Fudge while several other individuals watched the unfolding drama. He slipped into a hidden passage not far from the infirmary just as Minister Fudge stomped off in anger after his short argument with Dumbledore.

Quickly transforming back into his human self, Sirius studied the map once more; noting the positions of Dumbledore, Pomfrey, McGonagall, Snape, the real Moody, Skeeter, Granger, Weasley, his younger self, and most importantly – his godson. A nervous house elf popped into the passage way at that moment with several more crates and boxes and Sirius restored Moody's trunk for the fifth or sixth time and quickly helped the elf load the boxes into the open compartment. The elf popped away the moment the last box was packed away and Sirius checked the time yet again before he went back to watching the map.

Barely six minutes had past before a different elf turned up with yet more boxes, trunks, and crates that were quickly loaded into the trunk. Four more times the two elves popped in with more unwanted junk and surplus supplies that were being gathered up from around the castle, packed into the nearest crate, and loaded into the stolen trunk. Two hours after he had reclaimed the Marauder's Map, Sirius would load the last of the purloined loot into the trunk and lock the now full compartment before he shrunk the trunk down and set it off to one side as the first elf stood off to one side twisting his hands nervously.

"Dobby, were you able to collect everything from the list I gave you?" Sirius asked softly, the first words he'd spoken to the elf since entering the passageway.

"Yes, Mister Harry Potter sir's Father Dog, Dobby found everything Mister Harry Potter sir's Father Dog asked Dobby to find," Dobby squeaked as he began passing several items over to Sirius.

"Good job, Dobby, I knew I could count on you," Sirius praised as he set everything down beside Moody's trunk and addressed the elf once more. "It's time for you and Winky to collect Hedwig and take her to Grimmauld Place where she will be safe; remember it's your job to take care of her from now on. Don't let Kreacher give you any trouble and make certain Winky stays out of the butterbeer."

"Dobby understands, Mister Harry Potter sir's Father Dog; Dobby will do as Dobby is told."

Sirius watched the little elf disappear one last time before he glanced down to check the time and breathed out a sigh of relief when he noted that he was actually ahead of schedule. He then took a moment to sort through the various items that Dobby had handed over to him which included; Harry's personal trunk, Harry's Firebolt, the penknife that Sirius had given Harry for Christmas that year, Harry's invisibility cloak, a trio of hand written journals, a heavy gold ring, a key ring holding one gold key and three silver keys, an old English broadsword, and a picnic basket filled with enough food to feed a family of three for a week. He took a moment to shrink the trunk, broom, journals, and basket before turning back to check on the current positions of everyone.

"Don't worry, Harry," Sirius murmured as he leaned back against the wall of the hidden passageway and watched the dots moving about inside of the infirmary. "I'll get you out of there and send you to a place where you can make a life for yourself away from those who would beat you down, steal from you without remorse, betray you at the drop of a hat, and plot your death to claim your fame and fortune."

Without taking his eyes off of the map, Sirius pulled several more shrunken items out of his pockets; four additional shrunken trunks that were identical, several wands bundled together with silk ribbons, several more journals, a doll sized stone bowl filled with what looked like quicksilver, and a heavy silver ring. There was also a second key ring with three gold keys and four silver keys, a highly detailed and surprisingly heavy model of a nineteen-fifty-nine Triumph Bonneville motorcycle complete with sidecar, a letter, six potion vials, a rather strange looking device with a large blue dome attached to the front of it below which sat a row of buttons and knobs, and a magically reinforced box made from white oak that was roughly the size and shape of a cigar box – only twice as deep.

A brief search through his pockets ensured that he hadn't missed any of the items he'd gathered in order to make certain that his godson would have everything he needed to survive almost anything. Nodding to himself, Sirius began packing everything but the four identical trunks, Moody's trunk, three of the potions, the letter, and the weird device into the wooden box before closing the box and using his wand to attach the letter to the top of the lid. The box, the five trunks, the remaining potions, and the device were then quickly tucked back into his pocket as he finally noticed McGonagall, Granger, and Weasley being sent from the Infirmary; the small dot labeled as Skeeter following the trio and practically overlapping the dot labeled as Granger.

Shortly after McGonagall led Weasley and Granger off towards Gryffindor Tower, Pomfrey retreated to her office leaving Snape and the younger Sirius in the infirmary with Dumbledore and Harry. Some ten minutes later, the younger Sirius ran from the hospital wing in dog form and the older Sirius knew that Dumbledore had just sent his past self to contact the living members of the Order of the Phoenix. Snape left shortly after and the older Sirius smirked evilly as he was well aware that Dumbledore had just sent the potions master to spy on Voldemort.

The smirk turned feral as Sirius imagined the reception Snape had waiting for him at the dark lord's side; courtesy of a couple documents and a few damning memories Sirius had sent the newly revived dark lord four hours earlier.

Sirius then clenched his jaw as he watched Dumbledore's dot hover over the bed where Harry was laying for several long minutes. He knew that this was the moment when Dumbledore bound an additional fifteen percent of Harry's core, sealed away a dozen or so of Harry's memories of the events that had taken place earlier in the evening (numerous earlier memories had been sealed by memory charms each time Harry ended up in the infirmary over the years), and planted several 'suggestions' into Harry's mind using a rather dark mind control spell that was similar to the Imperius but worked in conjunction with a potion which made it nigh impossible to break.

Pressing his hand against the pocket where he'd tucked the three potions he hadn't packed in the box, Sirius reminded himself that he had the means to free Harry from all of the various bindings, blocks, and spells that had been illegally used on him as he silently urged Dumbledore to hurry up and leave. His wish was granted several minutes later as Dumbledore apparently finished his task and sauntered out of the infirmary; the aged wizard heading towards his office to gloat. Sirius disillusioned himself as he waited for the manipulative, backstabbing wizard to reach the third floor before he slipped out of the secret passageway he'd been hiding inside of and hurried into the hospital wing while keeping one eye on the map he held in his hand.

The first thing he did was to cover the various portraits that lined the walls of the Hospital Ward with conjured drapes to prevent them from seeing what he was about to do. He then made certain that Moody was out for the count so the paranoid ex-auror wouldn't be able to repeat what he saw to Dumbledore later. Once that was done, he snuck up on Madam Pomfrey in her office and stunned her from behind so that there was no chance of the school healer coming out and interfering with Sirius's plans.

He then spent close to ten minutes stealing her extensive stock of healing potions (including more than few rare ones) which he transferred into Moody's trunk with the rest of the stuff he'd collected. When he finished with that, he pulled Harry's extensive medical file; which even listed the illegal potions and spells that Dumbledore, Snape, and Pomfrey had used on Harry through the years (so they wouldn't risk any of them canceling each other out). The file would be reduced in size so that it would fit in the box before he tucked both file and Moody's trunk into said box.

Next, Sirius hurried to the bed where Harry was currently sleeping, pulled out one of the potion vials from his pocket, and sat his godson up just enough to feed him the shimmering blue potion that filled the vial he'd selected. He then used his wand to cut open Harry's right thumb and smeared each of the four identical trunks with Harry's blood in order to key him into the security wards on the trunks before he healed the cut he made. Those trunks then joined everything else in the box and once he closed the box, Sirius cast a series of protective wards over the entire package in order to prevent it from being damaged or falling open if dropped.

"That should keep people from stealing your stuff if you end up unconscious in a crowded area and the potion will clear your body of any and all foreign magic, pup," Sirius murmured as he settled his godson back on the bed and pulled out the strange device.

Glancing at the map in his left hand, Sirius made certain there was no one approaching the infirmary before he used his wand to trim off several thick locks of Harry's hair. Once he thought he had enough hair, he plucked a tissue from the box on the table beside Harry's bed and wrapped the hair up in it before he stuffed the bundle into his pocket. He then picked up the wooden box of supplies, grabbed Harry's wand from the table, and slipped both items into the sling that Madam Pomfrey had secured Harry's injured left arm. A password protected sticking charm was then used to prevent sling, box, and wand from getting lost in transport.

Next, he unbuttoned the flimsy hospital shirt that Harry was wearing before he picked up the strange device and attached the machine-like object directly to Harry's chest with a pair of straps that he slipped around Harry's body; the process of which drew his godson back to consciousness. Harry groggily eyed him as he croaked out a weary, "Sirius…?"

"Shh… not so loud, pup," Sirius murmured as he tightened the straps and used a few spells to reinforce them.

"What…? I thought you…"

"Shh… I don't have time to answer your questions right now, Harry. I need to get you out of here."


"Don't worry, I left you a letter explaining what I'm doing; you can read it later," Sirius stated as he tapped the large blue gem-like dome on the device that he'd attached to Harry's chest with his wand; causing the dome to light up with a gold light that turned the globe green. "I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you when I had the chance." Sirius leaned down and hugged Harry tightly with one arm as he pushed and turned the buttons and knobs on the device he'd attached to Harry's chest.

"Sirius, you're scaring me," Harry cried out in confusion as he clung to the older man.

"Go make a life for yourself, pup," Sirius ordered as he pulled himself free of Harry's hands and stepped back away from the teen. "Brace yourself now, Harry, the ride is going to get a little rough and you will also have to deal with the pain of the purger clearing the foreign magic from your body and your mind. Don't forget the Map's password; you'll need it when you get there."

There was no chance for Harry to reply as the device finished powering up and pulled him out of reality.

Sirius shook as he stared at the empty hospital bed while tears ran down his face even as he smiled in triumph; he'd successfully sent his godson to a place where Dumbledore could never harm him again. Shoving aside the grief that filled his heart over the knowledge that he'd never again see his godson, Sirius pulled out the hair that he'd taken from Harry. He then pulled out the other two vials of potion from his pocket (both of them containing the same thick grayish sludge) and dropped a small pinch of Harry's hair into each vial before shaking them until the hair dissolved and the potions changed from a lumpy gray to a smooth reddish gold (the rest of the hair going back into his pocket in case he needed it later).

"Live well, pup, live well," Sirius told the empty bed as he downed half of one vial and tucked what remained into his robe pocket as the modified Polyjuice Potion began transforming him into an exact copy of his now missing godson.

Sirius then climbed into the bed that Harry had occupied just a few minutes before and made himself comfortable before transfiguring his clothes so that he was now dressed in a set of hospital pajamas. Sighing softly, he closed his eyes and simply waited for sleep to take him as the strain of traveling over fifteen years into the past and scrambling non-stop for over five weeks in order to get his plans into place finally caught up with him. All he had to do was get through the last three days before the end of term and then he could return to his proper time.

The last thought Sirius had as he sank into the darkness was that he'd at least saved his godson from another three years of the pain and grief that Dumbledore and Snape had planned for him.

Harry screamed as he felt a band of fire wrap around his chest while he felt like he was being turned inside out and pulled apart at the same time; the feeling was ten times worse than the Cruciatus Curse that Voldemort had subjected him to less than five hours earlier. If that wasn't bad enough, the potion that Sirius had fed him while he was still asleep had finally worked its way through Harry's entire system and began attacking the foreign magic that was clinging to his mind, magical core, body, and soul.

It felt as if he was literally being shredded from the inside out as every single memory charm, every single mind control spell, every drop of potion (that was still in his system), and every last binding that was restraining his magic was forcefully removed by the potion flowing through his veins. Unfortunately, there were a few things that Sirius had forgotten to take into consideration when he planned out his godson's rescue.

In his desire to free Harry from the various spells and bindings that had been placed on him, he completely over looked the fact that Harry had three additional sources of foreign magic running through his very veins (aside from those he'd hoped to remove) and that the magic transporting the teen to safety had bound itself to him temporarily in order to transport him. The foreign magic that pervaded Harry's body was the basilisk venom and phoenix tears from his escapades in his second year in addition to a soul fragment that Voldemort had left in Harry's scar the night he tried to kill Harry when he was a toddler.

The presence of those two magical substances (spread throughout every single living cell within Harry's entire body with the largest concentrations residing his blood), the magic linked to the soul piece (tied to his very soul and his magical core), and the magic transporting him had integrated themselves so tightly to Harry that the purger treated them as a part of Harry's magic. That meant that the potion pulled every single drop of magic from the venom, tears, and transport device and merged them with Harry's magical core under the mistaken belief that the foreign magic that had been used on him had ruptured Harry's core at one point and therefore sought to rectify the damage.

At the same time it stripped and purified the dark magic from the soul fragment, killing that piece of Tom Riddle's soul, before merging the now cleansed magic with Harry's core; which when combined with the magic from the tears, venom, and device, more than doubled the amount of magic in Harry's magical core. The pain of the merging magics, the pain of the other spells being removed, and the pain caused by the strange device strapped to his chest (which was now malfunctioning due to having nearly all of its magic stolen by the purger) soon overwhelmed Harry and sent him fleeing into the depths of unconscious in order to escape the searing agony.

While his body was pulled through both space and time, the magic of the potion continued to purge Harry's body and the merging of his magic with that of the venom, tears, device, and the sliver of Riddle's magic began making several unexpected changes to the fourteen year old. Eventually, the device Sirius had used to send Harry to his freedom deposited the teen on the rather remote stretch of beach of a small deserted rocky island that sat just off the southern coast of Japan. The moment the device had completed its objective, it cracked in half and dissolved into gold sand; more than half of which was absorbed into Harry's skin while the rest was washed away by the incoming tide.

Harry woke up hours later as the pleasantly cold waves of the evening tide soothed his aching, burning body as they swept gently over him. Opening his eyes, he stared up at the star studded sky and wondered how he'd ended up on the shore of the Black Lake. There was a brief moment when he thought maybe the Weasley twins had pranked him but that thought quickly passed when he finally realized that the constellations he was seeing were not quite right for the time of year or what he thought was his current location. He was still trying to figure out what was going on while ignoring the throbbing pain in his head when a series of large waves (stirred up by a ship that had passed by the island not that long ago) washed right over top of him; roughly pushing him further up onto the beach.

Gasping and choking, Harry rolled over onto his stomach and crawled away from the water as best he could with his body feeling as if he'd been hit by a train or two and his injured arm still strung up in a strangely poor fitting sling that he recalled fitting just perfectly when first put on. Once he felt marginally safe, Harry rolled over onto his side and stared wide eyed out at the ocean; his heart pounding and his ears roaring as he tried to remember how he'd ended up on the beach. He kept drawing a complete blank though; his head throbbing and aching far too much to make sense of anything, let alone think coherently.

Tears filled Harry's eyes as his fear and the lingering pain began pressing down on him and he brought his right hand up to wipe his face free of the wet sand he could feel sticking to it only to pause in confusion when he found the sleeve of his shirt hanging a good seven or eight inches beyond his hand. His eyes then drifted down to the rest of his body, absently noting that it looked like he was swimming in the hospital pajamas he was wearing and that even the hem of the pants extended far beyond his feet. It wasn't the size of the clothes he was wearing that would send Harry into complete shock though; no it was the size of his hands and feet once he managed to get them clear of the soaked clothing.

Harry Potter had always been short and skinny for as long as he could remember; something that his classmates through the years had always taken perverse pleasure in pointing out and teasing him about. It meant that Harry had gone through much of his life looking a good two years younger than he actually was and it had aggravated Harry to no end (though he rarely ever showed that irritation since that would usually get him in hot water with his relatives or a teacher). So, when he uncovered his limbs to discover that his already smaller than average body had grown even smaller he was understandably upset.

Pain and panic soon sent Harry fleeing back into the arms of Morpheus.

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