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So this story takes off with Byron pulling Aria out of her Senior year of H.S and dragging the family to Iceland. Aria had gotten married to someone else that she found to replace Ezra but her husband died. She has a daughter and during her senior year; when her Daughter Kasey had gotten an early acceptance letter to Berkley. Aria had kept her promise and transfered Kasey to Rosewood H.S... And well the rest will come to you once you finish reading.


Aria's POV:

It's been almost 18 years since; I had last stepped foot into Rosewood High School. And I could still smell dirty gym socks and different scents of girl's perfume. The lockers are just as I remembered, but the walls have been changed to a darker color.

Walking the all too familiar hallways had brought a new life into me. But it had also brought back all the memories that I was trying so hard to push aside. The thought about -A, or the thought about having that fight with my father before he pulled me out of the middle of my Cal, class and drove us to the airport.

"Mom, this is a pretty cool High School." My daughter, Kasey, exclaimed. "It's just like your year books."

I smiled and let out a breath, "Yeah, and it's too bad you'll only have your senior year here." I joked, "You'll do fine. Don't worry so much."

Kasey rolled her eyes, "I'm a straight A student, I'm going to a state college. Why would I be nervous?"

"So I'm the one who's nervous. I haven't been here in years, and this place really didn't bring me to much great memories."

"Mom, grandpa did what he did, because he was crazy. You knew that, Grandma knew that and Uncle Mike, knew that. So let's just not all care together."

I rolled my eyes and opened the doors to the office, "Your right, so why don't we go sign you in and I can get to work?" I smirked.

"Fine, but do you mind if I just go in by myself? I really don't need mommy?" Kasey looked at me with pleading eyes,

"Okay, call me if you want a ride home?" I kissed her cheek and walked out of the office after, she gave me her okay.

Kasey's POV:

I walked up to the front desk with a smile on my face. My mother and I had been living in Iceland, for all my life and I just wanted a new feel in things. After my father had died, my mother wanted a fresh start. So she made a promise with me, if I was to get into an outstanding college, she would move me back to her hometown during my senior year... Well, my letter from Berkley came a few weeks ago, and like she promised. Here we are today.

"Hi, I'm Kasey Hobbs, My mother Aria Hobbs, sent over my transcripts?"

The lady looked into a file cabinet and nodded when she found them, "Is she here with you?"

I shook my head, "No, but everything was already filled out. I just came to pick up my class schedule?"

She smiled, "Well, you are a very bright student. Although we are at tough spot when it comes to AP courses, so we only could offer you two. The rest was already filled before you got here."

I frown, "That's okay, and I always find some way to entertain myself. I had already sign up for three college classes. I wanted to get ahead, but it's not really credited, for when I go to Berkley." I tried to explain.

"Wow, Dear. You're really a Hastings."

"Excuse me? A who?"

"Oh" She shh me, "It's what we call our scholar students. Hastings, there was this one student, who success in everything she did up until she finished college and went into the medical field." She laughed,

"Spencer Hastings?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You know her?"

I shook my head, "No, but she was in my mother's year book."

"I'm sorry, what did you say your mother's name was?"

"Hobbs, Aria Hobbs. But she went by Montgomery?" I repeated, "You know her?"

She bit her lip and nodded, "Yes, I do. It's been awhile, but Ella Montgomery used to work here."

I nodded, "Yeah, that's my grandmother. Although, she never told me that." I frown and looked at my schedule, until hearing the bell. "I better get going, thanks for the help." I held up the papers and walked out of the office and into the hustles of the students.

"Excuse me; can you help me find Mr. Fitz, class room?"

I walked into an almost empty room, there were only six to ten students in the class and I felt that nervous butterflies as I walked up to the desk, where my teacher was.

"Are you Mr. Fitz?" I asked all too politely,

He's head shot up and he did a double take at me, "Yes," He shuddered and I handed him my transfer paper, "Kasey, right I was expecting you." He coughed and looked around the room that was now starting to feel up. "Why don't you take a seat third row second from the window, that's the only one available at the moment?"

I nodded, "Thank you," I smiled and turned around to look at him once more, only to see him staring at the back of my head.

He blinked a few times, and shook his head as the bell rang. "Alright class, we were in the middle of Romero and Juliet. But since we have a new-"

"Excuse me?" I held my hand up; He looked at me and nodded, "I'm sure, I can pick up where ever you left off. I'm not that new to the book." I laughed causing the class to join in. "I mean, who doesn't want a forbidden relationship?'

"Alright, you got me there. I'm sorry, "Mr. Fitz smirked, and "Like I was saying" Mr. Fitz went into his lesson, only for me to pick up and knew exactly what he was talking about.

An hour and a half later the lunch bell rang and Mr. Fitz excused everyone but me. I stayed back confused, because I thought I was joining in on the conversation.


"Great Job, Ms. Hobbs. I haven't had a student challenging me in a while." He clapped looking into my eyes.

"Well, my mother and I used to play these little games. She always, told me there were more between the lines. I'm just glad you weren't teaching to kill a Mocking Bird. I would have walked out of the class." I rolled my eyes,

"Don't like it?" He questioned looking at some papers

"It's not that. It's just" I stopped and let out a breath. "My mother loves that book, she has this old leather copy one, and she won't stop reading it. I mean, I get it- it's your favorite, but GOD just drop the Hemingway already."

Mr. Fitz chuckled, "I guess your mother and I have something he common," He looked into my blue eyes and smiled,

"Can I ask you something?" I said adjusting my bag when he nodded, "When you looked at me the first time, you did a double take. What's up with that?"

He shrugged, "You remained me a lot like someone I once knew" He explained, "You have the same fixtures she does, just the eyes are very different."

I laughed, "Yeah, they don't match any of my family members." I rolled them, "My father had Hazel eyes, just like my mother. But she never explained where my blue ones came from."

He smiled and nodded, "Can I ask you, who your mother is?"

I laughed, "Why? Are you planning on hitting on her?" I joked, "Aria Hobbs, My father died two years ago in a car crash." I pouted, "He went suddenly."

"I'm very sorry," He coughed and shifted his weight, "I think you better go now, I will see you in class tomorrow."

"Okay, Did I say something wrong?" I looked at him trying to make contact.

"No, it's just I do have papers to grade, and I'm sure you want to get some lunch?"

I nodded, "Alright Mr. Fitz. I will see you around, Great class." I waved before walking out of the classroom, but turning around only to see him slummed against his desk looking at something in his wallet.

"What the hell just happen?" I asked myself as I looked around for my locker.

Ezra's POV:

Aria, just the sound of that name brought back a thousand and one memories. But just one sticks out, the day she left without an explanation to why?

Aria had left during her senior year of High School. That's when we had gone public and I thought everything was good, I thought that our relationship was getting better. Even though Byron wasn't on board with the whole thing. Ella was there to back us up. She eventually came around and slowly let us sees one another.

But what are the chances of Kasey being Aria Montgomery's child? She is 17, a senior in High School...

When Kasey had left my room, after I fiercely kicked her out. I had sat down and brought out my wallet. It's an old leather wallet that I had kept over the years. Even when my girlfriend of six years wanted to throw it out, I had went in the rubbish to take it out. This is the last thing that Aria, had ever given me. I won't let this go, even if it is broken between the seams.

As the day went by, the thoughts of Aria and Kasey being related kept on flowing through my mind. For some reason, I felt the need to get to the bottom of this whole thing and to see if this girl. Had a connection, with someone from my past.

When I had gotten home at the end of the day, my girlfriend was already sitting on the couch working away on her pottery notes for her class. She greeted me and went back to work, pushing pass the thought of even asking me what was wrong, and for that I was silently grateful.

How was I supposed to tell her that I think my ex-girlfriend is in town, with a kid that has my eyes? How was I supposed to tell her that I am still very much in love with my former student who I dated for a year and a half?

"Tasha," I called walking out of the room, in a pair of shorts and a black tank top, "I'm going for a run, be back later." I smiled and opened the door of my house and walking out.

It's been 18 years and I can still see Aria in my mind. The way she walked, the way her hair flowed. The way she would looked, when she was deep in thought and having some kind of drama. I remembered everything about her, the way her voice sounded. The way her lips felt against mines, when we meant in the middle for a passionate kiss.

The way, I would lift her up on my counter, just so we were eye level because she was so tiny. And had to tippy toe, just so we were close to the same height. The way we looked into each other's eyes, and know that tomorrow will be a brighter day...

As thoughts after thoughts ran through my mind, I never realized where I had jogged off too. Until that familiar voice rang out.

"Mr. Fitz?"