She couldn't quite understand what had happened. A normal day went from mediocre to, well... Shitty. How else would you describe a day when the city you lived in was hit by an alien invasion? Was the Apocalypse hitting the world? It wasn't even December 22... Or was that supposed to happen on December 12? Who knew anymore, the world was ending every other day anyways, depending on the religious group that you spoke to.

No, Dayne couldn't quite understand what had happened. What she did know was that her apartment was half destroyed, probably most of her worldly possessions with it. Apparently strong magical wards couldn't hold up against giant, alien, flying things... Things that looked sorta like gross bugs. She hated bugs.

As she ran through the streets dodging aliens and their weapons, Dayne really couldn't quite understand what the fuck had happened. How in Merlin's name did aliens manage to invade? Being part of the Magical Community, she was well aware of the strange creatures there were out there: Dragons, Unicorns, Goblins, and the like. But aliens? Aliens weren't covered in her classes at Hogwarts. Hell, aliens never even crossed the minds of her teachers and schoolmates. That was beside the point though; right now was the time to focus on surviving.

She heard some yelling (other than the panicked screams coming from Muggles) and her attention was drawn to the brightly dressed group fighting on the streets.

These are Earth's new superheroes? Like every other resident of New York City, Dayne had heard of Tony Stark's stunning career change from weapon's tycoon to green energy producing superhero. And stories of Captain America had reached her ears as well. He was supposed to have died in the second world war, but the man in blue, white and red, certainly looked like him. She couldn't help but take a moment to just admire how wonderful spandex pants looked on Captain America's ass…

An alien lizard thing came up behind her and took advantages of her distraction caused by Captain America's ass. She noticed it too late and it grabbed her shoulder even as she was turning around. Quickly, Dayne raised her wand and blasted it with a strong Stunner. As the Alien was starting to fall to the ground, a shot rang out and a bullet hit the thing in the head, effectively killing it.

Dayne turned towards the now-staring heroes and bowed (her mother had taught her some manners, after all). She shot a grin off before stunning a couple more aliens. Merlin's Sweaty Balls to the Ministry, the Statute of Secrecy can't matter much in a situation like this one.

"You, what is your name magic-wielding woman?" bellowed a man with a crimson cape. He looked like a god from the legends she grew up with and she wouldn't be too surprised if someone told her that that was exactly what he was.

"Dayne Black," she yelled back over the loud noises of the battle. War, her mind supplied. This was not just a battle anymore.

"Well you better be able to hold your own, Miss Black," Captain America said to her, throwing his shield at a particularly nasty beastie.

"You have no idea, Captain," she replied with a wider grin, a few well-placed Cutting Hexes bringing down more invaders. "War is not uncommon where I come from."

And as she stood her ground against an alien invasion with the mightiest heroes Earth had to offer at her side she had to wonder for not-the-first-time: What had happened?