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I hate my job.

I hate dancing to pay the bills.

Let me correct myself. I hate dancing for men to pay the bills.

It´s the last thing I'd do, but I´ve been looking for a job for the last three months and I began to panic when there were only $113 in my bank account and a couple of tuna cans and old bread in my kitchen.

It´s not that I didn´t try. I did. I wanted any job, really. Secretary, cashier, nanny… anything would be better than this. But I have no contacts in New York, no one to ask for this kind of help. My college friends are all wealthy girls whose parents pay for their studies; so the only thing they need to worry about is what club to go to next Saturday night.

Don´t get me wrong, I like my friends. It´s just frustrates me how hard things have turned out for me lately.

First I failed my last and only class to graduate, Methodology of Psychology; then Mr. Skinner was accused of tax evasion; I don´t know where he is, I haven't heard from him since March. It´s almost June now, so go figure… Goodbye job references.

It almost cost me my scholarship; that freaking class. I had to beg and write more than one letter to the Dean asking him to meet me so I could explain my case. He did eventually (after one month. Yes, one.) he told me I need to keep my grades above B+ to keep the scholarship.

Oh, and of course pay 50% of the course I'm retaking next year. I don´t even dare do the math to know how much money is that.

So here I am. Answering my cell at any time to go to some 'event', as the agency staff likes calling it.

Tomorrow is my last exam before summer. And the phone just rang.

There´s a bachelor party and one of the girls who was supposed to be part of the 'corps de ballet' is sick and cannot go.

I know that I´m not the most voluptuous girl in the agency. Actually, I´m nothing like the exuberant, curved, extroverted girls working there. I´m petite, light breasted and skinny. The only reason Tony and Shelia decided I would work for the agency was because I refused to sleep with any client and because, unlike the other girls, I can dance. I took ballet classes for years, so my 'audition' impressed them.

I still don´t know if I should have said I was free tonight. An extra reading would do me well, but $200 plus tips, is perfect. I need that extra money to pay Mrs. Lovoutsky; I´m almost a week late with the rent.

So I grab my work clothes and take the bus to the bar we´re meeting at before heading to the bachelor party. I like that. It makes me feel safe, especially because I'm the new little dove of the group and I'm still learning how things work.

Katrina has done this for longest time, but she´s not the eldest of the group.

"Ok, two things for you before going in there", she said popping her gum, "Make up a new name… Emma is just too cute…", I nod, appreciating the advice, "and you´ll be at the back of the stage… you´re like a burlesque dancer, right?", I nod again and Katrina smiles at me, I swear she´s giving me the 'poor little dove' look and I can´t help but frown, "You know you´ll have to strip, right?"

"But not completely… I-I-Tony knows about this… I-I talked to him", I´m not getting naked in front of a bunch of men, but Katrina laughs and shakes my shoulders.

"Just a little! Don´t worry! But if you change your mind; you get $250 for a private dance"

"OK", I wouldn't change my mind, that´s for sure. I need the money but I´m not rubbing myself against someone I´ve never met before.

While some of the girls finish their makeup, I decide to collect my hair. After talking to Tony I´ve decided I want to remain as anonymous as possible. It´s true, New York is a big city and it's not likely I'd run into any of the clients in the daylight, but still. That´s why I´ve decided to use a wig. You see, there aren´t many redheads out there and I refuse to make myself pop up the crowd.

The place is actually very chic… It has to be, I realize later. I´m getting $200 just to dance in the back and God knows how much Katrina and the other girls are getting.

A man called Thomas receives us and introduces us to the future groom. He was drunk himself and I have to stiffen a giggle.

Basically, the night is quiet. We start dancing through the platform; personally I feel coy from the moment to step up there, but I try my best not to be overshadowed by Katrina or the other girls. It´s quite difficult, though. They've all had breast augmentations and wear very sexy underwear; I´m just the skinny, shy, girl next to them.

Only one of the men sitting on the bar asked me for a private dance and I gently refuse him.

Swaying my hips with the rhythm I scan the room and notice a pair of eyes glued on me. It´s… disturbing in a way. He´s staring at me, and not just my body… he´s looking right into my eyes and I feel my face burning.

I can´t see him very clearly, but he´s drinking and not moving from the bar. So I just keep on dancing.

After a while I have to drop my gaze; he´s openly checking me out, and not in a lustful way… I can´t explain it; he´s observing me.

Katrina is showing her back to one of the men sitting below and she winks at me. I think she´s noticed that man too.

Swinging her hips, she walks to me to dance by my side; her voice is low, but strikes me and I flush so violently I literally feel like all by blood has left my body and gone to my face, "I bet that gentleman will pay good money to see you taking your bra off"

I can´t speak as she leads me forward, so my assets are better displayed to the thirsty eyes.


"Your turn"

I do what I´m told, wiggling my hips slower than them. I don´t like shaking like a washing machine; his attention is all mine and I find myself dancing for him.

At the end of the night, I accept a beer from the bartender and I drink it near the bar, joined by Katrina and her last client. She´s made around $600 tonight; only for dancing and taking her bra off in front of a stranger; I wish I was as brave as her, but this is humiliating enough to add dancing naked.

"Ready, girls?", Katrina finishes her drink in a gulp and smiled at me, "Ellis, you ready?"

I know she´s talking to me and I nod in response at my new name. I like Ellis; short black haired, smoky eyed, Ellis.

"I´ll get my coat"

"This one?", a deep voice speaks from behind me and I turn around, nearly taken aback. The man is standing right there, holding my coat; tall and handsome and serious. He has wavy brown hair, short and thick and a strong jaw… and beautiful eyes.

I nod again and mutter a low, "Thank you". I´m blushing and he slides the thick material over my naked arms.

He stares at me for a moment, resting his hand on my middle back, "Do you have a ride?", he´s not talking to me, but to all, and I retreat from his touch. I don´t like his question; I´m supposed to say 'no' so he can have time alone with me? Or with any other girl? If he´s concerned I can´t tell.

"I´m taking a cab home, Nina", that´s Katrina´s 'professional' name, "See you soon. Bye…", I speak to the man and to Thomas and I leave. After all the tips I got, I can afford a cab tonight.


I pay Tony his part of the night.

Only 30%. And I get to keep the tips.

Getting almost $1000 a week, for only 4 or 5 shows a weekend; it´s not really that bad.

I pay Mrs. Levoutsky the rest of the money I owed her and buy groceries and meat.

Seeing my fridge with food manages to soothe me; especially after facing an empty white void when my savings had disappeared right in front of my eyes. I don´t want to starve; I want to finish college and work.

That´s why I almost faint when receiving a letter from College administration; I have to pay 35% of the course I´m retaking next year before August is over; that´s a month from today.


Like a call from destiny, my cell rings the next morning.

"Emma? It´s Shelia"

I´m surprised to hear from her; when there´s a show I usually get a call from some else, like Katrina "Hi-hi, Shelia… Is everything all right?", Crap, I probably miscalculated the money and she´s calling to claim her profits.

"Yes, of course, baby…", everyone is Shelia´s baby; it brings me giggles. "I´m wondering if you´re free tonight"

"Tonight? Uhm, yes… why? Another bachelor party?", I start looking for the black short wig and the false-eyelashes.

"Actually it´s a private party"

I halt. I don't do that.

"Li-like one-on-one party?"

"I think it´s a small get together… three men if I recall"

"Wha- Thre- And I´m supposed to dance in front of three men?", it´s preposterous. I´m not that experienced and even if I was, how do I know nothing is going to happen to me?

"It´s only for an hour… and you´ll make at least 500 bucks"

"What?", I could pay part of the course with that money and I'm tempted by the devil.

"Plus tips"

"Ok", I say without thinking it twice. I need the money or I'll never graduate.

"Tonight at 10. Patrick St. 16754. Fifth floor, Apartment 2", she says in a hurry and the line goes dead.

I arrive at the building ten minutes earlier. I bring John with me; he works in the agency as well. Doing what exactly? I don´t know, but he´s off duty today and I´ll pay him $50 if he waits in the hallway until I'm out safe and sound.

He sits near the stair, out of the door´s view as I knock and wait expectantly for someone to open it.

The man standing in front of me seconds later almost causes me to fall.

It´s him; and I go red, instantly.

"H-hi. Are you William?", I try to look confident, making my voice sound low, like one of those women in the earliest 40 movies. Like Greta Garbo or Katherine Hepburn. I wonder if he buys it.

"I am. Are you Ellis?"

"Yes", he moves and lets me in; it´s a spacious apartment with large French windows to the street and a nice, probably interesting, library. "Where´re the others?", I wonder out loud, rather nervous; there´s light background music, the lights are faint, the atmosphere clear; it doesn´t look like a get together with friends.

"On their way, I think. They should have been here ten minutes ago", he states emotionless and I take a moment to look at him.

He´s really attractive; I can´t see it, but I can tell he has a wide, toned chest. His eyes are deep, piercing… I have no idea what color (the lights are not really helping), but they are gorgeous; sexy and intense.

"You know this is just for an hour, right?", pretending to fix my hair, I check my wig hasn´t moved and I see him nod.

"You can start if they don´t get here in ten minutes", his informs coolly, sitting in one of the chairs at the end of the room.

"Fine", looking around, I wonder if he´s expecting me to change clothes in front of him. "Would you show me the bathroom? I need to change my outfit", he was expecting me to strip now and I have to look down; I´m already regretting this.

After his indication, I lock myself in the bathroom, needing to get my nerves relaxed and my breathing steady. Quickly I re-apply some dark shadow on my eyelids.

I hear him walk from one place to another; maybe he´s nervous? No, impossible; he´s probably making calls or something… to his friends perhaps?

I fold my 'civil' clothes and put them in the bag, along with the boots that I´ve replaced with stiletto heels.

The suspenders are too neutral for my white skin. But in a way they work with the dark fake hair on my head. Maybe it works…

No, maybe I should call this off.

I hate the suspender belt tightening around my waist; it makes my butt look huge. Oh, God…


"I´ll be right there", it´s his time you´re wasting! I rebuke myself and unlock the door to meet his gaze from the couch. "Sorry", silently I set the music and finally dare to meet his gaze.

"Ok", he sips from his glass and stares at me; long, hard and I gulp.

"I… Before I start… I charge before I finish", I said solemnly; I always fear I'd be swindled with this things.

"No problem", without arguing, he gets up and takes money out his wallet. $500. "The guys are not coming"

I shouldn´t over charge him; It makes me feel bad, so I shook my head, "No; it´s $300."

"I insist", he hands me the dollars but I can´t seem to take them. He´s the first man who hasn't thrown the money to my feet; but instead he deposits the pay in my palm.

"I´ll just dance", I´m not giving blowjobs, and there is no kissing, no nothing. I feel bad taking all that money for just a dance.

"That´s what I was told-"

"I have only one rule"


"No touching. I dance. I don´t get paid to give men sex", never have, never will.

"So, I can´t touch you?", I shook my head again, and he furrows, "Not even your face?"

"No. I´ll-I´ll touch you if the dance warrants it", he looks hesitant; but I won´t give in. I already feel too cheap to add that… "If it´s not what you want I can recommend-"

"It´s ok", he stops me and regains his spot on the couch. "Whenever you´re ready"

He´s a strange man.

I press the start button and close my eyes. It´s something I do before starting. It helps me forget where am I and what I'm about to do.

This time, though, I can´t seem to forget. I know exactly where I am and I'm perfectly aware of the pair of eyes scanning my body.

Gradually, I unbuttoned my blouse, showing him the pale pink lace bra beneath it and finally tossing it to his feet; I'm very familiar with my breast size and I'm glad for Shelia´s suggestion. Two bras work miracles.

He´s creasing his eyebrows, though, and suddenly I feel I owe him an explanation.

"What´s that?", he asked looking at my chest.

"My, uhm, my br-"

"You´re wearing two"

Really? How does he know?

"Could you please wear just one? I prefer things natural", he explained seeing my worried expression.

So I turn around, my hips swaying on their own and undo the push up bra.

I always take my time with this. I like prolonging the moment; but not for them, I do it for me. I hate being so exposed, at the mercy of eyes thinking about what things they´d like to do to me.

Skirt off and I see him hold his breath.

It´s easy letting yourself go with music; it´s always been easy for me.

And then the rhythm slows down and so does my body. I wiggle my hips like an odalisque, my muscles tensing when I bend back and relaxing when I bend forward to let him peek at my behind.

From time to time, I prize him with a smile and he bows and supports his weight on his elbows to take a closer look at me.

I don´t feel that uncomfortable, really. Probably because I don´t have the feeling he´s thinking about me open legged laying on his bed. Or if he is, he´s really good pretending.

I can´t tell when or why, but unexpectedly I feel… hot.

The suspender belt joins the skirt and feeling bold I inebriate myself with his eyes; I reach at my back and unclip my only bra, just a moment before turning around, coating my nakedness and staring at him over my shoulder.

He´s breathing hard, but so am I.

Our eyes are deadlock, my chest is burning and the room is silent. The music´s stopped.

I don´t know what to do now.

"That was exquisite", he says, his voice husky, not moving an inch and my eyes fall to the floor.

"I´m glad you liked it", clumsily, I bow and collect my bra, internally kicking myself to start acting like a pro. So I moved my head, forgetting the tiny little detail that my hair is hidden underneath the wig.

"Did you have long hair before?".

He really doesn´t miss anything.

"I cut it. It´s easier for the job this way", I speak with a smile and manage to put my bra back on, revealing nothing.

"Pity. I bet it was really pretty"

"I should go…" giving him one last grin I finish gathering all my clothes and walk to the bathroom. I find a very blushed me staring back at me from the mirror. In a rush, I slide my pants back on, my boots and blouse.

When I return the lights are soft as moments ago and I pray he doesn't notice the extra color on my face.

The fact is I wonder why I even care.

"Well…" I said hanging my bag on my shoulder, "It´s time for me to go"

"Of course", his face is back to that state of unaffectedness making it hard for me to hold his gaze. "It was nice to meet you, Ellis"

"Have a good night, William", my voice comes out like velvet; it surprises me and so does the twitching in his lips for the briefest moment. "Bye…"



I made $500 (technically, $350, after paying John and giving Tony his part) last night and I'm still trying to comprehend the greatness of the fact.

And I had to do nothing; absolutely nothing. Except taking my bra off, but that was part of the show. Except this time, I decided to include it.

Before changing my mind and buying a new pair of shoes, I run to the bank and made a deposit in my account.

I´m closer and closer everyday; I'm closer to paying for the course and graduating and closer to leaving this job and getting one more accurate for my skills.

By the end of the week, I've made $1500; I wish I could say my momma would be proud of me. I don´t need to be a genius to know she wouldn´t.

It´s late on Friday when Shelia calls me again.

"Last Friday's client liked you. He wants you again"

"Who?" I don´t really realize who she is talking about. Since I started working in the agency, weekends and times are confusing. Probably for the little sleep I get to have.

"They guy from Patrick St."

"Oh…" William. I remember his name immediately, "Ok"

"You don´t have to take John this time", she says softly and I stammer, "Emma, part of you paying us a commission is we assure your safety"


"So you know it now… make sure not to give your money away next time", she´s admonishing me and I chuckle, finding it cute.

"I will. So what time?" he wants to see me again, I remember and my heart pumps fast.

"Tomorrow night, 10 pm. 5th Floor, apartment 2; make sure you wear two bras"

"He doesn´t like it"


"He asked me if I could wear just one", I shrug and hear Shelia snort, "Ok, I´ll call you when I'm over"


"Good evening, Ellis", gallantly, William opens the door for me.

"Hi…" seeing him makes me nervous. I thought it´d be easier, but as soon as our eyes meet I feel my legs become like jelly.

"You´re late."

I am. I'm eight minutes late.

"I´ll make it up to you", I have no intention to defraud him. But his strictness is completely unforeseen.

"I hope so"

I go blank, unsure if I should take this a joke or what and then I remember Shelia´s words. They assure my safety.

"The bathroom is still there", he points to the white door at my back, a very light smile on his lips and I realize he was joking before.

"I´ll back in a sec"

A/N: Have you seen 'Mall Cop'…? That´s where I´ve got the idea of portraying Emma wearing a black short wig ;)