I mentioned there was a Gala they should attend. Thought it´d be nice writing about it!



I think I´m wearing my bourbon dress for the gala tonight. It´s childish of me, I know; but I´m dying to see Will´s face when he sees me in it. I bet he furrows and scolds at me afterwards.

We´ve decided we´ll met directly in the Hotel´s salon. It´s not a good idea to go together; plus, why would we? We´re just co-workers to the rest of the world.

So I finish straightening and curling my hair, slide a pair of pale stockings up my legs, hold them with the garter and clutch myself in the gorgeous dress before taking a cab to the place.

Many people are already there when I walk in the room. Mostly older people and a couple of women and men my age, probably doing what I´ve been doing in the last months.

"Emma!" It´s Sandra, Mr. Harrison´s wife. I didn´t know she´d be here.

"Hello, ma'am. It´s nice to see you"

"Oh, always so formal! Did you just get here?" I nod and take my scarf off. "Bob and Will are over there"

I follow her and spot the two men talking. Mr. Harrison is smiling as usual; Will looking taciturn and furrowing. He looks incredibly handsome in a black slick suit; so chic and slim.

Soon, our eyes meet and to my surprise his mouth parts, just a little. And he scans my body from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. It´s obvious Mr. Harrison is expecting some sort of reply, but Will is too busy ogling me.

"Emma!" Mr. Harrison turns around and sees me, identifying me as the source to Will´s lack of response. "You look lovely". Paternally he places a kiss on my cheek and one on his wife´s whose standing next to me.

"Hello Mr. Harrison... William", I nod at my hot secret lover and surprisingly he replicates his coworker´s gesture and kisses my cheek too.

"Hello Emma", I´m very conscious of his hand on my waist.


I´m not expecting this. At all. Oh dear...

"How are you?" He´s not kind, but his voice holds composure and politeness. His eyes though, are piercing me.

"I-I´m fine"

"Do you have your notes?" He means for the speech and I nod. "Good". I smile weakly and go to the table.

Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of Mr. Harrison´s curious stare at Will.

We have dinner after a few drinks and socializing with other people from other colleges.

It´s really eye catching how Will´s poise is affected when I´m close to him. Call me silly but I´m exhilarated knowing I do that to him.

We barely share a word during dinner, except to make a comment about the food or wine.

"I like your tie", it slips out of my mouth and I flush madly realizing I said that out loud.

"Thank you", He doesn´t even look at me; I'm sure it´s to deny importance to it and deviate the inquisitive look Mrs. Harrison is giving me.

"Mr. Harrison, are there many speeches besides ours?"

"About...5, I think"

"I don´t feel very special now". I joke and he laughs.

"You´re special, sweetie"

I smile, nervously, suddenly feeling my stomach closing and appetite vanishing and Will looks at me; it´s obvious he´s been dying to do so.

"Don´t be nervous, is just a speech". He says low and softly, trying to sound detached and my face rises to meet him, giving him a shy smile, "I´d make them go away if I could... But that´s not possible"

"Th-thank you". I can´t believe he´s said that. He´s so sweet. I can´t help but to squeeze his leg under the table; it´s the only sign I can give him to show him how much I appreciate his words, "That was very sweet"

"Emma, would you like some more wine?" Mr. Harrison breaks into the little bubble I am submerged.

"Thank you". I catch him directing a censuring glance at Will and immediately I regret my forwardness during the whole night and retrieve my hand back to my lap.

Crap! How can I be so selfish? He´s going to lose his job.

Adopting his glacial pose, I'm determine to start acting like I'm supposed to and the night develops uneventfully.

Minutes before the speech Will takes me behind the drapes and we wait until the people from Columbia University finish their presentation. It´s slightly dark and I'm trying my best to behave. The truth is, I´m nervous.

I think he doesn´t want to make me more uneasy, because the only comforting gesture I get is a soft pat on my shoulder and his hand resting on the small of my back when guiding me to the lectern in the middle of the stage.

Unperturbedly, the presentation begins; his voice is serene and barely rising to make people hear him. They just do, holding their breathing not to miss a word he´s saying. He´s got a magnetic presence.

He´s enchanted me, just like the rest of the audience and only my name being called takes me out of my enthrallment. It´s my turn to speak and I do, weakly at first and more confidently when he moves and gives me total access to the microphone and stage.

He´s letting me do it, alone; and I feel respected and so loved.

We are over and down the stage in a blink. It was really fast, I realize, but perhaps not. When I look at the wristwatch I notice it´s been thirty minutes since we stepped up there.

"You talked too much", Will whispers in my ear in a husky, threatening voice when I'm recovering the memory flash drive from the guy in charge of the slides.

"I-I´m sorry", we´ve exceeded our allotted minutes; maybe I was too poised.

"You did it wonderfully", Oh, Will… he´s smiling, subtly, but enough for me to see it, "I didn´t know you were a comedian too"

I blush, remembering the light funny comments I made in a peak of over-confidence. "I´m not"

"Emma, you´re seriously in-"

"That was really good, Will!" I think I´m grateful for Mr. Harrison´s interruption. Will was getting too close for public and I was getting too excited about it. "And you, young lady, were radiant"

"T-thank you"

We drink wine and champagne to celebrate.

A couple of people come to talk to us and I finally have a good time. Now I´m more relaxed, I can take the time to actually listen to other future projects.

There´s this man my age whose name is Charles Rosenfeld who offers me to meet him and his partners. They want to open a Center for Eating Disorders treatment and Teenager´s pathologies. I think it´s a godsend and he gives me his number so we can arrange a meeting.

He´s excited and so I am and we talk about College. That´s until William approach us.

The moment he stands by my side I sense his vibe and I know he´s upset.

Quickly I make the proper introductions, but he remains completely quiet, staring at Charles so intensely, I feel bad for him. It´s obvious he wants to make him uncomfortable and soon he succeeds because Charles excuses himself and returns to his table, not before reminding me to call him.

"We´re leaving"

I don´t know if it´s an imposition, a declaration or if he´s just letting me know Mr. and Mrs. Harrison and himself are going home.

"Ok, good night", finally I reply, taking a sip from my champagne. I don´t like the way he´s acted; actually I feel like a complete and total fool. In his eagerness of proclaiming himself the alpha male he´s scared him and potentially ruined what it would have been a good job offer for me.

"Everyone else is leaving". Now I know how pissed off he is. His eyes are hooded and sparkling with anger.

"Honey, how did you get here?" I hear Mrs. Harrison´s melodious voice and, relieved, I sigh. There´s nothing but a bad prospect if we continue with this conversation.

"I´ll take a cab back home", I reply politely, rushing to collect my scarf and purse from the table; I don´t want her to notice my upset, nor do I want Will to makes a scene here. But she joins me, asking me where I live, apparently she´s thinking of giving me a lift, "I live near the Upper East Side"

"I can drive you if you want", Will´s voice is firm a few feet away, he´s been listening and I just know he wants to talk to me.

"That´s very kind, uhm, but-"

"Good. My car is right around the corner", he declares not waiting for me to decline his offer, and slides his coat over his perfect shoulders.

"Uhm, o-ok", I don't even dare to look at Mrs. Harrison.

Shit! He told me we´d wait! Now we´re getting dirty looks from the old couple. I don´t want him to put his job into jeopardy, just because. "William… Wi-William?" I call him when we head to his car, the Harrisons walking behind us.

"Yes, Emma?" Oh boy… that composed voice is a bad sign. He´s going to act crazy. I can deal with him, but I can´t deal with what might happen if he explodes before he can help it.

"I can take a cab, it´s no bother, reall-"

"I´m taking you home", a barely audible hiss leaves his lips and I shush. I´m the one making a scene. Shit.

"Will… I have something for you in the car", Mrs. Harrison says waving her hand at me and glancing at her door, indicating for him to get closer.

He sighs, clearly and walks to her, gesturing for me to wait where I am. I can´t run. I would if that wouldn´t bring more troubles.

There´s nothing I can catch, except for Robert´s concerned face and Will's irritated expression. Then there´s disbelief in the old man´s and calmness in Will´s. Sandra´s pretending to be looking for something in her purse. She´s a bad actress. And then Will comes back, his face slightly coloring pink, the car keys twisting around his finger.

"It´s open", he indicates to the door and opens it for me when I only give him silence.

They know.


He drives in silence for a while and I don't know what to mention first or how to.

"Will, I-"

"Yes, Emma?"

There´re many things bothering him; I´m aware of that.

First is the fact that I´m wearing this dress, openly teasing him. Then, the fact I pulled away to try to keep the appearances when he tried to get closer. Then there's the Charles episode; he was really annoyed about him. And now… whatever Robert said has evidently upset him.

But I´m pissed too.

"I think we´re doing things wrong"

"Explain yourself"

"You shouldn´t have insisted to drive me home", I toy with the hem of the scarf, glad he´s looking to the road ahead and not me.

"You shouldn´t have let that brat hit on you", he doesn´t need to scream to show how irate he is.

"Oh, Will, he wasn´t hitting on me. He was telling me about a possible job"

"When I told you I don´t like other men looking at you, I really meant it, Emma", it´s disturbing how dangerous he sounds when he´s jealous, "I don´t like it one bit"

"You can´t do what you did… no one must know what happens between us, Will. You can lose your job… and after how you looked at Charles, it was pretty obvious there´s something going on"

"Don´t tell me what to do".

Ugh! He´s so stubborn it´s drives me mad!

"I´m trying to do the right thing", I´m glad we´re home; he´s parked the car right outside my door and turned the engine off. We´re talking.

"Well, the right thing is you being with me"

"You said we should wait until I graduate. And that´s what we have to do", I hate this arrangement we´ve reached. But it´s, as I said, the right thing to do.

"Then why are you wearing that dress?" he points at the bourbon fabric on my body and I look down and then back up at him. This time, his eyes glitter but with lust and want.

"I-I… it was supposed to be a joke", I feel so silly now. How didn´t I realize this man wasn´t someone to joke with?

"I think you were teasing me… the whole night"

"Ok, maybe!" I admit, releasing the air I've been holding, "But then I saw Sandra and Robert looking at you… they know. I don´t want you to lose your job"

"They do"

"You told them?"

"I admitted I might have feelings for you", How can he be so calmed?

"My God, Will!" with a feeling of disbelief I unfasten the seatbelt, shifting on the seat to look at him; he´s so unruffled it puts my nerves on the edge, "No… Do-do you realize what could happen if they tell someone?"

"They won´t"

"Will, you are not untouchable. If someone finds out-", frustrated, I rub my face, but feel his hands circling my wrists to uncover it, "I should go"

"You´re not going anywhere", hastily, he presses the switch on his left and all the doors lock with a click sound.

"Of course I´m not", I sigh and meet his eyes in the darkness.

"Don´t push my buttons, Emma… you´ve been pushing them all night"

Silently I bite my lip, wondering why… how he can be so irrational. And why on Earth I feel so turned on right now.

"The minute I saw you I wanted to rip that dress with my teeth, Emma"

Oh, God

Suddenly the car is a microclimate in which I´m boiling. That terrible, so familiar wave of heat, sweeps my body and then I'm sweating. I feel it… in the juncture between my thighs, my armpits, my nape… everything is on fire.

"I-I… uhm, we said we´d wait", I´m trying to be considerate here… but his hand sliding up up up my leg is really distracting.

"Do you want to wait?" his mouth comes closer and brushes my jaw line, "Do you? Emma", he stares at me when I don´t answer. "I asked you something"

"I don´t want to wait", I´m begging him to make love to me. "But we sh-should…"

"Shut up and let me love you"

"Oh, Will…" he´s all over me. His fingers massaging my heated bud of nerves and I squirm and moan his name when he pushes inside me; my underwear still in place, my legs as spread as possible beneath the tube dress.

"I hate holding back with you", he´s hoarse and passionate, licking the burning skin on my throat. "Call me crazy, Emma… but the only thing I can think of when you´re around is taking your hand"

"Wi-Will", I´m about to explode with joy.

"And keep you with me", I have to grip the sides of my leather seat when I feel the first sign of my orgasm, "Are you coming, Emma?"

"Yes, oh yes, Will…" it´s incredible how easy words work on me, pushing me right to the edge, rippling my body, from my core to the extremities.

"Come, Em… come for me", he makes me convulse, violently, in his arms; his name rolling down my lips over and over until I lie lax on the seat, his mouth taking mine, giving me the usual reward after my climax. "That´s right, baby…"

"Will… ", I've just had an orgasm on the front seat of his car, under the possible eyes of strangers, "Oh, god, Will…" he chuckles at my salacious expression, mixed with the afterglow exhaustion.

"You should see your face", he mocks me uncharacteristically, with his craggy laugh, "You´ve never done this, have you?"

"No", I feel so inexperienced telling him this, "There isn´t much I've done"

"Have you ever asked a man to come in?" I bite my lip, avoiding his gaze. The answer is no, but of course he already knows it. He´s smirking… Arrogantly. "Emma, I ask-"

"Don´t make me feel silly"

"I asked you something", he repeats the question I so abruptly interrupted; his voice unyielding, reheating spots of my body that still tremble, "what if I tell you I want you to ask me to come in?", lingeringly, his lips tantalize mine, slow, wetly and my eyes sparkle with desire, "I really want to watch you come in your bed, Emma"

"O-ok", he could make me come right here, just talking to me.

"Ask me. Ask me to go in with you"

"Wo-would you like to come in?"

"Yes, I´d love to come in… I want to come inside you too"

I´m panting. His boldness has set me on fire in less than a second.

I throb, my flesh ready for another orgasm and we kiss, passionately before jumping out of the car.

"Let´s go in, Emma"

Oh my name… I love my name when he says it. It´s so…. Hot.

"Yes", I almost trip when taking the few steps to the threshold and feel his muscular arms holding me still. "Th-thanks", but my hands are too shaky and I accidentally drop the keys when trying to unlock the door.

"Are you nervous?" he asks teasingly when I lean down to collect the fallen item. My ass pressed on his hips; he´s keeping it right there and seals our bodies together once I´m standing again.


"Why do you shake, then?" I can´t make a proper move anymore. Surrendering to his enticing I place the keys in his hands, letting my head fall back on his shoulder and allow him to do it for me.


"Yes, Emma?"

"I´m so ho-horny"

"Are you?" he walks in, his arms snaking around my belly, taking me with him and closes the door; I´m literally a bundle of nothing. I don´t know if it´s because I climaxed minutes ago or because I´m too overwhelmed by his intensity.


Dark and Smooth comes to view.

The old William. Dark and seductive and exciting…

Sturdily, he collects my loosened body and sits me on the decorative corner table; the flower pot falls and it smashes into smithereens.

"I´ll get you a new one", he whispers a warning so I won´t complain.

Get a new what?

He sucks my pulse point; I wrap my legs around his waist. And we move together. Dressed and all. We seek for something, anything, a little advance of what we´ll get upstairs.

It´s delicious.

And I moan in his mouth when his greedy hands open my cleavage and force the fabric down my shoulders. I can´t move, if I do I'll shred the chiffon; a purr leaves my throat when he scrapes the flesh of my still hidden breasts and I fight to get rid of the garment. It´s impossible.

"I like you like this. Defenseless. It´s utterly erotic, Emma"

"Oh, God…" It´s the only thing I´m able to say. His working hands between my legs do that to me, another one? Here? "I-I thought…we´d do this in-in my bed"

"You can come a dozen times tonight. Your bed will be one of the many places"

"Many?" his words shake me. I don´t do that. I don´t even know if I can do it more than twice without fainting.

"Yes. Many", here he goes again… drawing circles on my clit, pushing it, setting it free and teasing it mercilessly; "You´ll give me all your pleasure tonight"

"OhGod….ohGod", obliviously, my hips rotate against his laborious hand, searching for that beautiful trigger, "I-I-I…"

I feel his mouth curving in an impious grin as he extracts the most ground-shaking sensations of my life.

"Do you like that, Em?" I need him inside me now; I need to feel his heat within me, and I moan, my inner thighs squeezing his hips, announcing the forthcoming orgasm. "And this, Em?", he enters me, fulfilling my silent requirement, my chest rising and falling when sweat breaks all over me, "Do you like this?"

"Yes…" he´s finger-fucking me right in my house hallway. Pounding his hand forcefully, taking me to another explosion I´m not sure how I´ll handle. "Yes, Will… there…"

"Here?" he captures my whole being with his, stimulating every single inch of exposed skin, pressing his palm on my throbbing core and I came. Hard. And shake uncontrollably, my mouth parted in a silent gasp.

"I love watching you like this…" gently, he fondles me down my peak, "You´re so beautiful"

"Let´s go upstairs", I sound drunk; I am. I´m drunk on him.

Without a word, he holds my bottom, keeping me swathed around him and walks upstairs; his mouth kissing the sweaty skin of my collarbone and neck.

"Will…" I know what he´s doing and I can´t believe him; I think he´s trying to kill me before reaching the bedroom.

"No. Emma. Don´t", he halts, sensing my efforts to restrain his seduction game. But he's adamant and strong placing my body across the last steps of the stairs.


"I´m going to make you come", my eyes almost pop out; and shockingly, even though my body is exhausted, it´s also shivering in anticipation.

Hastily, he rips my underwear and lugs the tight dress up my waist, "Will, I-I can´t", I'll explode if he touches me again.

I think he´s really trying to kill me, or tease me ruthlessly. Both, probably.

I cry when his mouth takes my sex. All of it.

Hotly, carelessly, roughly.

His dexterity mixed with my sensitivity cause my muscles to clutch almost instantly.

"Will…", my spine arches, but his burly hands keep me right there, still; and I have practically no more strength left to fight him.

Pinching the flesh of my inner thighs, he spreads me; just like the first time we were together and I feel vulnerable and desired. And important…

He couldn´t wait… he had to have me tonight… right now, not even wait until we get to the bedroom.

"Will!" my cries are pitched as I come, hopelessly; on the floor, in the middle of the stairs, with my dress shamelessly wrinkled and his face buried between my legs.

"Thank you, sweetheart…" he kisses me there once more, easing me and I can´t speak.

Thank you? I came for the third time in the last hour and he´s saying thank you?

Gently he pulls me to sit and strokes my heated face. I´m sure I must look like a tramp, "I love when you give yourself to me"

"That´s because I´m yours, Will", I pant, my hand on my chest, feeling the rapid heartbeats. "I love you"

"I´m all yours, Em"

We kiss for minutes; lengthily, slow, drinking ourselves together. He sweeps his tongue over mine, across my teeth and I suck it, discovering that I can make him groan in excitement with that little action.

I want to give him so many things…

We move to my bedroom, finally. I´m worn out but wanting this man more than ever, and make sure to let him know while undressing him as we walk in together.

"Turn around, Emma"

What? No! I want you on top of me…

"Turn around", his voice is stern but kindly he kisses my lips and I furrow, "What?"

"I want you like we always-"

"I want you in every possible way"

An inner debate breaks.

I don´t fully understand what he´s trying to imply. It scares me… I´m not sure if I can do what I think he´s asking me. I never imagined we could want the same and yet find those things might be opposed.

"It´s not that", he chuckles and I gulp, not really following him, "You should have seen your face"

The blush covering my face is making me burn, "It´s not funny", I feel silly.

"C´mon, don´t be moody", playfully, he pushes me onto the bed and I bounce and giggle.

I can´t believe Mr. Moody is telling me I´m being grumpy

My nakedness feeds his insatiable appetite; his does the same with mine.

"You´re really something, Will", I breath huskily when he lowers himself on top of me and I feel his splendid need against my belly.

"Am I?" he showers me with kisses, slaking my burning skin with his moist lips; "I really want you on your knees, Emma"

Oh, Lord…

I don´t know what I find more scandalous. His desire, so crudely put out, or my body´s reaction to them.

"Are you shocked?" he asks when I can´t seem to find my voice

"Yes", I am; but not in a bad way. "Ok", I want to please him, I understand; and I want to be pleased by him. So I turn around, kneel facing the headboard and hold onto it.

"Are you-"


"It won´t hurt, sweetie", he explains to me soothingly, snaking his arms around my belly, I´m so turned on I can´t believe myself, "It´s just a different angle", I´m so inexperienced, really. What is he doing with someone like me?

"Ok", I press my behind on his erection, feeling it settling between my buttocks. It´s shockingly arousing and I swivel myself onto him. Just barely.

"You know what you´re doing", he musters hoarsely, his hand moving progressively south, brushing my ignited folds. "Don´t you?"

"I just want you, that´s all" It´s amazing how ready I am. I owe that to the three previous orgasms and suddenly I ache for the feeling of fullness.

He touches me and my legs wobble. I´m so exhausted… but so hungry for him.

"I love you", he whispers, and I stare at him over my shoulder, feeling and guiding his hand spreading my thighs enough to slide himself in me.

"I love you too"

He pushes all of his perfect, taut flesh all the way in. One deep, firm thrust was needed and I cry in a state of something between pleasure, wanton and soreness.

"Are you-"

But I´m obsessed with the new position, and press myself further, seeking for more. "Mmm…"

He moves and I reciprocate; I whine and he groans and bites my shoulder and my head falls forward. The headboard thumps the wall every time we collide, the mattress squeaks and we´re fucking like wild animals and I´m not ashamed of it. For the first time, I know I want this with him. I want him to fuck me senselessly. And more. I want so much more…

"Oh, Will…", it´s not long after I start to clamp around him, electricity licking my spine and I shudder; incoherencies leaving my mouth, my walls contracting so powerfully, taking me beyond conscience.

Rapidly, he pulls away, the feeling of emptiness foreign and undesirable, and lays me on my back, descending on me, "Baby…" I´m boneless and weak, my body drained and sweaty, "I´m not done with you, Em…"

"Oh, God…" I´m limp, almost lifeless, but he isn´t satisfied yet. I need to please him… I want him to be fully satisfied. "Yes… come with me, please", I don´t know if I can take another round without passing out.

I´ll never get used to the perfection with which we fit together. His chest, muscular and soft against my breasts; the spot where our bodies meet, so hot and wet; our mouths, so close; our eyes, so locked.

He moves mildly, giving my core gentle strokes and the necessary pressure to take me right there. I know he´s close too… I'm amazed he´s lasted this long… but now he´s too hard and throbbing inside me.

"Come, Will…" I prompt him, my mouth teasing his; the little shudders of my insides have to push him to the edge… "Come inside me", I breathed, rippling my hips with his sensual moves. I can´t hold it any longer….

"You first", with his eyes focused, he gives me a wicked grin and pushes deeper in me; I meow hotly, "that´s right, give it to me, Emma… ", he drives faster this time and I tremble, sensing the powerful orgasm ripping through my body, affecting every extremity and loud little whimpers fill the room. Seconds later, Will follows me, my name rasped; his manhood shaking and spasming inside me. And then his warm fluids bathing me…

I can´t stop moaning as he takes me down my peak, my arms securely clutched around his neck, not allowing him to break off me.

He pulls out of me, a little whine escaping my lips; I´m tender… It´s been so intense.

"Are you ok?"

"Ye-yeah…" I´m more than ok and more than done in. "I won´t walk again, that´s for sure", he laughs; it´s a fresh, unworried, young laugh and I grin at him, "I love when you do that"

"When I laugh?"

"When you´re carefree", I explain, running my fingers through his curls, my lips landing on his chin, "You look happy"

"I am happy", he furrows, looking at me like I´m crazy and imprisons me between his arms, "You take my breath away, Emma. You make me want things I thought I never wanted"

"Like what?"

"Like having a family... my own family", I don´t believe my ears. William, William Schuester, the wary, acid, surly Schuester is confessing he wants a family… with me.

"Do you want kids?" I manage to ask, the emotion evident in my wobbly voice.

"I need someone who gives me that… I need someone who helps me…" he admits embarrassed and I cherish his face in my hands, "I didn´t exactly have the best example to learn from"

"Maybe we can start by waiting until I graduate", I´m giggling at the absurdness of the situation and again he gives me that lovely, secreted laugh, only reserved for when we are alone.

"And maybe later you can move in with me, and marry me"

"Don´t spoil the surprise!" I fake a complaint and he scowls at me; he´ll always do that, I realize. I also realize he´s really unacquainted about relationships, "You´re not supposed to tell me we´ll get married", I explain, softly, caressing his forehead.

"And how am I supposed to know we will?"

"It´s everything about surprises…" I really like teasing him, "You surprise me with the proposal and I surprise you with the answer"

"So you´re telling me…" he puts out thoughtfully. "The bigger the surprise, the greater the answer?"

"I think you already know the answer, Will"

"You just ruined my surprise!" he pretends to be disappointed, but I´m sure he´s pure bliss because I say yes. I can tell by the way his eyes glimmer and his grip tightens around me.

"I love you, Will… and whenever or however you ask me, I´ll say yes"

"Killjoy", he rolls us over, cradling me, stroking my bare back, my leg wrapping possessively around his.


I adore his cracked chuckles.

"You´ll have to teach me how to dance", he meditates out loud

"Private lessons?"

"Is there any other kind…?"

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