My Charmed Life

Ch.1 – All Hell Breaks Loose

This is the true recounting of my life.

I sat in my room with the TV on my favorite show, Charmed. It was a midsummer's day in the year 2012, and, as the city outcast, I shied away from the daily doings of other people; Instead, I was watching my favorite series of episodes: All Hell Breaks Loose and Charmed Again Parts 1&2 - I had the box set, so it didn't matter what was on the actual television channels. It was at the part where that blonde girl broke into the manor, and Prue was about to push her out of the manor when something strange happened: "I wish I could be in that world," I sighed.

As a practicing witch in this, our world, I understood how magick worked, and I was aware that it wasn't like it is in Charmed, yet, before my very eyes, the world shifted. Now, I lived in Southern California with my mother, father, and brother, so you could only imagine my confusion when I found myself standing in the Halliwell Manor in Central San Franisco, and I watched Prue fling her hand and throw the woman out of her sacred home. Later, I was told by Prue and Piper that what they saw was a gathering of white lights in the center of their foyer following which I, an overweight 18 year old recluse materialized, or orbed, as they thought at the time, into their lives.

That is the premise of this tale, and that is why I am writing this, but to wholly understand what happened, the reader will need many more chapters and a greater background into my life. Let's start with my history, as that is easier and more accessible than the many chapters later in which Leo will explain what happened. I have mentioned how I was a recluse, how I shied away from people because I didn't like them. Well that's only half true, see they didn't like me either.

Now, I know some of you will say, "Oh everyone thinks they're disliked at some point in life," Well, to you I say grab your fancy coffee and return to your privileged life of promiscuity and popularity. I do not only believe I was disliked, but I have proof that I was hated: I am gay. I always have been, and that was the basis on which my torment was often founded. One common example springs to mind, and that's the walk home from school. Every day I'd walk home from school, and every day I'd be met with ridicule and shouts of, "There goes the faggot!" And, on the days I was particularly lucky, I'd be chastised by the local preacher rather than beaten by the local bullies.

One such bully was my very own brother, and they say blood is thicker than water. He and his friends took particular delight in tormenting me, especially physically. Their physical prowess was admirable if nothing else, and they reminded me of that daily. Who needs a punching bag when you have a wimpy younger "faggot" that won't stand up for himself? I almost applaud their creativity if it were only actually creative.

I used to believe I was cursed; I thought that I was being punished for being such a sinner; it wasn't true, of course, and I'd come to realize that, but for the majority of my life I lacked the ability to make friends, and most everyone thought me to be an abomination, so my fears were well-founded.

Knowing that, one might be able to comprehend my desire to escape, my absolute need to be free of this world. It was because of this that I turned to Paganism. I found spirits and guardians that kept me company and protected me to the best of their abilities. One time, my dragon spirit warned me that my brother was coming home, and he was in a particularly foul mood. My dragon guided me through the back and away, and he wouldn't let me go home until my parents got home because at least then my brother wouldn't hit me.

Anyway, that's most of my sad story, so I appeared in the Halliwell mansion as Prue pushed that girl out. Piper panicked and threw up her hands (Leo and Darryl froze, but I did not), and I heard Piper's voice say, "Why isn't he frozen?" but her lips did not move.

"Whoah," I said, and I looked around myself.

Prue asked, "Who the hell are you!?"

I turned to them, "Am I hallucinating?"

"Not unless we are too," Piper answered.

Prue raised her hand, "Wait!" I shouted, "I didn't freeze, that means I'm a good witch, right?"

Piper tapped Prue's shoulder, "He's right," she whispered, but I heard her loud and clear.

"Alright," Prue kept her hand raised, "so who are you?"

"I'm Jeremy," I said, then I heard Prue ask how I got here before she actually asked, "I'm not sure how I got here," She gave me a peculiar look, "Hang on let this sink in for a minute."

"Let what sink in?" Prue asked.

"I'm just not used to," I paused and spun around the room, "this! Any of this; I thought you were just a T.V. show."

"What?" Piper asked.

Leo and Darryl unfroze, and Darryl pointed his gun at me; Leo moved quickly to Piper's side, "Who is this?" He asked.

"Not sure yet," Piper said.

Darryl's thoughts were racing about how to deal with me, and that's when I realized I had the power to read minds. I smiled absent-mindedly at this, and Darryl was not pleased by this. He thought, rather ferociously, "What is he smiling at!?"

"I'm sorry," I said, "I just learned that I can read minds."

"Just learned?" Leo asked, "What's going on?"

"Okay," Prue interrupted, "you," she pointed at Leo, "go check with the Elders and see if he could be from a different existence, or parallel universe, or something," Leo looked as though he were going to protest, "Go, go, go!" Leo frowned and orbed out, "You," She turned on Darryl, "lower your gun, and let us deal with him. Go back outside and deal with the rioters."

"Are you sure?" Darryl asked as he lowered his weapon.

"Yes," Prue said, "just go."

Darryl left and I could hear Prue and Piper thinking all the questions they wanted to know about me, "I will answer everything to the best of my ability," I said, "but not now. If I'm right, Phoebe is in the underworld trying to save Cole, and you guys need to contact her?"

"How did you know-?" Prue started to ask.

"I'm from a world where you guys are a T.V. show," I surmised, "I've seen every episode multiple times, and I've got the majority of this chunk of the series memorized."

"Don't you ever get out of the house?" Piper thought.

I smiled at her, "No, I don't."

"Hey," She said, "keep out of my head!"

"Sorry," I replied, "I don't yet have control over that."

"So are you just hearing everything we think?" Prue asked.

"Everything," I replied, "but I'm trying to ignore it, and it's proving rather difficult, but it's also totally irrelevant because when time reverses you won't remember any of this and I'll have to explain it all again anyway."

"When time reverses?" Prue asked.

"Yeah," I said, "That's what Leo came down to explain, that the only way to fix all of this," I motioned to the outside, "is to reverse time to when it all went wrong by way of Tempest."

"That's a long shot," Piper said.

"Yeah," Prue scoffed, "we vanquished him two years ago."

"Curious, this all should have happened before that woman person broke in," I mused, "No, you didn't. You only defeated him, but reversing time now will vanquish him because he hasn't fully recovered from the time loop with you guys, but the Source will get him to do it."

"The Source?" Piper gasped, "Is he here?"

"He's in the area yes," I said.

"With Phoebe?" Prue asked, "We have to get her out of there."

"No," I said quickly, "I think, if we do this right, all three of you can survive this time."

"This time?" Piper asked.

"In the show, Charmed, from my world," I explained, "Prue, played by Shannen Doherty-"

"Ooo," Prue smiled, "I'm played by Shannen Doherty?"

"Who plays me?" Piper asked.

"Is that really what's important here?" Though I didn't really have to ask, as I knew they didn't think it was, but I indulged them anyway, "Holly Marie Combs," I answered much to Piper's delight, "Anyway, Shannen Doherty, though a spectacular actress, is kind of a bitch-"

"Hey!" Prue shouted and Piper snickered.

"Well really," I said, "think about it, she's kind of a terrible person, and no one likes working with her. She's a great actress though, but I digress; so Shannen Doherty was fired from the show."

"So they killed me off," Prue understood.

"Oh my God," Piper covered her mouth, "Well how do we fix it?"

"Send me to Phoebe," I said, "She's going to make a deal with the Source and stay down there for all eternity to get the Source to make Tempest reverse time, thus saving Piper's life," They looked at me confused, "Yeah, you're going to die in this timeline, but it's okay because you won't remember any of it, and we'll save you no matter what happens. If it's really written in the stars for you to die," I said to Prue, "then I apologize, but I know what's going to happen down there, and if you just trust me, I'll save all of you."

Piper looked at Prue, "I don't want to die," She concluded.

"And I don't want you to die," Prue agreed, "Alright, well it doesn't seem like we have another choice, but don't think for a minute that this means we trust you."

"I don't, not yet anyway," I answered, "I figure once I save your lives you might at least believe part of what I say."

"We'll see," Prue thought.

"Well then I can only hope," I smiled at her as she squinted at me, "Careful," I said, "I don't really want to be tossed across the room."

"We should wait for Leo," Piper said, "He'll have more information for us."

"I whole-heartedly agree," I said.

Leo orbed in about an hour later, during which I commented on the differences in time when watching a show rather than living it, Piper fed me, and Prue probed me about my life. There wasn't much to tell beyond what I've already explained, so I'll just skip over that sequence.

"He's definitely for real," Leo said, "They're concerned about how you got here."

"As am I," I responded, "and if they come up with a solution, be sure to let me know. In the meantime," I rose to my feet, we were in the kitchen at this point, "I suggest you orb me underground."

Leo looked to Piper, and she nodded at him. He held out his hand, "Well hold on."

"Oh goodie," I smiled, "I've always envied the power to orb," We were engulfed by white lights, and then I felt my body fall apart, but there was no pain; in fact, it felt uplifting, wonderful. As we went I could feel Leo's thoughts, but in a completely different way than when I was hearing everyone's thoughts in the Manor. He was explaining, without words, that when you orb with another person, the orbs meld you together sort of. You become a single being with two consciousnesses, and it was at this point that he wholly believed me, and I wondered why he didn't just use this power to test all the things people said, which he explained as something to do with the grand design and rules; he hadn't intentionally felt my thoughts, usually he'd ignore the other person and keep himself separate, so no one else was even aware of that power with orbing, but because of my power he couldn't keep himself apart from me. I pushed into him then the reason we were going to the underworld and what we were going to do down there, but I kept Piper dying to myself. I'm not sure why I held that secret, but I did.

We reformed as separate entities, and I fell off my feet. Leo reached down to help me up, and I laughed, "I've always had terrible balance. I suspect that'll happen every time we orb."

"Leo?" Phoebe asked, and then we saw her lying on the hay with Cole.

Leo and I looked away and I snickered, "Well that was definitely different."

Phoebe covered herself and stood up, "What-why-who-what are you doing here?"

Only I could hear the question "Who is he?" burning much heavier in her head. Leo explained what was happening "upstairs" and how we needed Tempest's help to fix everything, and I could hear Cole's fear to approach the Source before anyone even brought that up. It put a brand new perspective on how important Cole really was to the sisters.

"Why would he even accept?" Phoebe asked, "I mean with magic exposed don't demons have the upper hand?"

"We like being kept a secret just as much as you do," Cole explained.

"You know," I interjected, "I never understood that, was this just a cop out by the writers, or do you really not want the world to know about magic?"

"Who's the kid?" Cole asked Leo.

I let Leo answer this time: "He's another witch who's here to help."

"Oh," I realized, "Did the Elders decide what all I'm allowed to say?"

"They haven't yet," Leo said, "So other than who you are and where you come from-"

"From where I come," I corrected him.

"Right," Leo said, "other than those, I wouldn't go into any more detail."

"Fair enough," I said, "well I'll rescind my question for now; despite your fear," I said to Cole, "you should probably go meet with the Source."

"How do you know-?" Cole started.

"The Source?" Phoebe asked, "Why?"

"He's the only one who could summon Tempest," Cole explained, "or get him to do anything for that matter; no other demon, upper level or not, has the power."

"I don't want you to risk yourself," Phoebe said.

"It may be the only way to fix all of this," Cole said, "besides the problem is already big enough that the Source is here."

"He's here?" Phoebe asked, "Now?"

"Huh," I thought aloud, "this isn't at all how I remember this sequence."

"What?" Leo asked.

"It's just not the same as I saw it," I tried to be vague in my explanation.

"Well there's no use worrying about what isn't happening," Cole said, "I'm going to talk to him."

"Baby," Phoebe protested.

"You can't change my mind," Cole said, "I would give my life for you."

"That doesn't mean you have to prove it," Phoebe said.

"But it doesn't change the fact that I would," Cole said, "and I will."

With that he shimmered out. Phoebe sighed and turned on us; Leo put up his hands defensively and pointed at me, "Way to throw me under, Leo," I said; Phoebe was about to ask who I was and from where I came, but I cut her off with an answer, "I'm Jeremy, pleased to meet you," I said, "I know everything there is to know about you because I'm not supposed to be here," I smiled because I have an odd sense of humor, "I come from a completely different world where you and your sister's lives are a TV show called Charmed, and before you ask you're played by Alyssa Milano because apparently that's all your sisters cared to know."

Phoebe looked pleased, "I'm hot!"

I laughed, "That's the general consensus anyway; the point is, somehow I was watching an episode, in fact this episode, and I made a comment about how I wished I could live in a fantasy world like this, and poof here I am. I'm apparently a witch with the power to read minds, and no I'm not reading your mind on purpose; in fact, I should probably start trying to focus so that I can ignore thoughts. That's probably a good idea."

"Yeah you should," Phoebe said, "I would like to have some privacy."

"You know," I said, "I hadn't even considered, but I don't think my parents will exist in this world. I don't know that I have anywhere to go."

"Well for now you'll stay with the girls," Leo said.

"What?" Phoebe and I asked.

"The Elders want you to be watched by someone familiar with this world's ways, so it only makes sense to keep you with the Charmed ones seeing as you kind of already know them."

"But we don't know him," Phoebe protested.

"I know, Phoebe," Leo said, "but They don't know that there's anywhere else to put him-"

"Sorry to be such an inconvenience," I frowned.

"That's not what I meant," Leo said, "It's just that They want you to be kept safe while we figure out how to send you home."

"I know," I said, "and that's fair, but I don't want to be an imposition on the sisters either."

"I'm sure Piper and Prue won't mind," Leo said, "Especially Prue; she'll want to keep an eye on you."

"Well dat's true," Phoebe said, "She is kinda suspicious of, well, everything."

"This is something to discuss after time is reset," I said, "as Piper and Prue won't remember any of this anyway."

"Why will I?" Phoebe asked.

"We'll just have to see," Leo said before I could answer.

"Right," I said.

As Phoebe was about to ask another question, Cole shimmered back in with a grave expression on his face, "Oh right," I said sadly after hearing Cole's thoughts.

"Cole," Phoebe said desperately, "What happened, what's wrong?"

"He says he'll do it," Cole said without meeting Phoebe's gaze, "but only if you agree to stay down here."

"No way," Leo said firmly, but Phoebe put up her hand to shush Leo.

"Why," She said, "why would he think I'd agree to a deal like that?"

"Because it may be the only way to save one of your sisters," Cole said gravely.

"What?" Phoebe asked.

"He's lying," Leo said.

"See for yourself," Cole said.

"Go," Phoebe said to Leo, "but don't be long."

"I feel like something didn't happen that was supposed to," I said.

"Does it really matter?" Phoebe asked.

"I don't know," I said honestly, "I think that it might, though."

"Have we decided if we can trust him?" Cole asked.

"I think so," Phoebe said, "and Leo thinks so, so I'm going to say yes for now."

Leo orbed back in with tears running down his cheeks, "Piper," Phoebe breathed and she went and hugged Leo. She turned back to Cole, "I'll do it."

"You don't have to do this," Leo said.

"Yes," Phoebe said quickly, "I do," She turned to Cole, "Will time affect us down here?"

"No," Cole said.

"Then I have one condition," She said, "After time reverses, you go up and warn Piper and Prue about Shax; otherwise they're dead anyway."

Cole bowed his head and shimmered out, "That's not gonna work," I said quickly.

"Jeremy," Leo warned.

"No," I cut him off, "the Elders can't see what's happening down here. You need to write a reversal spell, quickly," I said to Phoebe, "to send me up to the attic after time reverses."

"What, why?" Phoebe asked.

"Otherwise Prue will die," I said, "There's little time to explain more, you just have to trust me and send me up right after time reverses."

"Why can't Leo go up?" Phoebe asked.

"You're going to need him," I said, "Again you just have to trust me, there is no time."

"I trust him," Leo said.

"Alright," Phoebe said, "Umm, as time reverses in this place, let this man be moved through space, to save a sister blessed be, and protect the Power of Three."

I could feel myself being lifted up; it was much like orbing, but I didn't feel myself being pulled apart; I merely felt like I was flying. Suddenly I was in the attic, and I could hear Prue and Piper talking to the doctor downstairs. I darted to the Book of Shadows and frantically turned the pages until I found Shax, "Evil wind that blows," I mumbled to myself three times, then I heard Prue shout for Phoebe, "Shit!" I shouted.

"Who's up there with you?" Piper called.

I ran as fast as I could down the stairs, and I heard the door blast open, "Phoebe!?" Prue called.

I got into the room just as Piper and Prue were blasted backward and Shax formed, "No!" Prue shouted as she ran to block Shax from attacking the doctor.

"Evil wind that blows," I shouted without considering that I wasn't nearly as powerful as the Charmed Ones, but when Shax shot out his wind, it was stopped by my words and sent back on himself, so I continued, "that which forms below, no longer may you dwell, death takes you with this spell!"

Shax yelled, and then he turned into the wind and shot out of the door again. I smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

"Who the Hell are you?" Prue asked.