Conker's Taco Stand

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: If you read one of my other stories or one of hundreds of chapters in a Rhedosaurus story, then you'd know what this is a follow-up of. But Conker and Waluigis live in two seperate Kingdoms. They'll probably never meet. But the power of the author is a great thing in fanfics! Let's wait and see.

Conker finished building a Taco Stand right outside the Cock and Plucker pub. He planned to sell a million tacos for a million more dollars in cold, hard "cruel-mouthed" cash.

"All right. Open for business!" Conker claimed.

Suddenly, the huge Gargoyle from the big stone bridge in the Hangover are dropped in, literally, and saw Conker's Taco Stand.

"A Taco Stand. stupid little..." he said, chucking as he tipped over, with Conker smiling like a doofus as a hole opened up and the Gargoyle tipped over and fell into it, screaming as he plunged back to the Hungover area, oddly enough.

"Talk about Dejavu..." Conker said, shaking his head as he then turned towards the passerbys who all saw Conker's Taco Stand as they passed by.

"A stand for tacos?" said one of the gray squirrels. "Sure. I'll have a taco. When I'm IN THE BATHROOM!" the gray squirrel laughed at the joke, but sadly enough no one else did too.

"The joke doesn't work that way, sh#%head!" said another random squirrel.

"Ok, why the censorship?" replied the other squirrel. "This is a fanfic. Not know..."

"Well, the author decided to allow younger readers than those who ought to play the game for this fic to be convinced to read this without any problems."

"I see." replied the first squirrel. "Well ok then."

"Hey hey!" Conker yelled impatiently, I don't have time for arguing! You want to buy a taco or not?"

"Come on. Who in this freaking kingdom would want a taco?" the gray squirrel complained.

Conker then took out a "Free Alcohol from the Cock and Plucker with purchase of a taco!" sign and put it up, causing everyone to take interest and buying up all the tacos they could each get, then going inside the pub, taking all the alcohol they wanted for their tacos, causing the squirrel bartender to get mad.

"HEY! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY ALCOHOL SAVAGES!" he yelled, unable to stop them all.

"Boy. Looks like Conker's going to need the "NOTROUBLEFORALCOHOLANDTACOS" cheat after this. But then again he did deserve that for raising the price of alcohol by a dollar just because the demand for alcohol here is high. You know, IN THE...oh never mind. Never mind it all!" the fire imp from the fireplace said to himself.

Meanwhile, Conker was laughting and rolling in dough outside, which got angry back because it could talk. He just sold 100,000 tacos in one instance, but sadly the sign got destroyed and now Conker needs a new plan, and a cheat code to get out of trouble.

THE END...? Probably not.