The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Takes off from Season 2

Summary: The continuation of the Night and Days of Kurt. This time, the boys learn to deal with a public relationship . . . with a few bumps along the way.

Pairings: Kurt/Noah/Sam

The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Day #80: Part 1


Kurt smiles as they pull into the McKinley High parking lot.

Can this be anymore perfect? We're finally together, nothing tearing us apart. Karofsky has moved on, Finn is coming to terms with himself. We're also bully free at school, no one messes with us anymore. The only problems were what happened at Sam's, but at least Artie and Brittany had the all clear to come back today, so that attack is the only problem, and then it's just us. Finally . . . us.

Kurt looks over at his boyfriends as Noah parks the truck.

"What are you smiling about?" Noah asks, curiosity in his voice.

"Nothing. Nothing at all Noah." He chuckles softly before opening the door and climbing out, hearing Noah question Sam about his smile behind him. "Come on boys. I want to see Brittany before class."

"Yeah." Noah nods as he climbs out as Sam goes the way Kurt did. "I wanna make sure Artie is okay. We might want to make sure he doesn't have to wheel himself to the side of the school like usual. He shouldn't have to work that much." Noah stops by Kurt and Sam, concern for his friend etched in his face. "He might not make it through the day."

"Well . . ." Kurt bites his lip as he looks around, spotting Rachel, Tina, and Mike waiting close to the school, Artie by them. "I'm sure that won't be a problem. But-" He looks back to his fiance's. "We need to make sure it's okay with him. He might not want help."

"Well he's getting it no matter what he wants." Noah sounds so determined.

Sam laughs. "I'm sure he will. Now come on."

Sam takes Kurt's hand and pulls him towards the school, letting Noah do the work of catching up. They feel Noah behind them before he wraps his arms over their shoulders and props himself forward so he can walk behind them and Kurt and Sam can still hold hands.

"You know what?" Noah questions, a smile in his voice.

"Hmm." Kurt raises an eyebrow as he glances at Noah.

"Well when you guys swing your hands back, I can feel you almost hitting my dick." Noah smirks.

Kurt rolls his eyes and glances at Sam with a chuckle. Sam raises an eyebrow and gives Kurt a small nod.

'One.' He mouths to Sam, laughing inside as Noah seems oblivious.

'Two.' Sam is suddenly grinning wide, causing Noah to take notice.

"What are you-"

"Three." Kurt says aloud, cutting Sam off.

They both grin before swinging their intertwined hands back and hitting Noah in the crotch. Noah groans and falls forward, his hands going to cup himself through his jeans. Sam has to pull his hand out of Kurt's so he can grab onto the poor boy. Noah groans as he hides his face in Sam's neck.

"I am so sorry." Kurt can't help but laugh as he moves to hug his poor cringing boy, ignoring the awkward position that Noah makes by having both of his arms down in pain. "Poor baby." He laughs.

"Shush you." Sam whispers to Kurt, a smile in his voice, before looking to Noah. "Come on Noah. We're sorry. We didn't think it hurt that much. And in my defense, Kurt was in control."

"Was not." Kurt hits Sam playfully on the side, ignoring Sam's laugh. "It was Sammy's Noah." Kurt places his head so he's by Noah's ear, the boy still has his head down on Sam. "You should make him have no sex tonight. He doesn't deserve it."

"What?" Sam gapes.

Noah snorts as he looks up, pain still on his face, but a smile as well. "It wasn't that bad babes. I'll just have you both pay extra attention tonight."

"Scout's honor." Sam quickly says.


That word echoes through the air. Kurt freezes. It had been weeks since he last heard that. He can tell by the shocked faces of Noah and Sam, that it had been the same for them as well. There was no reason too.

Kurt slowly turns around, his heart pounding in his chest, as he comes face to face with the voice. His eyes widen as he matches that voice to the old face.

"A-Azimio." Kurt's voice cracks as confusion fills his head. "Wh-what . . . what are you-"

"Choking Hummel." Azimio teases, a dirty smile on his face. "I figured you'd stop choking after this long with the other fags."

"Hey!" Noah yells as he steps in front of Kurt. "I don't know how you got here, but I'll gladly put you away again."

"You think so." Azimio chuckles as he steps forward.

Kurt's eyes widen slightly as from behind the dumpsters, step out nine other jocks, bringing the tally up to ten, the ten jocks that were put away for putting Sam, Noah, and Kurt in the hospital after Quinn outed them to the school.

"B-but how?" Kurt clings to Noah's side and the boy reaches up and and wraps one arm tight around Kurt's shoulders.

Azimio chuckles and glares as Sam wraps his arm around Kurt's waist from the other side. "Well you see boys, we've reformed. Plus you guys got out of the hospitals injury-free from what I heard." His eyes narrow, but he continues on. "And I don't know if you've noticed, it's been two months. We're off Scott free now. Sure they say they'll be watching, but you all know that anything can happen here." He glances at McKinley High.

Kurt lets out a shaky breath and tightens his hold on his boys. "How long have you been out?"

"Well we got out Friday, right?" Azimio looks at the other boys as Kurt lets a small gasp escape his lips with understanding. Azimio turns back to face them, his grin wider as if he could hear Kurt's small gasp across the distance. "And let me tell you boys, we had one rocking party."


"Prove it." Azimio snaps, cutting Sam off.

"Oh god." Kurt mutters.

"You hurt Brittany." Santana says slowly as she comes from behind the boys, they all jumping, not having heard her. "You put her in the hospital." Her voice is low and quiet, but carrying, scaring Kurt.

"She was at a fags house." Azimio shrugs.

"You-" Santana cuts herself off as she launches herself at the boy.

"Noah." Kurt calls out and pushes his fiance after her.

Noah quickly catches her and pulls back. Azimio laughs at them.

"Noticed the police have you." Kurt's eyes flick to the hidden car behind the dumpsters, a cop watching them close, before going back to Azimio. "It seems since we made a mess out here last time, they'll be on the watch for awhile, but that doesn't mean that they'll be in the school."

Santana tries to go after him again, but Noah places her in Kurt's arms, he being the only one that she'll listen to. Kurt wraps his arms tight around Santana and glares back at the boy that he hates so much.

"See you later fags." Azimio spits in their direction and this time, Sam has to hold Noah back as the boys saunter up to the school.

Kurt turns Santana around in his arms and hugs her tight. She hugs him and he can feel her shaking.

"S-San." That broken voice makes Santana look up.

She quickly pulls from Kurt and rushes away. Kurt turns to follow her and stops. All of the New Directions, minus Finn, Mercedes and Quinn, are there watching with sad, concerned, and worried eyes. Brittany is standing close to Artie, using his char as support under her pale body. Artie didn't look any better. He just stared straight, pure anger in his eyes. Everyone knows know. The boys that beat Sam, Noah, and Kurt up, had threw the rocks, hurting several more.

Kurt breaks from his fiance's hold and slowly walks the short distance to his friends. Brittany looks up from the Latina at her side and Artie looks up a tear leaks from his eye. Kurt drops to his knees by Artie, uncaring about his clothes or anyone watching. Artie's bottom lip quivers before he reaches forward and wraps his arms around Kurt, a sob ripping from his body. Kurt suddenly feels Brittany drop to her knees beside them and wrap her arms around them, creating a small group hug.

What will they do next? It seems that they're not afraid of hurting us anymore.

Kurt feels hands on his back, knowing that they belong to the loves of his life. He feels people around them, his friends, trying to protect each other from the cruel world that they've been drug into.

Please . . . just let it stop . . . please . . .

So, what do you think of my twist? I bet you didn't expect that return. It was one that I knew would happen. And this was going to be longer, but it had to stop here. I couldn't put too much drama into this chapter. So sadly, that means that the next chapter will again have a surprised twist. And I'm happy that I'm able to bring in old plot lines and turn them into something new. I feel like a real TV writer. :)

So let me know what you think. I'm really interested in knowing your reaction.

Also, I don't know if I pointed it out, but I posted a long one-shot on Christmas. It shows how Christmas is for these three boys. Go check it out if you want more to read about them.