The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Takes off from Season 2

Summary: The continuation of the Night and Days of Kurt. This time, the boys learn to deal with a public relationship . . . with a few bumps along the way.

Pairings: Kurt/Noah/Sam

The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Day #81


Kurt pops the joints in his fingers as he sits in the chair. He lets out a shaky breath before leaning forward and putting his elbows on his knees, looking to the door. He had been sitting alone in the classroom for the past five minutes, waiting . . . just waiting.

Breathe Kurt. This will work. No one else will get hurt anymore. Not once this happens.

Kurt lets out a shaky breath before jumping when he hears the door open. The first thing he sees is Azimio stumbling into the room, Santana's hand attached to the collar of his shirt.

"Move it Chubasoraus." Santana hisses as she shoves him forward and lets go.

Azimio almost trips forward and is only stopped when he manages to hold onto a desk.

"Thank you Santana." Kurt speaks for the first time in what seems like forever. He licks the roof of his mouth so it's no longer dry.

"Hummel." Azimio catches his breath as he looks over at Kurt in the dark room. "What the hell are you doing here?" Kurt just smiles as the boy continues to stare at him. "What Fairy? Speak up." Kurt's barely able to glance towards Santana as she runs forward and smacks Karofsky. "Ouch you-"

"Shut it scum." She hisses. "Now you will refer to him as Hummel. He's nowhere near being a fairy and you're not good enough." She steps back, her breathing ragged. "Now you're going to listen to my boys proposition and agree." She steps forward, chuckling darkly when Azimio flinches.

"That's enough Santana." Kurt speaks up again.

Santana nods before slowly backing away, her eyes still on the trembling football player. "Don't try anything Big Bertha. I have two muscled jocks waiting out here for the moment that you do try anything. And don't forget that I have a wicked right hook."

Kurt bites back a smile, truly loving her creative names. He waits for the door to shut behind the angry Latina before turning his gaze on Azimio. The boy seems to be fearful of the entire situation, so quickly takes a seat when Kurt nods his head towards an empty one.

"Hello Azimio. How are you doing?" Kurt asks in the nicest voice possible with a big smile.

"Just get to the point Hummel." Azimio growls.

Kurt stretches his smile one last time before glaring. "You've seen what Santana wants to do. I'm all for non-violence here because I'm tired of it, but she wants revenge. So don't test her." Kurt quickly says and Azimio gives him a quick nod. "Good. Now according to Santana, there is an incredible amount of dirt on you that would drag you so far under the food chain."

"She's lying." Kurt smirks when he hears the nervousness in the boys voice.

"Well I happen to have your dear friend Karofsky backing me up." Kurt says slowly, smiling with glee when he sees blood drain from the others face. "Now this knowledge shall not be shared with anyone, for as long as you agree to a few simple terms."

Azimio locks his jaw before speaking through his teeth. "What do you want Hummel?"

Kurt just keeps the smile on his face. "Well I'm assuming that you know that your butt-buddy is staying with me, right?"

"He told me." Azimio admits.

"Good." Kurt chuckles. "Because now he's going to live with you."


"That's right." Kurt continues. "I don't care what you have to tell your parents, he's moving in with you. Now add that onto the fact that if any of your jock friends mess with me or anyone that I know, your secrets out."

"But I'm not gay." Azimio says quietly. "It was just to help him get at least something since he couldn't have you."

Kurt just shakes his head. "That doesn't matter Azimio. What matters is that Santana has pictures." Kurt's happy that his small lie paid off when the boy goes wide-eyed. "And no matter how much you and I know the truth, everyone else won't believe it." Kurt stands up and extends his hand. "Do we have a deal? Two simple conditions." He holds up two fingers with his non-extended hand.

He looks down at the boy as he tries to figure out what to do.

There is nothing. We have four minds working on this, one who used to bully, and one who's manipulative. We have you backed up into a corner. Well, unless you can't control the jocks, but you don't need to know that. You'll be too scared and will do anything to get them to stay away.

Kurt holds himself high as the boy stands up, not showing any fear.

That's how it works with creatures like this.

"Deal Hummel." Azimio mutters before reaching out and taking Kurt's hand. "But you better keep your word."

The boy tries to be menacing, and even tightens his grip on Kurt, but it doesn't even compare to the pain that he's felt before so he's able to overlook it.

"Good." Kurt gives him a tight-lipped smile before letting go of the hand and sitting back down. "Say hello to Santana on the way out."

Azimio grumbles to himself as he backs away. Kurt shuts his eyes and waits. He waits for the door to click open before-

"Come on Mr. Whale." He can hear the boy being pulled out of the room. "You can now go back to consuming hamburgers. Thank you for your assistance and leave before I need to get a forklift."

Kurt lets out a shaky breath as he hears those unsteady feet take off down the hall. The next thing he hears are several feet making their way towards him.

"Did you get everything done?" Santana asks softly.

Kurt nods as he opens his eyes to see her and his fiance's. "He agreed quite eagerly. Now my only concern is the other jocks. Do you really think that he can control them?"

"It should be no problem." Noah says softly as he approaches Kurt.

Kurt reaches out and wraps his arms around the tan boys legs and pulls him close. Noah's hand comes down to caress Kurt's head softly from where it lies against his thigh.

"Is there anything else we need to do?" Sam asks, still quieter than usual since Kurt had delivered the news.

"No." Kurt shakes his head slightly.

"Actually." Santana butts in with a smile. "We only have ten minutes until this room is needed for class. So we kinda need to leave."

Kurt chuckles and stands up. Noah's hand moves down his side so he's holding the smaller boy by his waist. Santana gives Kurt a smile before slowly walking away. Kurt gives her a sad smile as he approaches Sam. He reaches up to cup the boys face, happy that he leans in.

"Are you okay?" Kurt asks.

Sam smiles. "I'm fine. I'm just sad that I had to kiss Karofsky too when I kissed you."

Kurt wrinkles his nose, ignoring Noah's chuckle. "Well for now on, you only get to taste Noah."

Sam nods before Kurt leans up and seals their lips together.


He moves swiftly down the hall, barely getting looks anymore for being another gay kid in the school. He's looking for one person. Suddenly, there he is. He turns his glare all the way on as the boy passes by. The boy smirks and continues on his way, not even phased by Sam's presence.

Damn it. He needs to be more scared.


Kurt stands in the open doorway, staring out as Azimio and Karofsky pile the last of Karofsky's stuff into his truck, not that there was much to begin with. Kurt gulps before turning around. Finn, Santana, Sam and Noah were all waiting behind him at varying distances. He gives them another smile before looking back outside. Karofsky is almost already back up to the front door. He stops in front of Kurt, glaring him down.

"You know you wanted it Kurt." He hisses, ignoring the human growls behind Kurt.

Kurt squares his jaw and tries to remain focused. "Did you get everything?"

"Almost." Karofsky's eyes run up and down Kurt's body.

Suddenly a growl is in Kurt's ear and those familiar arms are around his waist. "Just go Karofsky." Noah growls.

Then Kurt feels another familiar hand in his.

"What's going on?" Kurt tenses as he hears his fathers voice.

"Karof-Dave's leaving." Kurt answers. "He's found another place."

"Oh." Kurt turns his head slightly and sees his dad glancing between all of the tense poses. "Anything else?"

"Karofsky kissed your son." Santana butts in with an evil glare. "He forced your son into a janitors closet and got off on it."

"Santana!" Kurt hisses, but his dads long gone.

His eyes are set on Karofsky and he moves forward, ready to destroy the kid.


Kurt jumps as he watches his dad get held back by Sam and Noah. "Let me go."

"Easy Mr. Hummel." Noah tries, but rage is still on the guys face.

Kurt gives them one last glance before turning back to the boy in his doorway. "Now get the hell out."

And with that, he slams the door in Karofsky's smirking face. Kurt turns to face his dad and struggling fiance's. Finn has to come up and try and help them move Burt into the living room. Kurt turns his glare on Santana.

She shrugs. "He deserves to die and your dad deserves to know."

Kurt just shakes his head and sighs. "I'll deal with you after I get dad calmed down."

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