The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Takes off from Season 2

Summary: The continuation of the Night and Days of Kurt. This time, the boys learn to deal with a public relationship . . . with a few bumps along the way.

Pairings: Kurt/Noah/Sam

The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Day #82:Part 2


"Now." One boy steps up. "We need to talk."

"What do you want Sears?" Santana snaps, a dark look on her face.

"No need to get so defensive Fagina." Sears laughs. "I just think that us and Fairyboy behind you need to have a little chat."

"He's not going anywhere with you." Santana hisses.

"And who's going to-"

"I'll start screaming." Santana cuts him off. "I'll start screaming fire. Everyone will start running. You won't even have a chance to touch us."

The boys eyes darken before he nods. "Fine. We'll talk here then."

"No." Santana growls. "No talking. Just move onto class, and if this happens again, we both will be filing charges and informing the police of your harassment."

Sears chuckles half-heartedly. "Are you serious? The cops here are jokes. They won't do anything as long as it's inside of the school."

"Do you remember last time you attacked us inside of school?" Santana asks. "You went to jail for two months. I imagine that that amount will go up again if we're even close to being touched again."

"Just shut up!" Sears yells. "Shut up. I'm tired of hearing your voice. No wonder you always had a cock in there. It was the best way to shut you up."

Santana growls and steps forward, but Kurt reaches out and pulls her back. "Don't." He warns her quietly before moving to her side, keeping his hands on her. "I don't see you going anywhere unless you say whatever stupid thing you want. Now say it and go. I don't want to deal with you guys anymore."

"Alright Fairyboy." Sears raises his hands as an olive branch. "We just . . . have a little proposition for you."

"Why on earth would I want to make a deal with someone like you?" Kurt sneers, holding Santana close to his side. "Do you think I'm stupid?"

"Oh no Hummel." Sears chuckles when Kurt's eyes darken with the use of his last name instead of some derogatory term. "I think you're very smart. Smart enough that you wouldn't want any of your little posse to get hurt. Would you?" He asks with a smirk.

Kurt keeps his face empty of emotion. "Explain quickly before I let her scream."

Sears chuckles and lowers his hands as he takes a small step forward. "Well lets just say that White over here-" He nods to one of the waiting jocks. "-was driving along and happened to come across a rather disturbing scene. What do you think that would be Hummel?"

"I haven't the faintest idea." He answers stiffly, trying hard to not spit out something sarcastic that could get them into trouble.

"Well he happened to see some friends of ours." Sears teases lightly. "They were packing up, moving most likely." Kurt's eyes widen slightly. "And one of them was at the front door talking to a Fairy we know." Kurt gulps.

They saw Karofsky move out. They know he was living with me. Dad I mean. And Finn then. Dang it.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Kurt mentally curses himself when his voice comes out small.

Sears leads his fellow jocks in a round of laughs. "Oh Hummel, I've never seen you so . . . pathetic." He lets out a dark chuckle before taking another step closer. "And it makes me wonder why Karofsky and Azimio were at your house and it wasn't covered with eggs, toilet paper, or pee balloons. It also brings into question why he was so close to you at your doorway?"

Kurt lets out a shaky breath and feels Santana grip his hand hard. "W-what was your . . . your umm, p-proposition?"

"Aww. The little Fairy Hummel is stumbling. You must be really nervous." Sears chuckles. "That means you know something about our two friends that we don't. What do you say about fessing up?"

"We don't know anything." Santana answers.

"Well, we tried. You only had this one opportunity to tell us what's going on with them two, but I guess now we go back to extreme measures." Sears chuckles as he steps up close to Kurt. "If I were you, I wouldn't be alone outside of this school. You may be protected somewhat in this school, but at night, anywhere but here, watch yourself."

Kurt locks his jaw and just stares the boy down. Sears chuckles before stepping back and nodding at the other jocks. They chuckle too and move along with Sears down the hallway.

Kurt glances at Santana. "W-what do we do?"

Santana gives him a sad smile. "We . . . need everyone."


"What's going on?" Sam asks as he moves to Kurt's side.

Kurt lets one hand go of Noah and takes Sam's hand to pull him down into the seat next to him. "Hang on."

Sam nods, but looks over to Noah. Noah gives him a shrug. Kurt squeezes both of their hands and Sam looks at him and gives him a small smile. Kurt's eyes suddenly dart towards the choir room doors. Sam looks and sees Santana coming in with Finn on her heals.

"What's going on Santana?" Noah asks.

"And why did we need to wait for you and Finn?" Sam asks.

"We have a problem." Santana sighs before looking at Finn. "Take a seat." Finn nods and sits down by Sam while Santana moves to stand in front of Kurt. "We may have created a tiny issue when Karofsky got kicked out the other day.


I have to help Kurt. But how?

Finn narrows his eyes with concentration as he looks around.

We need . . . we need someone smart, who knows the minds of the jocks. It can't be Sam or Puck, or even me. We've been out of the loop for too long.

Finn's eyes widen slightly as he spots the perfect person.

This . . . he can help Kurt.

So what do you think? Sorry for the late update, and the shortness. It will be like this for a while because of college. Sorry, but I will continue to try and update. It's been hard because of everything. So let me know what you think about how this chapter went. And this story should be ending roughly in the next ten chapters, but I'm not sure. :)