The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Takes off from Season 2

Summary: The continuation of the Night and Days of Kurt. This time, the boys learn to deal with a public relationship . . . with a few bumps along the way.

Pairings: Kurt/Noah/Sam

The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Day #84: Part 2


Kurt steps back until he backs into Noah's hard and tense body. He reaches up and grabs Santana's hand and pulls her back as well.

"Well well well." Sears chuckles as he delivers another kick to the now motionless bodies. "This just gets better and better."

Noah's arms go protectively around Kurt's body as Kurt looks down. Both Azimio and Karofsky are lying beat-up, bleeding, and unconscious on the ground.

"Enjoying our handiwork." Kurt looks up at Sears voice, making the boy chuckle. "This is what they get for betraying us and associating with scum of the earth."

"Watch yourself Sears." Noah sneers as he slowly pulls Kurt to his side. "The cops are right over there and we only have to call out and you're gone."

Sears lets out a low chuckle which is repeated by the other jocks. "Do you think we're that stupid? All we had to do was call in anonymously saying that we saw someone with a gun. Luckily, the cops raced away." Kurt's bottom lip trembles. "And that happened to be all the way across town."

"Run." Noah mutters under his breath as he finally positions himself in front of the small boy. "Get help."

"No." Santana speaks before Kurt can. "We'll leave through the back entrance. We're not leaving you here to get the crap beat our of you, and we're not going to anyone. They haven't helped so far."

"Right." Kurt takes a step back and pulls Noah's hand with him. "You're coming."

"Fine." Noah mutters, his eyes unmoving from the smirking jocks in front of them.

"Where do you think you guys are going?" Sears amused voice makes them freeze. "Don't you want to join your butt-buddies here?"

"Don't you want to finally get laid to prove that your dick is big enough to actually go in?" Santana sneers.

Kurt's eyes widen as Sears teasing smile drops and the other jocks growl. "San . . . we need to-"

"You're dead." Sears says firmly before moving forward.

"Go!" Noah yells as he pushes Kurt towards the school.

Santana reaches the doors first and disappears inside. Kurt quickly follows while keeping his hand in Noah's at all times. Santana barely slows down so she's able to take Kurt's other hand before going at full speed.

The now empty halls of McKinley after hours is only full of racing footsteps. Luckily for their quick thinking, they had the surprise against the jocks who were just expecting them to take it like they did last time. Kurt risks a glance back and freezes. Far behind the jocks stands Sam, frozen at the sight.


They quickly turn the corner before Kurt lets go of Santana's hand and pulls his phone out.

"What are you doing?" Santana asks as she starts to slow down.

Kurt bites his lip as he spots an open classroom door. "In there."

Santana follows his advice and slides in. Kurt's practically pushed in by Noah. Noah quickly and quietly shuts the door before they all slide to the ground.

"What are you doing?" Noah asks as he pushes his back against the door and slides Kurt to his side.

"I saw Sam back there." Kurt answers in a hushed whisper as they hear the stampede of feet rush past the door.

"Sam?" Noah is suddenly more worried. "What-"

"I don't know." Kurt shakes his head as he hit Sam's speed dial number on his phone. "I'm going to warn him. And get him to wait in your truck."

"Have him go to your car." Noah mutters in his ear. "They're used to us taking my truck. They won't look for your car."

Kurt nods as he put his phone to his ear.


"Kurt." Sam's beyond worried as he answers the phone. "What's going on?"

"Just listen to me Sam." Sam's eyes narrow at Kurt's panting and rushed tone. "Don't go out the front doors."


"Just listen Sam." Sam stops talking and lets Kurt speak. "You saw us."

"Yeah." Sam nods to himself.

"Well the jocks-no. I'll tell you later." Kurt lets out a small groan. "Just . . . g-go outside. To my car. We'll meet you there. And make sure that you go through the back entrance as well." Kurt quickly adds. "Can you do that?"

"Yeah." Sam lets out a shaky breath. "Are you and Noah okay?"

"We are." Kurt answers. "But these guys seem to be out for the kill this time. We need to talk to the cops soon."

"I know." Sam smiles before nodding to himself. "See you in a bit."

"Love you." Kurt says into the phone before it goes dead.

Sam lets out a shaky breath before standing up. He reaches out and opens the bathroom door before peering out. The hallway is empty now. It already was before he dived into the bathroom to hide, but now it's completely empty now. The teachers of McKinley usually left as soon as the students, only staying behind if they absolutely had to.

Sam bites his lip and takes a deep breath before stepping out.

I'm so tired of this sh-


The trio wait a second before they race out from behind the back of the building. The parking lot is clear now except for the final few cars of the remaining participants.

"Come on Kurt." Noah tightens his grip around Kurt's waist, the smaller boy having been there for the past five minutes since they left the classroom.

"Okay Noah." Kurt says softly and tightens his grip on Santana's hand.

"Almost-" Noah suddenly stops, making Kurt and Santana stop as well.

They all take a breath at the new sight presented for them.

So, sorry for another short and cliffhanger chapter. I'm just trying to make sure that I still have story left. It will be ending soon, but I'm trying to extend it a bit. So let me know what you think and if you'll enjoy seeing another entry in this series. :)