The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Takes off from Season 2

Summary: The continuation of the Night and Days of Kurt. This time, the boys learn to deal with a public relationship . . . with a few bumps along the way.

Pairings: Kurt/Noah/Sam

The Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation

Night #85


"Quinn." Noah tries to catch his breath as he slides to a stop in front of the wary blonde girl. "Quinn. You-"

"Please don't Puck." Quinn cuts him off. "What's done is done. There's no going back now."

"I know there isn't." Noah says softly as his breath returns to him. "But I just wish that it didn't have to get like this."

"Me too." Quinn sighs before bringing her arms up and folding them over her chest. "Anything else?"

"Yeah." Noah sees that Quinn won't bring up the subject again. "Well right after you left, I had this idea."

"Puck." Quinn snaps her wet eyes up to meet his. "You don't need to thank me. You don't need to pretend to care for me when we both know that you've hated me for the longest. Yes I did this for you guys, but that's as far as it goes. I'm willing to be friends and all, but not now."

"Always the same old Quinn." Noah chuckles. "But I'm afraid that I'll have to insist."

Quinn groans. "I don't-"

"If you didn't want to be friends with us, then you wouldn't have helped us out." Noah cuts her off. "And I'm sorry I didn't believe you before when you were sorry. And I knew you were sorry." He quickly adds on when she opens her mouth. "Whenever I saw you around school, I could see it in you. And now I know that you really have changed." Quinn gulps and looks down at her arms. "Listen." Noah takes a deep breath. "I want you to come hang with us."

Quinn's head snaps up. "What?"

"Well now that we know you're not going to try and manipulate things again, I want you to hang out with us." Noah's smile is genuine. "Because I do miss you. Besides Santana, you're the only one that can keep up with Kurt and his wittiness." Quinn snorts and Noah smiles wider. "And I want you to be our friend. At this point, we can't afford to lose anymore people to all of this crap. So-" Noah offers her another grin. "What do you say? I'm sure we can find something for us to do."

Quinn looks a bit skeptical at first, but she slowly starts smiling. "Sure. That sounds great."


"Hey." Sam fights back a smile as Mike and Finn stand around awkwardly. "How are you guys doing?"

"Good." Finn answers quickly as he plasters a big dopey fake grin to his face. "Really good. Great even."

"Then why do you seem so twitchy?" Sam can't help but slowly smile.

"I'm not twitchy dude." Finn all but yells as he drops his gym bad on the dirty floor.

Sam's eyes widen as he looks over to Mike. Mike glances around the now empty locker room before looking back to Sam and shrugs. Sam looks back to Finn and finds the boy letting out a sigh.

"Sorry dude." Finn looks back to Sam. "Just a bit . . . a bit nervous."

Sam smiles wider when he sees Finn'a gaze flick over to Mike. "And what say you Mike?"

"Nothing." Mike answers, his voice controlled. "Just ready to go home. You?"

"Fine. Fine." Sam chuckles as he hooks his thumbs through the loops on the side of his jeans. "I was just wondering if you two wanted to come hang with everyone tonight. Our place." He adds in. "Where you can be . . . whatever you two decide to be without judgment."

"We're not anything." Mike quickly says as a blush creeps up his face.

Sam smiles and laughs. "So you're telling me that all you've done is share that first kiss? I don't believe it."

Finn sighs as he sits down on the bench in front of Sam. "We may have kissed . . . a few more times."

"But nothing more than that." Mike quickly reassures Sam as he takes a seat by Finn. "I-we're not ready." Mike looks to Finn with a soft smile. "This is new for both of us."

"I'm sure." Sam chuckles as Finn looks down and blushes. "Just know that when you guys get together, let me know. Otherwise Kurt will be mad."

Finn snorts as he looks up at Sam with a smile. "Thanks dude."

"No problem." Sam nods to each boy. "Now if you'll excuse me. Kurt and Noah are waiting. So are you guys going to follow, or . . ."

"I think I'll pass." Mike nods. "I don't feel like being interrogate." Sam and Finn trade a smile. "But I'll call you sometime. Maybe a guys night soon?"

"Sure." Sam smiles. "That'd be fun."


"Poor Quinn." Brittany pouts as she cuddles into Santana's side. "No one should have to go through that."

"I know Brit." Santana's voice is soft.

Kurt sighs from his chair before standing up and turning to look at them. "Come on. Noah said that he invited Quinn over and I want to make sure she knows that we can trust her."

"Well I know we can now." Santana's voice is full of guilt as she nods. "Sure. Lets have her over."

Kurt grins before holding both of his hands out. He waits for each girl to take his hand before heaving them up. He gives Santana a comforting smile before he pulls them from the choir room.

"Come on. Noah and Sam should be waiting."


"Watch the hands." Sam mutters as Noah's hand drift down his back.

Noah chuckles before shifting himself along the bed so he can press his lips to the blondes cheek. "What's wrong Sammy?"

"What's wrong?" Sam chuckles as he turns his head so he can see Noah. "There are people still here and I don't think I can stay quiet."

Noah chuckles before he presses his body close to Sam's. "That's what you get for coming in here to lay down for a bit."

"I'm tired." Sam sighs. "Which means I don't want to move."

Noah chuckles before pulling away from Sam. "Fine. But know this . . . you're not sleeping tonight."

"I'm fine with that." Sam grins. "But let me get half an hour. That's all I ask."

"Ask and you shall receive." Sam hears before the bedroom door shuts.

He waits for a second before rolling over on the bed and looking around. He looks to the door where he can hear everyone having fun in the living room. He bites his lip before reaching to the bedside table and his phone. He quickly dials the memorized number and holds the phone to his ear.

So . . . the end. What do you think? I do hope you enjoyed it. The ending was hard to decide on, but I think it works. :) It's a nice direct ending with seem more mystery. I just hope that you do like it. Either way, let me know. Review on the entire story, or chapters. I want brutal honesty. Tell me your likes, your dislikes, everything. And I shall be here waiting to read what you think. :)

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