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Summary: Dean gets an even more serious wake up call.

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When Dean woke up the next morning, his eyes and tongue felt coated in grime and he was cold and stiff from sleeping on his back in the clothes he'd worn the day before, but his mind was clearer than it had ever been before.

As he lay on the bed, he formed a plan: he'd find Sam, if Sam had dug a grave all by himself, he be very sore; which also meant he wouldn't have gone far. Dean knew his brother and he knew that Sam's forgiveness wouldn't be won with promises to change, he'd have to show Sam that he was going to change and that was going to start with getting rid of the booze.

He gathered up the bottles, emptied out the ones that still had booze in them and threw them all away. He also cleaned up Sam's side of the bed. Once he was sure everything was tidy, he grabbed his cellphone and dialed Sam's number.

He'd been half-expecting to get Sam's voicemail, instead the phone picked up.

"Hello," The voice was definitely NOT Sam's.

"Who the hell is this," Dean growled suspiciously.

"This is Doctor Maynard at St. Catherine's Hospital, is this Dean Harker?"

Dean froze, "Yes, this Dean Harker, I'm trying to find my brother."

"Your brother is Samuel Harker?"

"Yeah," Dean said, wishing this doctor would tell him what was wrong with Sam.

"Mister Harker, your brother was hit by a car last night and we've been trying to get in contact with you since he was brought in."

"Where is the hospital?" Dean snapped, not wanting to hear another word until he'd seen Sam with his own eyes.

After getting directions from the doctor, Dean headed towards the door before he realized that he didn't have the Impala's keys. Sam had taken the car the night before and in the fight, hadn't put them back. Growling in aggravation, Dean found the phonebook and dialed a cab service. He could break into the Impala and hotwire her, but he didn't want to cause suspicion. Even though their Leviathan doppelgangers were dead, they were still being hunted and the less attention they drew to themselves, the better.

The cab trip took forever, but finally they pulled up to the hospital and the cabbie kindly gave Dean a pass on the cab fare. He climbed out of the cab and barged into the ER.

"I'm looking for my brother," he told the nurse breathlessly.

The woman looked up with vague interest, "What's your brother's name?"

"Harker. Sam Harker."

The nurse checked her computer, "Ah yes, he's in the Orthopedics. Doctor Maynard is waiting for you."

Dean was shocked to hear that Sam was in Orthopedics. When he'd heard 'Hit by a Car', he'd expected to find Sam still in the ER or in the ICU. If Sam was in Orthopedics, then he wasn't as badly hurt as the horror images in Dean's head thought.

He went down to Orthopedics and smiled at the nurse, "Hi, I'm looking for my brother, Sam Harker."

"Mister Harker?" Dean turned to find a young man smiling at him. At Dean's nod, the man stuck out a hand, "Keith Maynard. I'm the one treating your brother."

Dean shook the hand, "How is he? When you said he'd been hit by a car, I was expecting to find him in the ER or ICU."

Dr. Maynard smiled. "Your brother is very lucky. The car that hit him wasn't going very fast, maybe 20mph. If it had been going much faster, your brother would've been in real trouble. As it stands, he's got a broken leg and a slight concussion. Another few days and he'll be ready to go home."

Dean breathed as sigh of relief, "What happened?"

"Drunk driver," Maynard said calmly, not seeing the look of horror on Dean's face. "We get at least one every weekend, but few of them are really serious. Apparently, your brother was walking around a motel parking lot when the driver lost control and hit him. Fortunately, she was slamming on the brakes, but it was fast enough to throw him backwards and break his leg. The girl driving was pretty shaken, hopefully, this'll scare her straight."

The longer the doctor talked, the more nauseated he felt, realizing that he'd nearly lost his brother because of someone, who had probably been at the same bar he'd been drinking at, decided to drive drunk. If he hadn't drunkenly picked a fight, Sam would've safe in their room, maybe filling him in on the salt and burn, instead of walking around the parking lot of their motel and getting hit by a car.

Dr. Maynard showed him to the room Sam was in and took his leave.

Dean was relieved to see that Sam was in one piece, broken bones aside, though he appeared to be sleeping.

"God, Sammy, you sure know how to get your point across, don't you?" He whispered, taking a seat next to the bed and grabbing his brother's hand. The realization of how close he'd come to losing his brother gave him more resolve to change.

He didn't know if he'd be able to completely quit drinking, but he was going to try. He was going to win back Sam's trust and be the big brother he used to be before Hell, angels, demons and the Apocalypse tore them apart.

The End?

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