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I Show Not Your Face…

Ron had been wandering the halls with Harry for hours. He was tired and cross, and his feet were almost numb with cold.

"I'm freezing. Let's forget it and go back."

"No! I know it's here somewhere."

After walking what seemed like miles of corridor, (and now his feet were numb, thank you very much) Harry spotted a suit of armor.

"It's here- just here- yes!"

They pushed the door open. Harry and Ron dropped the invisibility cloak and Harry ran to a large mirror in an ornate frame, Ron following right behind him. Harry looked eagerly into the mirror.


"I can't see anything."

"Look! Look at them all…there are loads of them…"

"I can only see you."

"Look in properly, go on, stand where I am."

Harry stepped aside as Ron took his place in front of the mirror. He stared, transfixed, at the image in the mirror.

"Look at me!"

"Can you see all your family standing around you?"

"No- I'm alone- but I'm different- I look older- and I'm head boy!"


"I am- I'm wearing the badge like Bill used to- and I'm holding the house cup and the Quidditch cup- I'm Quidditch captain, too!"

There was more than that, though. This, however was not something he wanted to share with Harry. With him was a Prefect, standing very close to him and smiling beautifully up at him. It was Hermione. His mirror image smiled back down at her and put an arm around her. He looked quickly away to Harry.

"Do you think this mirror shows the future?"

"How can it? All my family are dead- let me have another look-"

In the mirror, he kissed her forehead and she sighed contentedly.

"You had it to yourself all last night, give me a bit more time."

"You're only holding the Quidditch cup," and Hermione, Ron thought, and Hermione, "what's interesting about that? I want to see my parents."

"Don't push me-"

He just wanted a few more minutes, just a few more minutes…

A sudden noise outside in the corridor put an end to their discussion. They hadn't realized how loudly they had been talking.


Ron threw the cloak back over them as Mrs. Norris entered the room. The stood quite still, and Ron was sure Harry was wondering exactly what he was- did the cloak work on cats? After what seemed an age, she turned and left.

"This isn't safe- she might have gone for Filch. I bet she heard us. Come on."

And Ron pulled Harry out of the room.

That night while trying to stop thinking about the mirror, or Hermione, Ron decided that, for him, what he saw in the mirror was going to be the future. At least on one account. I mean, Gryffindor couldn't keep losing the house cup and the Quidditch cup! (A/N: Okay, just kidding…) Somehow, he'd figure it out, he'd make Hermione see him as more then a friend, somehow…