Da-na na-na na-na na-na, da-na na-na na-na na-na- Super Mouse!

Da-na na-na na-na na-na- Super Mouse!

He sprang from the shadows, he sproinged from the ceilings, he was always home by supper! The dashing, debonair, do-gooder of good deeds! He never took the whole cheese. A giver through and through. Super Mouse!

A culmination of all of Pinky's favorite comic book superheroes, Super Mouse had it all. X-ray vision, flight, super speed, black belt martial arts moves, a magic ring, cool gizmo-gadgets, a cape, a mask, his own theme music, batteries included, and an invisible motorboat-bike-car-biplane! Spaceship! Yeah, it was a spaceship too! So he could fight the evil Plunger-Goober-Meister Alien Squad of Sector 10 in Homie-G Quadrant Zero!

Doo-doo-doo! Dooby-doo doo-doo-doo! Super Mouse!

The best hero ever. A mouse for every mouse. He had no known weakness! Except his weak ankles, but he was looking into that. And... well... his secret identity, of course. Which was clearly a secret! Narf!

But once... a long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away... oops. Wrong story. Just a long time ago then. Anyways. A long time ago- well... not that long actually. It was last week. Last Tuesday to be specific. So, last Tuesday, his secret identity was compromised... and it was almost... the end... of our beloved... Super Mouse...


It actually started two weeks before that when Super Mouse (as his secret identity, Pinky the genetically altered lab mouse) was traipsing through another one of the fun-fun silly-willy mazes the scientists had them go through. Him and his husband, The Brain, of course. It was all part of his ruse, he had to do the things normal lab mice did so he could keep his secret identity secret. No one would suspect that a mild-mannered mouse was really the caped crusader. As well as The Brain's sidekick in his eternal attempts to take over the world!

So, while in the maze, Pinky had momentarily gotten separated from Brain. It wasn't an unusual occurrence, these mazes were so con-fusing! Once the smell of moldy cheese went away, the exit was very difficult to find. Sometimes Brain was even harder to find because he'd keep moving. At least the exit didn't ever walk away. To the best of his knowledge, anyway.

Turn after turn, the taller mouse was left Brainless. Brainless as in the mouse, not the thing in his head because he was pretty sure he'd be a zombie monster if he didn't have one of those. That's all they seemed to want anyway, brains to eat. Just like that alien Zalgar who tried to eat Brain's brains. Hmm... maybe he was thinking of aliens, not zombies.

Pinky pondered this as he turned another corner, coming to a halt as he noticed a foreign mouse down one of the corridors. From his experience with the other lab mice, outside of Billie, they weren't very friendly to him and Brain at all. But it didn't stop Pinky from waving and smiling at this stranger. You attracted more lightbulbs with honey than vinegar, after all! The lanky mouse was quite surprised, however, when the stranger mouse smiled and waved back before continuing on his way. None of the other mice ever smiled so friendly-like before.

Pinky clasped his hands together over his heart as he beamed. He'd made a new friend, oh, how delightful!

It wasn't until that evening, when Brain was busy at work with his plan thingies, that he bumped into his new friend. He'd actually quite forgotten about him, too invested in the epic adventure he was embarking on as Super Mouse. Driving his invisible car (it changed into whatever he deemed necessary) the hero found himself on the other end of the lab, skillfully avoiding obstacles as he scanned the streets for trouble.

He skid to a stop when he heard a whistle, super hearing super ears perked and alert as he looked around. Using his x-ray vision he was able to see through the cage and take note of the same mouse from the maze. From this close up, he could see he was a gray color with a black splotch over one eye. He was taller than him too, broader built. But his smile was enchanting! Pinky just adored people's smiles. And by default, so did Super Mouse.

"Hullo, there!" Pinky waved, his own grin bright.

"Hi," the other mouse replied kindly, not remotely fazed by the mask and cape. "Who might you be?"

"Super Mouse! Crusader against croutons and criminals alike!" he declared, striking a pose.

"Super Mouse? So, you're like a real life superhero." The mouse played along, grinning at the way Pinky began to bounce. "What do you have against croutons though?"

"Nothing. Poit. It's just part of the slogan. Us superheroes have to be very flexible when it comes to commercial catchphrases." Pinky's eyes lit up as the other mouse laughed. It was a happy laugh, not at all like a meany-mean laugh like the other mice in the lab. Oh, he liked this mouse! "And what's your name? Poit."

Dark pink eyes looked him over a moment before he replied. "Well, I'm Police Chief Nibbles, of course. And I have an urgent message for you, Super Mouse. The food pellet supply is being robbed and we need your help to catch the crook!"

Pinky nearly squealed in delight, almost breaking character, but held enough of himself in check (and by in check, it meant keeping the excitement restricted to bouncing up and down in place). Someone else understood! And a friend of the law too! "Which way did he go, Chief? Where's the crookedy crook? I'll catch him!"

With a safety pin, Nibbles unlocked his cage door. "This way, Super Mouse. On the corner of "Science for Dummies" and "So You Want to Be A Scientist?"."

And thus began a beautiful friendship!

Pinky started doing his rounds as Super Mouse every night since he'd met Nibbles. They got all the bad guys and solved all the mysteries. It was great fun! Especially since it gave him many new crimes and bad guys to bring to justice. He still hadn't met justice, but he hoped she got all the bad guys okay.

Nibbles was also clever. Not as clever as Brain, of course (no one was as smart as his chubby hubby), but still much smarter than himself. When he'd told the megalomaniac that, he'd simply rolled his eyes and informed him that "that didn't take much". Pinky laughed and considered letting Brain meet Nibbles, but then his secret identity would be compromised. If the police chief knew that Super Mouse knew The Brain, then bad guys could torture the information out of him and put Brain in danger. And he would absolutely never allow that to happen.

Brain didn't seem to mind that he couldn't meet his friend though (mostly because the smaller mouse had assumed it was a button or piece of lint that he was playing with), so Pinky was okay with it. As was Super Mouse.

After two weeks of fun-fun silly-willy superhero things, he and Nibbles had developed a complex cereal killer plot that went on for two whole nights! It was very intense. They followed the killer's tracks to a maze-like maze, where he must've been hiding. Super Mouse was not concerned by mere mazes the way Pinky was, he was brave and capable of anything. Even if there was no moldy cheese or husband to help him find his way out. At least he had Chief Nibbles with him!

"We'll get that bad ol' cereal killer, chief. And after dealing with us, he'll think twice about harming innocent marshmallows and ruthlessly maiming colorful loops of fruit!" Super Mouse declared as they examined every nook and cranny.

"Of course, Super Mouse," Nibbles agreed, glancing over at Pinky, gaze following his tail as the lanky mouse wandered ahead. "We've got him right where we want him."

Being in front of him, Pinky was entirely unprepared to be tackled from behind. "He's got me, chief!" he cried out, until he was flipped over onto his back and staring up into the dark pink eyes of his friend. "Nibbles?"

"Why don't we take a break from this game?" Nibbles suggested, tapping the mask as he settled on Pinky's waist. "And get to know each other a little better... what do you say?"

"Poit. What do you mean? We already know each other." Blue eyes blinked up at him in confusion.

The gray mouse shook his head. "I don't even know your real name yet." He leaned down to whisper in his ear, despite Super Mouse's supersonic hearing. "Don't you trust me yet, friend?"

His ear twitched and he shivered a little at the chill he inspired. "Of course I do! Narf! But my secret identity-"

"I won't tell anyone," Nibbles promised, crossing his index finger over his heart. "It can be our little secret."

Super Mouse bit down on his lower lip as he considered. He did like secrets after all, and they were friends too... he supposed it couldn't do any harm. "I'm Pinky." He smiled up at him. "Nice to meet you, Nibbles!"

The larger mouse smirked. "Nice to meet you, Pinky. Very nice." And suddenly he crushed his lips against those of the pinned mouse and was grinding their hips together.

Pinky released a startled squeak and pushed away. "No, Nibbles! What are you doing?"

"Getting to know you a little bit better, of course. What does it look like?" He grabbed onto Pinky's wrists to keep him from shoving at his chest and held them down on the floor of the maze.

Eyes wide behind the mask, Pinky shook his head frantically as Nibbles licked at his neck. "No, no, no, no! You can't! We're only friends, Nibbles! I'm married! Zort! Married and in a mahogany relationship!" And you didn't kiss or do these sorts of things when you weren't married. Instead of making all the butterflies in his tummy like when Brain licked him there, it only made him feel sick and bad inside. "Get off please!"

"Married?" Nibbles looked at him with exasperation. "You mean you have a mate?"

"I have a husband," Pinky stated, nodding firmly. "And we're happily married! So stop it and let me up."

The large mouse rolled his eyes. "You can't be married, Pinky. You're a mouse. Mice mate and mice can have multiple mates." He held onto both of Pinky's wrists with one hand, using the other to trail down his body, caressing his thigh and then the base of his tail and then...

"Don't touch me there! That's not for you to touch!" Pinky wiggled, trying to get out from under Nibbles. "And we are married! We had a honeymoon and everything!"

"Come on, Pinky. Live a little. You can't possibly be satisfied from being with only one mouse." He started sucking on Pinky's neck, making him whine and kick because he didn't want this.

"Stop it!" He tried summoning Super Mouse's super strength. Super Mouse could do anything, get out of any sticky situation. That's all this was, right? A sticky situation. But he'd get away! And without getting any of the sticky on him. Only Brain could do that.

"Let's have some fun, Pinky," Nibbles purred, spreading Pinky's legs with his own, teasing him.

Pinky yelped and kneed him in the gut. Hard. Winded, Nibbles' grip went slack just long enough for Pinky to squirm away and get to his feet shakily. "I was having fun with you, then you ruined it! We were supposed to be fighting crime together, Nibbles!" he shouted, his insides all jumbled and upset. His friend wasn't really a friend at all... not if he'd do such mean things like not listen when he told him no or respect that he was married.

"You seriously think it's real? It was a game, you moron. You're not a real superhero." Pinky's eyes went wide and he could only stare at the gray mouse in shock before turning to run, but Nibbles grabbed onto his cape and tugged him back. Almost losing his balance, Pinky twisted and turned, hearing little ripping sounds from the fabric of his purple handkerchief cape. "Get back here! No one says no to me!" Nibbles snarled.

"Brain! Brain, help!" Pinky cried out before he could stop himself, wanting his chubby hubby to come find him and save him from the maze and this mean ol' mouse. Finally, the cape was torn completely in half and Nibbles stumbled backwards as Pinky lurched forwards. "Brain!"

He ran down so many hallways, trying to find the exit. But they all looked the same! And Super Mouse was too upset to fly out of the maze, so Pinky had to rely on his not very smart self. Even if it meant going around and around in circles. Able to hear Nibbles' footsteps somewhere behind him, he built up enough adrenaline to leap up and grab onto the top of one of the maze's walls. He pulled himself up and, with the balance ballet had taught him, he walked along it to the edge and hopped off onto the counter. Then he ran.

He ran and ran until he tripped over himself and went tumbling into his husband. He sent them sprawling, Pinky rolling a bit further until he knocked into a bunsen burner, toppling it over.

"Pinky! What on earth is the meaning of this?" the megalomaniac demanded, trying to break free from his ridiculous husband. But he was being clung to tightly now that they'd stopped rolling around like hooligans. He'd been in the midst of his plans; what could be so important that Pinky break their routine?

Panting heavily, he sat up and looked around frantically, keeping a tight hold on his husband for security. Even though he was still dressed as Super Mouse, his cape was ripped and his mask was askew and he didn't feel very super at all. Right now he felt very much like plain ol' Pinky, and all he wanted was to be with Brain.

Not seeing the gray mouse anywhere, Pinky relaxed just enough to burst into tears, hugging his husband fiercely. "Brain! Oh, Brain it was awful!" he sobbed.

The scowl vanished on a blink, ears falling back as tears hit them. Oh, dear, he didn't deal well at all with tears. "Pinky... Pinky, stop that. Don't cry." He reached up, removing the mask and wondering if one of the imaginary bad guys had ended up being too much for his husband's overactive imagination.

"B-but Brain-! He said- he said I wa-wasn't r-really married and-and wouldn't listen! He wouldn't listen, Brain!" With the mask out of the way, his tears only fell faster. Even when he used one hand to scrub at them, he couldn't seem to keep up. "I th-thought he was my friend!" But he couldn't be; not when he got on top of him like that and tried to do not-love-love things with him. Nibbles was a bad mouse.

"Who, Pinky? What happened?" He pressed their noses together, rubbing gently despite the tears, and carefully untied the cape from around his lover's neck. He paused when he noted the tear, stunned by the discovery. Pinky adored his silly Super Mouse game, taking special care of the persona and everything associated with it. Scowl returning, because someone had been foolish enough to hurt his husband, Brain lifted his hands to his cheeks and caressed gently.

When the rest of his costume had been removed, it felt like a big heavy thing on his heart had been moved too. Hiccupping, Pinky nuzzled his hands and blinked his glossy, blue eyes at Brain. "N-nibbles, Brain," he tried to explain, winding both arms around the smaller mouse's waist. "We were fr-friends and saving the day, but it was all a lie! He just wanted to... umm... well, do like love things but not! It was very rude!" He was reminded of the bad taste in his mouth from where Nibbles had tried to kiss him and made a face. The rest of him felt all gross too, so he pressed closer to his husband. "I told him I didn't want to, Brain. I really did, but he did it anyway. Poit."

Brain rubbed their noses together, processing this quickly. He'd come to the conclusion that Nibbles was an inanimate object, though as he realized that he wasn't, Brain decided that he should've known when Pinky had given him an actual name rather than Mr. Paperclip or Button. He started to sigh and wrap his husband in a hug, but the "did it anyway" registered and his fur bristled. Pinky didn't quite smell as though he'd been engaged in anything, but Brain's nose certainly wasn't the strongest. "Just what did he do, Pinky? How far did he get?"

"He got on top of me," Pinky sniffled, pulling back a little to rub his wet eyes. "And he kissed me and licked and touched..." He squirmed a bit, glancing over his shoulder at his tail, tucking it in tighter. "Then I kicked him real good, Brain. Well... it's bad to kick, but not if it's a bad guy. Troz. And he was being like a bad guy. 'Cause he trapped the intrepid hero. He had my wrists so I couldn't get away and then ripped my cape and chased me through the maze! So he deserved to be kicked."

A wave of possession had him pulling his husband close again, his ears going flat as he pressed his face into Pinky's neck and smelled a stranger. Instinct and irritation synced with one another, The Brain immediately beginning to lick and groom the scent away. No one's scent belonged on his husband except his own. "It's just fine to kick a bad guy." A hand slid down, stroking Pinky's tail protectively. No one's hands belonged on his husband except his own either. No one's tongue and no one's kisses. "It's alright. He won't touch you again, my dear."

The tension eased out of his tail, the appendage giving a few jerky swishes into Brain's hand. Pinky sighed softly, nuzzling the megalomaniac as these licks to his neck made him feel safe and clean again. "Naaaaaarf. I know. I'm not gonna play with him anymore. He doesn't respect husbands." He pressed a kiss to the base of Brain's ear. "I'm your husband. Only you can do love things with me." And kissing counted too. Kissing was for marrieds only too when it came to him and Brain.

"Yes, Pinky. That's correct." Satisfied that the foreign scent had dissipated, the megalomaniac gave his lover's neck a warm kiss before pressing another to his lips. The tears seemed to be disappearing as well, thankfully. They were an unfortunate weakness when it came to his sweet husband. He continued petting his tail, the oddness of the usually seamless wags a bit disconcerting. That alone said volumes about Pinky's upset. "You did just the right thing, my dear."

Pinky sank into the loving kiss, his desperate clinging turning into gentle strokes up and down Brain's back. "I tried to be Super Mouse, Brain. But my powers weren't working or I would've got him away sooner." There was no one else around, so it was okay to talk about his secret identity. His tail wound around his husband's wrist and he rubbed their noses together with a soft sound, not quite a purr and not quite a whimper but somewhere in between.

"Well, sometimes powers can be disrupted by surprise," Brain soothed, mind more on comforting than explaining that Pinky didn't actually have super powers. "But fear not, my dear. Everything's just fine now. You got away and you won't be bothered by him again." Particularly not if Brain tampered with the scientists' computers and had his cage moved to the other side of the lab. He pressed soft kisses to his lover's face, coming back to his lips now and again. "It's alright," he purred.

"I'm not scared anymore, Brain," Pinky assured him, smiling under all the attention his lips were giving him. Warmth had replaced the cold, bad feelings from before. His smarty chubby hubby knew exactly how to make him feel better. "You're here. Poit." As the kisses kept coming, he tried to catch as many as he could; a quiet giggle escaping whenever he missed.

"Of course I am." The giggles made Brain feel better, the hand not trapped by his tail lifting to a still-damp cheek. "I'm your husband, Pinky." And I love you, though he left that part verbally unsaid. It was far easier to sink into a kiss, to show the words rather than say them.

The taller mouse felt them, the sentiment making him shiver and his tail release Brain's wrist to wag a little more fluidly. "I love you too," he told him, breathing the words against his lips before capturing them in another kiss, this one more needy and hungry. He wanted to get rid of that other mouse's taste and fill his senses with everything Brain.

Brain returned the kiss, feeling the wave of possession welling in him again. Someone had touched what was his and that needed to be rectified. His lover, his husband, his partner in every way - Pinky was his. The rumbling in his throat wasn't quite a growl, the megalomaniac wary of frightening his husband further, but the possessiveness was clear in it. He lapped at his lover's lips, tongue slipping between them to greedily explore.

Carting his fingers through Brain's fur, Pinky kept his arms around him and rubbed their chests together, squeaking in response to the possessive sound. It made the butterflies come back to his belly as well and filled him with the desire to be as close as possible to his husband. He suckled a little on his tongue, then kept his lips parted to allow it all the access it wanted.

The squeak had his ears perking, tail giving a twitch. It was an intoxicating noise, igniting a fire in his belly that he had become well-acquainted with since his marriage to his cagemate. He kissed and lapped, exploring his lover's mouth thoroughly until he needed to breathe. "Come, Pinky," he purred. "To bed. You and Super Mouse deserve a reward for all of your bravery." He cupped his cheeks, reveling in the warmth of them as he drew Pinky into another kiss.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Martin Scorsese! No! It's Super Mouse!

Cowritten with the fabulous StarShineDC~ She is my Brain and I love her. Yay!

I had so much fun with the opening... you don't even know xD It was an absolute delight being as ridiculous as possible lol.