Massie Block: She moved out of state the year after 7th grade. Not even keeping contact with her two best friends Derrick Harrington and Alicia Rivera. Junior year she moves back and everything is out of whack. Friendships were discarded, once she left. But Massie is determined to take things into her own hands. Leaving California with a secret massive crush on her best friend Derrick.. Will she grow some balls and tell him how she feels? Can she manage to survive the 4 bitches at North California Academy unscathed?

Alicia Rivera: When Massie left, Derrick and her became closer as friends. Friends.. nothing more. She went from tons of friends to only a few, that she actually cares for.

Except when Massie returns, Alicia and Massie are bound to make a mess of things at N.C Academy. When Joshua Hotz starts dating the girl Alicia hates, will she let it go or create a diabolical plan to screw up their whole relationship to get back at him? or find a new guy..

Kristen Gregory: Kristen's all about Soccer and Education. She's deciding to avoid all of the drama, but when Massie asks for a small favor can Kristen resist all the fun and games?

Claire Lyons: She went from sweet to evil is 2.0 seconds. Being friends with the most hated, yet most loved girls can do that to you. She's still dating Cam Fisher, but will that last long with the way shes been acting?

Dylan Marvil: Dylan keeps to herself, while on the side she is the co-captain of the cheerleading squad. Dating Kemp Hurley can be enough drama for ten people though..

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