"Grrrrrr!" I grumbled as my little one pulled me along by my finger,

"Come on Daddy! Time to play!" it was nearly always 'Time to play' when will she want to sleep, I wish she would. I'll just be strolling around and she'll pop out of the nearest vent saying,

"Play Time!" It was getting a bit annoying. I loved her though, I didn't really mind that all she wanted to do was play. Now I think about it she hardly does any gathering, ah I must make her see the angels more.

"This way, Mr Bubbles!" we turn around the corner and I spot a splicer lying on the floor. I grumbled pointing towards the splicer, my little one squealed,

"Ooh! An Angel!" She walked over and plunged her syringe into the 'sleeping Angel' I watched her gather the Adam and I felt my eyes start to leak. I was thinking about the time when we stole a teddy bear from one of the old shops. When we accidently broke a gas pipe. I remembered the fun times, the good times. I was so distracted by my thoughts, I didn't see the splicers creep up on her. She screamed and I left my thoughts, I ran after the splicers. I readied my drill and slowed down as they turned a corner.

I didn't stop running, I could never forgive myself if they...if they...i couldn't think that, it would only make it happen. I lost the splicers as they darted in a small doorway, too small for me too fit. I didn't stop running though. I smashed through the wood panels just in time to see them stop and lift up my little one. She screamed for help. She writhed in the splicers grip. I ran at them. I was too late, a hand closed around my little one's head and a flash of light came from where they were standing.

As the light died down, the splicer laughed. I saw in it's hands a small, sea slug.

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