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I rushed down the stairs to the lab trying to make up for being late. I put my backpack down and saw he was standing over a table with a beaker in hand. He didn't even turn around.

"You are late. Again." He said 'again' in a groan.

"Sorry, I-"He broke me off

"No more excuses." He pointed the empty beaker at me and I saw a drop spill. It hit the floor with a small sizzle then a wisp of steam come off the floor. I reflexively took a step back. He looked down and pursed his lips together. "You will go home I expect to see you on time tomorrow. No shoo." He waved his hands and more of the liquid flew out landing like acid rain. I was shocked then he started to involuntarily throw acid at me and I decided it would be better to just leave. I better enjoy this. I was never going to get another day like this ever. Unless the world was going to end. Then again, he would still live. I was walking down the crisp sidewalk as the zephyr came around the corner sending a wisp of dust in my face. I looked up and saw it wasn't a zephyr, but a hurricane. Well not really, but that's what it was like when she rolled up.

"Shouldn't you be working with that lunatic you call a vampire?" Monica's words did nothing to hinder my hurricane theory.

"Now what have I done to have you grace me with your presence this fine day?" I said my tongue lolling with sarcasm. She flicked her nails.

"I need tutoring Economics is back with a vengeance." She moved her perfect hair.

"Just like your crabs." She looked over at me.


"I said it's going to be double with my day off and all."

"I am not paying a hundred dollars for tutoring. I'll find someone else."

"Doubt it!" I called as she sped off. I continued walking and had no more interruptions. Thank god. I was tired and wanted to go to bed. Well until I went to class at UT. I thought of the classes I had today. Let's make it a traditional hooky day. I can make up the test I didn't need to study on on Friday. I stopped by Common Grounds anyways. "Hey Eve." I called from the door. I walked up to our usual table. The place was packed. As it normally was. I set my stuff down and Oliver brought over my mocha. The way he placed it was filled with a little more force than usual. "I would expect a lot of customers to make you happy." I said happy with a little more enthusiasm than the rest of my sentence. He grumbled something and walked off. Okay it was more of a stalk.

"Sorry CB it's a little packed I'll be with you as soon as I can!" She called over the commotion I waved a hand and pulled out my phone to text Shane.

Guess who just got a reprieve from class today?

I set my phone down to take a drink and it buzzed on the table.

Eve? Finally she had been in need of a break forever.

I chuckled and replied.

Yes she will stop by and she has a bunch of ass whoopin saved up.

I waited for his reply. I looked around and saw the crowd was mostly quieted down. I felt the buzz and looked at my phone.

Please tell me you are joking.

I sighed and took a sip of my coffee as Eve threw down her apron on the table. "Any more of this and I'm quitting." She yelled over me.

"Meager human." He called right on back.

"Go ahead say that to my face Fang Boy. You'll be missing your extra teeth." She sat down and sighed. "I need a vacation."

"But it's Morganville how much more relaxing can you get? Got a headache? We have professionals to help you with that, oh and all that annoying blood in the rest of your body." I smirked and she smiled.

"Good thing I can count on you to make a sucky joke." We both laughed and I quickly replied.

Nope Ollie and Eve are in quite the argument…..guess who's next.

I set it down and Eve tried to look over the table. I swiped it away. "No you have a job to be at I don't want you meddling around." She crossed her arms.

"So do you what gives?" She looked around and gave a glare behind me. "I got ten minutes calm your tits." She yelled. I tried not to laugh.

"No I was late again so he showed me out. I was expecting him to keep me until next week. I don't know. But I can't show up late anymore."

"Oh and why is that?" She stood up to grab her apron.

"I think he's up to something and I want to know what it is. He was messing with some very powerful acid," She gave a look. "Let's just say I don't even think the coffee we drank at the Founder's could burn that big of a hole in the cement." She shuddered the coffee was way, way, way worse than anything in the world. Eve managed to make it somewhat drinkable, but it wasn't this coffee. To prove my point I took a sip and waved bye to her. It was getting packed again. I put my phone away and headed to the Glass house. I was left wondering exactly what Myrnin was up to as I walked over the boundary to the Glass house.


I thought for a moment whilst she was staring at the dime sized smidge on the ground. My plan could finally come into play. And with her around she would be in the way, and asking questions. I knew I could get more done if she wasn't around. Besides what the point of a surprise if she knows what it is? I worked nonstop to get this done. I was somewhat glad she was late. It gave me time to thoroughly think through the experiment. Constant: Claire. Variable: Shane, arrival, and of course myself. I tinkered with the pen like object a little bit more. I turned the small screw one more notch and a green light shot out of the bulb. Oops. Too tight. I turned it back slightly and the green glow faded away. I put the screw driver down and inspected the creation more closely. I had to try it out. The light wouldn't hurt me so….I took a deep breath and thought of Claire. The way she smelled of roses and had blossomed into the girl I see every day. I raised the detector to my head and clicked the button. It whirred and I felt the light on my forehead. I shut it off and read off of the tiny monitor. I made it that way so only I could see it. I read off the screen and agreed. It indeed worked. All the chemical signals were right. Dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, they all were there. Well the norepinephrine was low because I don't sweat and my heart doesn't beat, but other than that it worked fine. I would have to wait out to see the side effects and see if it caused a change in anything. If not I was glad to know that my experiment would proceed. I set it down and the bulb without pressure was encompassed by the casing that lay around it. Better safe than sorry, as Claire has bludgeoned into my head. Honestly I didn't see the point, but I was no longer the only one who worked here. I sighed and decided to wait out and see what the next twenty four hours brought.

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