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I stepped over the grounds of the Glass house and I was met by strong arms around me. I smirked and was glad to be away from Monica. An hour of her judging me was an hour too much. Shane pulled away giving me a quick kiss and lead me to the living room. There lie a bowl of chili and a plate of hotdogs.

"Shane I'm not that – "

"Good cause that's all for me." He said with a smirk. I hit his chest and walked into the kitchen to grab a small bowl for myself. I came back and he already had the controller in hand with a stoic look on his face. I sat down next to him with a humph. He moved slightly to wrap his arm around me only to continue playing. My hero I thought bitterly then took it back. Wow that was really dark. I set my empty bowl down and put my head on his shoulder. I was about to close my eyes when something rolled into the room with a loud crack. I bolted up and Shane had something in his hand. It was a rock. I smirked and was somewhat mad. Texting hello. It is the 21st century is it not. I got up stretching and grabbed the rock. I tore off the string sitting back down and reading the note.

You must be on time today. No excuses. I'll eat you. I smirked and crumbled up the old parchment and walked to the door tossing out the rock. Shane looked miffed.

"What?" I asked sitting back down.

"I don't like how he thinks he can choose whether or not he wants to eat you." I stifled a laugh. Shane didn't appreciate it.

"I'm sorry it's humorous that you are offended that he wants me to be on time."

"No not that he wants you on time, but he thinks he can go around eating people as he pleases." He waved his hands in a grand gesture. My smirk slowly faded.

"Well technically he can. He is a bit if a maniac. Why are you making a big deal over a few letters?" I gave him questioning look. He looked at the game with odd determination. "Hello Shane. You better not be ignoring me." He kept playing. I stood up in anger and shouted, "Fine don't talk to me I'm trying to help!" I ran up the stairs, quickly changed, and headed back down timing it just right a walking right through the wall into Myrnin's lab. A green light met my forehead and I froze. The hell? As fast it came it was gone and a pair of very cold lips met mine. After the initial shock and confusing I thought I could enjoy it until I remembered a) I had a boyfriend, in the dog house right now, but still my boyfriend and b) it was Myrnin for Christ's sake. After a few seconds he pulled away and the light was back. I was sorely confused, "Uh Myrnin. What the hell are you doing?" He looked at a tiny screen on the smirked.

"Nothing." He flashed somewhere leaving me in a daze. My fingers gently rose to feather light my lips. Tracing the now cold lines around my mouth. He returned without whatever object he had and smiled at me. Like I had gone mad and he was welcoming me into his asylum for the delusional.

"Don't look at me that way. What was that for?" I repeat putting my hand down quickly.

"You were late." He said bluntly rocking on the balls of his feet with his hands clasped behind him. I gave him a look as if I had gone mad.

"You need to learn to text." I said stepping further into the lab and past him.

"Why last time I had a phone, if I recall correctly, it broke." He stated following me.

"Because you didn't have a Nokia. Those things don't break for anything." I could tell he was looking at me curiously. I had a thought. I turned around to face him and he was closer than I had anticipated. I was pointing my finger and it touched his chest when I turned around. "What – wha – what was that light? Earlier…." My voice trailed off at his closeness. You have a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend. You have a – a um. He looked down at me curiously.

"What light?" He whispered. What do I have? My mouth went dry and ran my tongue over my lips and tried to get saliva producing again.

"The green…." Boyfriend? Was that what I had? I forget. I shook my head furiously and put my hand down. I managed to gain my composure enough to focus on my thought process other than the, might I add shamefully, very attractive vampire staring at me with a quirked grin. "What was that light? I want answers Myrnin." He made a strangled laugh and looked over me to the table walking around me leaving me wondering what the hell I just did? And what happened?

"You are seeing things little Claire. I think you need sleep, but not now you just got here. Time for work." He clapped his hands excitedly. I don't think I was ever more scared of him in that moment then I had when he was in the disease.


*after Claire walks through the portal*

After she walked in I scanned her and high levels of noradrenalin and and corticotrophin-releasing hormone. Low levels of serotonin were in the cerebral fluid and low levels of dopamine as well. I quickly recorded it down and returned to, hopefully, change her mood. I had to remember that this was an experiment not enjoyment, ok a little bit of enjoyment, and hurried to scan her again. The levels of serotonin and dopamine changed dramatically. Norepinephrine was through the roof I could tell by the sound of her heart and how the smell of roses was battling the smell of body odor. Oh this was going to be a fun experiment. Fun indeed. I could sense her shock when I was closer than she had originally proposed. I decided to toy with her not understanding her questions. I found it quite humorous that she was at a loss for words when it came to my familiarity with being in her space. I decided to change the subject, so I ventured over to the table and I could hear her heart rate decline. A wave of emotion washed over me and I almost had to hold onto the table. To hear her heart decline made my hypothesis all the more accurate. I let out a manic laugh and she turned around. I righted myself and she walked up beside me.

"Are you okay?" She asked putting a hand on my forearm and I looked at her hand on my arm. I smirked at her and nodded.

"Peachy." She let go slowly and I looked over the table and the arrangement of utensils I had laid out.

"I worry about you sometimes." She said as I had begun to explain the experiment I had planned today.

"Oh don't dear Claire your worry would go to waste." I sigh and without further interruptions we threw ourselves into the trial.


It was hours later and my feet ached. I stretched and there were a few pops in my back. I groaned and looked around. "Myrnin you need a clock." I called out mid stretch, so it was strained. He appeared again.


"Because it would be easy to look up from the bench and go oh look it's time to go, or hey it's been hours since Myrnin ate maybe I should feed him before he feeds on me. Just a thought." I saw as I finish cleaning up.

"Where's the fun in that?" He was carrying around something heavy. I sighed and looked at my phone. Wow it really was late. Almost ten. Oh this was doing nothing to prove to Shane I was having an affair, but I wasn't so he shouldn't be so upset and just trust me. I put my phone away and went over to grab my stuff.

"Uh Mir can I have a lift?" He put whatever it was he had down and looked at me with a questioning look. "Home. The domicile in which I slumber." I made a sleeping motion with my hands. He sniffed obviously offended by my explanation. He flicked his wrist and a portal opened. I was about to step through when he called after me.

"On time or I get to repeat my experiment." He gave a manic laugh and I wasn't sure if I was happy about a repeat of earlier that day or uncomfortable. I appeared to see Eve and Michael on the couch asleep. Well Eve was asleep. Michael looked like he was pretending. Michael awoke from his 'slumber' and gave me a look.

"It's late." I set my stuff down and sat in the chair.

"Yerp." I looked at the TV as it was showing the ending credits of a movie I didn't recognize. Eve stretched and mumbled something and I turned to see Michael's check flush slightly.

"I should put her to bed." He said standing up carefully and lifting up Eve.

"Uh hu." I waited until the movie rolled to the title sequence when I shut it off and headed to bed. I flopped onto my bed and my face hit the pillow. I was almost asleep when my door opened. I looked up to see Shane standing there.

"You're home?" He asked curiously.

"No I am a figment of your imagination. Or you're dreaming choose a scenario." He walked in and lied on my bed. He wrapped his arms around me and I was wondering what I had done to deserve this. Last time we had talked he was ignoring me.

"I think I choose a dream." He mumbled into the pillow and pulled my closer. I took a deep breath and Shane kissed my forehead. I couldn't help but think about earlier today. Walking in only to find myself subject to a god knows what kind of experiment and a new competitor for best kisser. I didn't want to think about it that way, but it was pretty good for as short as it was. Wonder what it would be like…..No shut up committed relationship remember. With Shane. Myrnin is your boss. Was he? I thought to when he was in the chair and how alone he sounded and I wanted to go back. I couldn't do that. I wonder if he actually believed himself when he said it was a dream. He hadn't asked anything about it, so he must have. I inhaled sharply and waited until Shane was asleep before I too felt the cool wash of slumber encompass me.

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