We are the Legendary Heroes!

Chapter 01:

The Old Clock Shop Man, call of the Digimon Superstars!

Location: Digital World

Universe: Data Squad (Savers)

Rhythm stood looking up at the towering digimon before her. He was much taller than her at about 8ft tall. His tattered cape slowly moved in the breeze.

"I understand your worry Rhythm, but do not worry, Chronomon will not destroy the Digital World." The digimon tried to reassure the girl. Her human like appearance still threw him off to this day. She looked like a normal human girl, but she was a being from the digital world. He had seen nothing like this so when he first met her he had mistaken her as a human.

"Alphamon we are being pushed back more and more, we don't have much Digital World left. We need aid." Rhythm pleaded with Alphamon. She knew Alphamon was reluctant to drag humans into the Digital World's problems. Ever since Yggdrasil decided to destroy the human world the digimon were trying to avoid many confrontations with the humans.

"I can not involve the humans. I would just be putting them in harms way. We know relations between our worlds are bad enough. I fear even DATS does not have the ability to destroy a Super Ultimate level digimon like Chronomon. Burst modes are powerful, but are not enough to faze him." Alphamon said with a sigh. It was hard for him admitting that they would most likely die. He was scared, but he would not admit it. He and the other Royal Knight were basically in charge of the Digital World with Yggdrasil gone and every ones lives were in their hands.

Rhythm looked around at the digimon around her. Some of them showed signs that they had been fighting hard against Chronomon's minions but some were no more than In-Training digimon and could not even hope to fight and just ran. The sight of the injured and terrified saddened her. Her hand moved towards her heart as she thought about Agumon. She wondered if he was safe.

"I believe I can help you." A gruff voice of a old man came from the shadows behind her. Rhythm and Alphamon faced the new figure. He was a old man with a hat and red tinted glasses. He was hunched over on a cane and behind him stood a walking clock.

"Who are you?" Alphamon asked. Alphamon's eyes burned into the old man.

"I have no name. But you may call me the Old Clock Shop Man." The Old Clock Shop Man said.

"What is this help you have to offer Old Man?" Rhythm asked. Her eyes were pleading that what he had to say could help them.

"The Legendary Heroes. Children and digimon partners who have saved their own universes." The Old Man replied.

"Their own universes?" Alphamon asked. "What do you mean?"

"The Legendary Heroes are seven different heroes who saved their own universes from very powerful digimon." The Old Man said.

"Children I don't think are quite strong enough even if you call them legendary heroes." Alphamon said with disbelief.

"They have defeated Apoclymon, MaloMyotismon, The D-Reaper, Lucemon, Yggdrasil, Bagramon, and Quartzmon. Just to name their final enemies." The Old man listed. All the digimon who were listening to the conversation looked in awe of the Heroes accomplishments. Except for Alphamon.

"That is quite a list but I am still not convinced." Alphamon stated. He knew there was hope in these heroes but he was not sure if this was a trap.

"You mentioned one of the heroes defeated Yggdrasil, that would not happen to be Marcus Damon?" Rhythm asked.

"It would." The Old Man answered. A ripple of whispers filled the room. Every digimon knew who Marcus Damon was. He had destroyed Yggdrasil with his bare fists.

"Shall you accept their help?" The Old Man asked Alphamon looked around the room at the glowing faces of the younger digimon who saw the Old Man as a beacon of hope. That made him cave in and accept.

"I shall." Alphamon said with a sigh.

"Then I shall assemble them." The Old Man said as he turned to leave. His digimon turned with him and opened a portal the two moved through.

"Let us hope that they have not deceived us." Alphamon whispered.

Location: Odaiba, Japan

Universe: Adventure

"He's late." Harrumphed Tai. The digidestined had agreed to go on a picnic in the Digital World today.

"Tai this is usual for him." Matt said. Davis was always late no mater where they were going or meeting. There is a joke that he would be late even if they met in front of his house.

"The only thing he is not late to is soccer practice." Ken joked. Just then the door to the computer lab slammed open and Davis ran in.

"Sorry I was late." He apologized through deep breaths.

"Okay so now that every one is here we can open the portal." Izzy said as he spun around in his computer chair. "Yolei, if you would do the honors"

"All right! Digi-Port open!" Yolei yelled with much gusto. With a flash of light the digidestined were transported to the Digital World. When they arrived they walked a short way to a field and set down their picnic cloth.

" All right guys lets set this food out and eat!" Kari said happily. The digidestined and their digimon quickly set out the food and began to chow down.

"This pie is delicious!" cried a happy Veemon. After finishing their meal Tai turned to Davis.

"Hey Davis lets go on a walk." Tai said to Davis as he stood up and motioned to Agumon to follow him.

"Right" was Davis' reply. Veemon got up as well and started following Tai, Davis, and Agumon.

"I wonder where they are going?" Kari asked.

"I don't think we have to worry about them." Matt said nonchalantly. "They are very capable of handling themselves."

"You're right, I shouldn't worry about them." Kari said as she turned from the fleeting image of her brother. After walking out of sight of the others Tai turned towards the forest.

"We're ready Old Man." Tai said to the man walking out of the woods.

"Alright. Wait IN the store. I do not need you running off to save anyone this time." The Old Man said sarcastically. Tai scratched the back of his neck at the Old Man's comment.

"I'll try." Tai said guiltily. "you still have not told us what the Legendary Heroes are needed for."

"I will explain when I have gathered everyone." was the Old Man's response. Davis just shrugged.

"I guess he doesn't want to explain it to everyone." Davis suggested. As Tai, Davis, their partners, and the Old Clock Shop Man walked into the portal. They had no idea what exactly they were getting into.

Location: Shinjuku Park

Universe: Tamers

"Takatomon!" Cried Guilmon "Why are we here so early? We were supposed to meet for lunch!"

"I told you last night Guilmon, we were not going to be able to make that lunch date with Rika and Henry. We have to save the Digital World." Takato said turning to his partner.

"Why do we need to save it so early in the morning Takatomon? I can still see dew on the ground." Whined his partner.

"Just be glad I brought you bread Guilmon. And beside we will be able to see Tai, Davis, and the others soon." Takato smiled

"Really?" Guilmon asked.


"Yay!" Guilmon cried as he tackled Takato.

"Guilmon, get off me." Takato said as he struggled to lift Guilmon off him. Takato and Guilmon stood in Guilmon's hideout like usual except unlike most times when they are with Henry and Rika, but this time they are alone. They stood there in silence for about a minute.

"Hey Takatomon. Why are we going?" Guilmon asked.

"We are going to save a alternate dimension Guilmon. Just like last time. Didn't I tell you all of this earlier?" Takato sighed.

"I was eating bread then Taktomon, I don't pay attention while eating." Guilmon innocently replied.

"I should have guessed." After waiting a bit longer Takato was getting impatient. "When is the Old Man gonna' get here?" he asked.

"I guess his bus got stuck in traffic" Guilmon offered.

"He's a time traveler, he doesn't take the bus Guilmon. I half expect to see him walking out of a blue police box." Takato joked.

"Maybe, but that is just to obvious. Especially in this day and age." came the voice of the Old Man from outside the hideout.

"I was just joking" Takato said frantically.

"Are you ready?" was all that came from the Old Man.

"Yes." Takato replied. Guilmon and Takato then followed the old man through the portal.

On the other side of town at Hypnos, sensors were going off.

"Digital anomaly detected. Sending tracer." came the voice of Riley.

"Bringing up visual." came the voice of Tally. All of Hypnos was surprised at the visual.

"Is that a blue police box?" Yamaki asked.

"It seems so..." Riley answered.

Location: Shibuya, Japan

Universe: Frontier

"Hey Takuya, wait up!" Called Zoe. She had noticed Takuya getting up awfully early and leaving to do something. She had only noticed him when she heard him yell in frustration at the arcade game he was playing. "Why is he up so early. This is unusual for him." but her calling had only sent him running. He was avoiding her, but she did not know why he was avoiding her. Takuya turned down a alleyway and when Zoe looked around for him. He had already disappeared.

"Whew I lost her." Takuya said as he walked back to his meeting spot with the Old Man. "It will be good to see Takato again. I can really connect with him because of the similarity between Spirit Evolution and Bio-Merging." Takuya commented to himself. Not long later the Old Man appeared.

"Good to see you Old Man. Time to save the world, eh?" Takuya cheerfully stated.

"Did you go and become Canadian Takuya?" the Old Man joked.

"Nope, just in a good mood. It feels good to save the Digital World."

"Lets get going" the Old Man said. As he and Takuya entered the portal, on the other side of town, Zoe and the rest of the Legendary Warriors gathered to discuss Taukuya's odd behavior. Little did the rest of them know, Tommy and Koji knew exactly what was going on.

"Why would Takuya avoid me like that? Did I do something to make him angry at me?" Zoe said clearly stressed out.

"I wouldn't worry about it Zoe, we all know firsthand Takuya can be a weirdo sometimes." Koji said trying to comfort the distraught girl. Everyone but Takuya knew Zoe liked him, and when he was not around the others would cutely poke fun at Zoe for it.

"Takuya never keeps secrets from us. What is he hiding? Is he in a relationship? Does that mean he hates me?" a freaked out Zoe stated.

"I think Zoe is going a little crazy" JP whispered to Koichi.

"I think that ship has sailed." Koichi chuckled. Everyone except for Zoe laughed at that.

"This is Takuya Zoe, he will be fine." Koji said. "Or so I hope hope" he muttered under his breath. Only Tommy heard all of it and Zoe heard only the word 'hope'. Later Zoe approached him about his remark.

"What were you saying after 'he will be fine'?" Zoe asked.

"It's Takuya I was saying I hope he does not do something so incredibly stupid he hurts himself. Even if we joke and tease Takuya, we all still care about him."Koji reassured her. Luckily that was enough to put Zoe at ease. Afterwords Koji and Tommy sat together and talked about Takuya's departure.

"So Takuya is off to another universe again." Tommy sighed. "I wish I could go with him."

"I'm sure we will get pulled into this fight when Takuya need to Ancient Spirit Evolve." Koji said.

Location: Koto, Japan

Universe: Xros Wars

"Tagiru catch!" Taiki yelled as he passed him the basketball. Tagiru caught the ball and began running down court with it.

"Yuu!" Tagiru cried as he bounce passed it to his friend. Yuu then shot the ball. A perfect shot that increased Xros Hearts score to 20. A whistle blew signifying the start of half time. Tagiru looked up at the score board and smiled. The score was 20 – 12. They were winning by quite a margin now. Taiki looked up into the stands and smiled. He and Tagiru and stayed friends with the Hunters after the defeat of Quartzmon. In the stands you could see Akari, Zenjirou, Ryouma, Ren, Airu who was cheering for Yuu (to the dismay of Yuu's posse/stalkers), Hideaki, Kiichi, and Mizuki had all showed up to the game. I will defiantly miss this, but it is Tagiru and I's duty to help others. Taiki thought. It had been a few months since the end of the hunt but some digimon were still trpped in the digital world. Tagiru, Taiki, Yuu, Airu, and Ren have been trying hard to keep the digimon from attacking innocents and being discovered, but it was hard work. Leaving them now could cause some hard feelings. Taiki walked over to Tagiru and explained the situation.

"We need to tell the others the we will be leaving. Since they all met the heroes, It should be fine." Taiki whispered in Tagiru's ear.

"Yeah. If we just bail they could get very Xros at us" Tagiru chuckled. Taiki stifled a laugh. After the game Taiki and Tagiru approached the rest of the hunters to explain their situation.

"Today we will be leaving. Just for a few days not to long I hope." Taiki began.

"Why are you leaving?" Yuu asked.

"We have been called by the Old Clock Shop Man to travel to a difrent universe and with the rest of the Legendary Heroes save that universe." Tagiru explained.

"I keep forgetting you two are part of the Legendary Heroes." Airu groaned.

"Do you know exactly what you will be fighting?" Ren asked.

"No the Old Man said he would explain when he had gathered everyone." Taiki said.

"Well good luck. I think if things stay as quite as they are now we should be fine." Yuu said cheerfully. "Don't worry Taiki, we are not incompetent."

"That is good to hear" came the voice of the Old Man. "Now that you have finished explaining, we should be going. We would not want to make the others wait too long. Are you ready?" Taiki and Tagiru nodded. "Then we will be going." as they began to walk away the Hunters began discussing what should happen if digimon were to appear in the real world.