We Are The Legendary Heroes!

Chapter 19:

The Warriors Vs. Crusadermon! Run Like The Wind Takato!

Location: Near The Park

Universe: Fronteir

Crusadermon threw Beowulfmon thrrough a building, laughing the while doing so. BeoWulfmon slowly picked himself up off the ground and charged at Crusadermon again.

"This is foolish." Crusadermon said. Zephermon flew past Crusadermon's head and planted her foot on top of her head. Crusadermon just simply swatted Zephermon away like a common household fly.

"Guys stay back, You won't be able to do any damage." Beowulfmon said. "I need to become MagnaGarurumon" The others returned to their human forms and gave Koji their spirits.

"Execute! Unified Spirit Evolution!" Koji called out as he Digivolved to MagnaGarurumon.

"Are we really going to do this again? You know that you'll lose." Crusadermon said.

"I guess I'm just nostalgic." MagnaGarurumon said as he threw a punch at Crusadermon, who easily dodged out of the way. Crusadermon tried to kick MagnaGarurumon in the stomach, but he jumped out of the way. "Magna Missles!" MagnaGarurumon shot a large amount of missles at Crusadermon who wasn't able to dodge them.

"Nice shot, but that won't be enough to defeat me." Crusadermon said as she stood up. Crusadermon rushed at MagnaGarurumon and punched him square in the face, sending him flying. MagnaGarurumon picked himself up and aimed at Crusadermon. "I won't let you." Crusadermon said as she charged at MagnaGarurumon, but was stopped by something hitting her side. Crusadermon and MagnaGarurumon looked to see Arresterdramon.

"Sorry, but I won't let you win." Tagiru said as he steped out from the shadows of a nearby alley.

"Mach Flicker!" Arresterdramon yelled as he sent a volley of punches into Crusadermon's stomach. The force of the punches was enough to distract Crusadermon and let MagnaGarurumon prepare his attack.

"Starburst Hunter!" MagnaGarurumon yelled as he charged at Crusadermon, light enveloping his body. Crusadermon was blown backwards and was severly injured by the attack.

"Where did that kid and Digimon come from?" Zoe asked.

"I don't know, but maybe here's some connection between the two." Koichi guessed.

One of the other Legendary Heroes... what is he doing here? Tommy and Koichi asked themselves.

"Arresterdramon Super Digivolve." Tagiru said as he raised his Xross Loader.

"Arresterdramon Super Digivolve to... Arresterdramon Superior Mode!" Arresterdramon Superior Mode called out.

"he made the Digimon Digivolve on command." J.P. said astonished. "Is that some sort of D-Tector in his hand?" Arresterdramon Superior Mode and MagnaGarurumon both rushed Crusadermon.

"Don't think just because there's two of you you can win!" Crusadermon yelled. "Spiral Masquerade!" Four blades shot from Crusadermon's body and shot straight towards Arresterdramon Superior Mode and MagnaGarurumon.

"Don't underestimate us!" Arresterdramon Superior Mode yelled as he slashed through the bladeds with ease.

"What!?" Crusadermon yelled in suprise. A bright light errupted from Arresterdramon Superior Mode who ran right through Crusadermon, destroying Crusadermon.

"So, that was a thing." Tagiru said as he walked over to the Legendary Warriors. "You might want to come with me."

"Who are you?" Tommy asked.

"I'll explain when we get out of the street." Tagiru said. "Follow me."

"I guess we don't have a choice." J.P. said.

Location: Street

Universe: Data Squad

"Do you think they'll come after us agian? "Takato asked Guilmon.

"I don't know." Guilmon answered. Takato was once again Carring the box with Guilmon in it through a busy street.

"I hope we don't run into any of the DATS members. We don't want any trouble." Takato said.

"I'd rather not get locked in a cell Takatomon." Guilmon said.

"I know boy, I don't want that either. Thats why we're hiding." Takato said. Takato carried the box into a alley inbetween two buildings. "I can't keep carring you. It's too hard."

"But we can't let them find us Takatomon." Guilmon said as he pushed his head out of the box.

"That's why you stay in the box." Takato said. "How long, you think, until they find us?"

"I don't know."

Kristy sighed as she looked down the street the kid and his box had disappeared.

"Darn it." Kristy said. "We lost him." Kristy let her breathing return to normal before she walked back to her house. Kristy walked back up to her room and got ready for school.

"I guess we have to tell DATS about this." Biyomon said. "It seems a Digimon has escaped the digital world and is with that boy." Biyomon went back in the digivice as Kristy left for school. It wasn't long until she had met up with Keenan.

"What's up Kristy, Is something the matter?" Keenan asked.

"A kid gave me letter today and he had the smell of Digimon all over him." Kristy said. "It's going to be hard to seperate them but, he needs to know that Digimon are dangerous."

"It needs to go back to the digital world." Keenan said. "But let's not worry about that now, we have a test today."

"I'm probably going to fail." Kristy said as she hung her head.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine." Keenan reassured Kristy. "It's just math."

"Who would have ever pegged you for someone so smart. You lived in the Digital World until you were ten." Kristy said.

"Hey I still learned the basics." Keenan said. "I wasn't a barbarin."

"Yet you still didn't speak Japanese correctly." Kristy said. When they reached school they went through their daily routines until they were off from school. After they got off from school, they headed down to the DATS building to tell everyone.

"So you're saying that there is a child out there with a digimon with him?" Sampson said. "This is bad. We already have our hands full with the occasional attacks."

"I'll look for him." Keenan offered.

"No." Sampson said. "We need you incase a digimon attacks the city again. It would be best if Kristy went."

"But he knows what Kristy looks like and will be able to avoid her." Keenan protested.

"And you don't know what he looks like." Sampson retorted.

"We'll both go." Kristy said. "is that alright commander?" after a few seconds of silence Sampson responded.

"Alright." Commander Sampson said. "Just be on high alert." Kristy and Keenan nodded and then headed out.

Location: Ramen Shop

Universe: Fronteir

"Thanks for the food!" Tagiru said as he digged into his bowl of ramen. Koji, JP, Zoe, Tommy, and Koichi sat nexto to him and watched as he ravenously dug into the bowl of ramen noodles. Zoe was the first one to speak.

"Um, whats your name?" Zoe asked.

"The name's Tagiru." Tagiru introduced himself. "I'm a digimon hunter."

"A digimon hunter? Does that mean you hunt digimon for their fur or something?" Tommy asked.

"No I collect them with my partner Gumdramon. Don't worry I only collect digimon that went rampaging through the Digi-Quartz." Tagiru explained.

"Digi-Quartz? Whats that?" Koichi asked.

"It's a place inbetween the Digital World and the Human World." Tagiru explained. "It was created by Quartzmon so that he could engulf the world." With the mention of Quartzmon Koji and Tommy looked at eachother with a spark of recognition.

"So Tagiru, why are you here?" Koji asked. "Did something happen to Takuya?"

"No, he's fine, but this threat is bigger than we ever thought. I've come here to bring enlist your help." Tagiru said.

"Wait why are you talking like you know this guy?" J.P. asked.

"This isn't the first time this happened remember? The major diffrence is last time we went with him." Koji said.

"We?" Zoe asked.

"Me and Tommy." Koji explained. "We went and help save his world. So when will we be heading out?"

"As soon as possible." Tagiru said. "If it dosen't inconvienice you we can go right now." The Legendary Warriors nodded and Tagiru stood up and payed for his meal. "Follow me." The others followed Tagiru into a alley behind the Ramen Shop and pulled out a clock like device.

Location: Street

Universe: Data Squad

Kristy and Keenan were walking down the street looking for the Takato. Luckly for Takato and Guilmon, they hadn't found them yet. The two were current;y in a alley a few blocks away letting Takato rest his arms. Suddenly both parties heard a large explosion. Takato and Guilmon ran over to the source of the explosion and saw Reapermon causing mayham. Kristy and Keenan also ran into the street and saw him.

"Biyomon Realize!" Kristy said as she thrust her digivice out.

"Falcomon Realize!" Keenan said as he did the same. In a flurry of bright light Biyomon and Falcomon appeared infront of their respective partners.

"Kristy stay back." Keenan said "Let me handle this. DNA Overdrive!"

"Falcomon Double Warp Digivolve to... Ravemon!" Falcomon called out as he digivolved. Kristy was about to speak up until she saw Takato across the street with Guilmon. Kristy and Biyomon ran over to Takao and confronted him.

"Your that kid. So this is your digimon." Kristy said as she looked over at Guilmon who was in his narrowed eyed state as he observed the battle. "He seems like a vicious one."

"Not really he's just tense." Takato said. "Trust me. We've together for a long time." Takato then pulled out his D-Arc.

"What is that?" Krsty asked when she saw the D-Arc.

"It's my Digivice." Takato explained. "Biomerge Activate!"

"Giulmon Biomerge to... Gallantmon!" Guilmon said. Kristy could not form accurate words to describe what she had just seen. Shejust stared at Gallantmon with a slack jaw. Gallantmon obsered Ravemon and Reapermon grapling with eachother. Gallantmon dashed at Reapermon and tried to impale him on his lance but Reapermon saw him and was able to jump out of the way.

"We meet again Legendary Hero." Reapermon said. "I'm glad I get to fight you again."

"So am I. I want to repay you for burning that building around me." Gallantmon said.

"Gallantmon?" Ravemon said in surprise. "What is one of the Royal Knights doing here?"

"I'm not the Gallantmon your thinking of." Gallantmon said. "I'm going to need your help to win this."

"Is he that tough?" Ravemon said.

"He's incredibly powerful for one of ZeedMelleniummon's mooks." Gallantmon said.

"Zeedmilleniummon? Who's that?" Ravemon asked, butGallantmon didn't asnwer. "Hey, I asked you a question."

"We should worry about winning this fight." Gallantmon said.

"Are you two done talking?" Reapermon asked in a bored tone.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Gallantmon said as he turned to face Reapermon. Reapermon and Gallantmon charged at eachother and clashed thier weapons toghether. After a few seconds of grinding weapons together they broke away and jumpedbackwards. Ravemon took this chance to charge at Reapermon, but Reapermon was able to land a hit on Ravemon before Ravemon could do the same. Reapermon was about to land a powerful slash on Ravemon, but Gallantmon was able to rush in and block it with his shield.

"Rushing in won't do us any good." Gallantmon said. "Reapermon isn't only strong, but he's also quick."

"Do you have a plan?" Ravemon asked. "I'm open to any suggestions."

"Keep him busy for a few seconds." Gallantmon said. Ravemon nodded and ran at Reapermon again. Instead of slashing at Reapermon, he kicked him in the stomach.

"Sheild of the Just!" Gallantmon yelled as he pointed his sheild at Reapermon. Reapermon tried to jump out of the way, but he was held down by Ravemon. Just as the beam shot from Gallantmon's sheild Ravemon let go of Reapermon and jumped out of the way of the attack. Reapermon was hit with the full force of the attack and was sent flying backwards.

"I'm not done yet." Reapermon said as he picked himself off the ground. Reapermon charged at Gallantmon, but Gallantmon dodged out of the way and impaled Reapermon through the back. Reapermon opened his mouth, but beofre he could say anything he exploded into a golden shower of data. Ravemon degenerated back to Falcomon and Gallantmon degenerated back to Guilmon and Takato. Takato walked over to Keenan.

"Can you take me to DATS. It's kind of important." Takato said. Keenan was staring at Takato with wide eyes. Kennan was to shocked to say yes and just nodded.

Location: Server Tree

Universe: Data Squad

A portal opened up and Takato and all of DATS and Takato walked through it. The DATS team looked around at their new surroundings.

"Isn't this the Server Tree?" Thomas asked.

"Yes it is." Takato said. "This is our main base of operation against ZeedMilleniummon." It was then that Marcus walked over to the DATS group.

"Hey so you guy's finally show up." Marcus said nonchalantly.

"Marcus!" Kristy yelled as she ran over and tackled Marcus. "How come you didn't tell anyone?"

"Didin't you get my letter?" Marcus asked Kristy. Kristy reached into her pocket and pulled out the crumpled and unopened letter that Takato had given her.

"You mean this?" Kristy asked.

"Yes." Marcus said as he face palmed.

"I told you to put your name on it." Takato said.

"Look who's finally here." Kazu said as he ran over to Takato. The other Tamers quickly followed him. "Glad you could make it here."

"Sorry I took so long." Takato said. Rika walked up to Takato and after a few seconds of looking at eachother Rika clocked Takato in the jaw, knocking him out in one punch.

"I like her already.": Marcus said laughing while the Tamers other than Rika looked at the crumpled form of Takato in horror.

"So now all we are missing is Takato and Tai." Marcus said. "Hopefully they should arrive soon."

"Marcus." Thomas said as he walked over to him. "Care to give us a explanation."

"I thought Takato gave you one." Marus said.

"It's not about that. It's about you running off without telling anyone." Thomas said sternly.

"Hey I was told the day before I left." Marcus said. "I really didn't have time to tell anyone."

"Yes you did. You're just lazy." Thomas said. "I think you owe all of us a apology."

"I'm srry okay." Marcus said.

"That was incredibly half-hearted." Thomas said.

"What do you want me to do then?" Marcus said angrily.

"Stop it you two." Yoshi said as she stepped between Marcus and Thomas. "This isn't the time to be arguing. We can do that later."

While DATS was arguing the Tamers were reying to lift Takato to take him to the beds. Henry locked his arms under Takato's armpits while Kazu and Kenta held his legs and Rika watched. It took them a while but they were able to take Takato to the room that the Tamers were sharing. Not long after they got Takato in the bed he woke up. Takato sat up and slammed his head into Henry's.

"Your awake." Kenta said.

"Yeah, but my jaw still hurts." takato said as he held his jaw. "I guess I deserved that."

"Not that hard." Henry said. "Maybe a light punch, but not a one hit K.O." Takato couldn't help but to start laughing.

"Whats so funny?" Kazu asked.

"Nothing, It's just good to see you all." Takato said smiling.

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