"I thought your parents spoiled you."He said. I was slowly walking towards me, I made a sad attempt to back away. I was on the ground, a horrible pain ripped through my stomach when I moved.

"They did, they left me a big pile of money when they died. At least that's what I'd say if I was still in character."My voice became strained at the last sentence, he held the bloody knife in his hand. I had just made him angry. To tell the truth that had actually been a flaw in my story, I didn't know why he decided to bring it up now instead of sooner, he must have gotten suspicious and wanted to see what my game was.

"Well Rose Hathaway, if you're such a good cop. Why did you leave your badge at home?"He asked, he was still angry. But curious also.

"I didn't plan on busting you today, and I didn't want any chance of you finding out who I really was."I answered, my voice still shaking.

"Well that backfired didn't it?"He said, he then plunged the knife into the same area he did before. I could tell I was this close to blacking out, I didn't though. And I didn't know why.

"What's the matter cop? Can't handle a little scrape?"He asked, pulling the knife back out, slowly. I grunted in pain and once again clutched my side.

"Now you stay here, and I'll be right back."He said. My eyes were closed, I could hear him walk away. I opened my eyes and saw my cell phone sitting on the floor near my feet. It must have fallen out of my pocket. As much as it pained me, I reached down and grabbed it. He still wasn't back yet. I dialed the chapel, hoping someone would pick up.

"Jump Street Chapel this is Officer Dragomir."Lissa answered.

"Lissa, I'm at my apartment, Wesley is the murderer. He has me trapped, I really need your help he stabbed-"I was cut off. My phone died. I would've thought I would have blacked out or something, but this was just sad. Suddenly I felt the worst pain in my side. My expectations were met, and I blacked out.


"Captain!"I called, rushing to his office. I opened the door, not bothering to knock like he always wanted.

"Rose is in trouble, the kid is the murderer. He has her trapped at her apartment. It sounded like she was hurt."I said quickly. The captain rose from his desk and gestured for me to follow him out the door. We climbed in his car and he called for back up as we drove to Rose's. He didn't know where she lived so I gave him directions.

We arrived there before the back up did. We ran up to her apartment, the door was locked. I don't know why we thought it would be sitting wide open anyway. I pulled out my gun and shot the door knob.

I kicked the door open and we slowly walked in, guns in our hands. The first thing I saw was Rose sprawled on the floor, blood surrounding her. My first instinct was to go to her, but I knew better. I heard something move in the kitchen.

The captain and I advanced into the kitchen, someone was standing there. They were holding a butcher knife, and aiming it towards us. But he saw two guns aimed at him, and dropped the knife in defeat. He raised his hands in the air.

Fuller took care of him while I ran over to Rose. She was deathly pale and her pulse was faint.

"Call and ambulance!"I yelled. But Fuller was already on the phone, he had the kid in handcuffs, Wesley, I think. I wasn't sure, Rose had been talking about him yesterday.

I tried to stop the blood flow as best I could till the ambulance came. They took Rose away on a stretcher, they allowed me to come in the ambulance though. They were busy trying to stop the blood flow like I had been earlier, I'm sure they were doing a better job than I had been.

Suddenly she stopped breathing, the doctors went frantic. My heart raced, it had only been two weeks since I had met her and already I knew that we would be friends for a long time. At least I hoped so. They brought out a cardiac defibrillator.

"Clear!"One of the doctors yelled. I watched hopelessly, waiting for some sign that she was still alive. They shocked her twice more after that, still nothing happened. I was beginning to lose hope.

Just then the heart monitor beeped again. Her heart began to beat again, I let out a breath that I didn't know I had been holding. My hand went up to my face, tears were streaked down my cheeks.

I had almost watched my best friend die right in front of my eyes. I began to sob.

When the ambulance came to a stop they rushed Rose out and into the hospital. I slowly climbed out the back of the ambulance, someone came and led me to a waiting room. Just as I sat down I saw Fuller walk up.

I sobbed into his shoulder. Just because he was our police captain didn't mean that he wasn't just as close to me as Dimitri, Adrian, or Christian. Well, Christian was closer to me in different terms. But I cared about everyone all the same.

The nurse came back shortly thereafter and I demanded answers. She told me she knew nothing, I was forced to go sit back in the uncomfortable chair. Adrian, Christian, and Dimitri came ten minutes later. I think Fuller called them.

"How is she?"Dimitri asked. He was the first one to ask, although not by a long shot.

"I don't now."I said. Tears once again began to roll down my cheeks. Christian sat down beside me and held me in his arms, and Adrian sat down on the other side of the room. Dimitri however, couldn't stop pacing.

I had never seen Dimitri this frantic before, I thought that he had a crush on Rose but I never knew he cared this much for her. We had been in a comfortable silence till I spoke up.

"She's going to be fine."I said, my voice cracking. Dimitri looked over to me, he nodded his head, and continued to pace. I decided it wasn't a good time to mention that she flat-lined the ambulance.

"You could end up dead man."

"Hey Ronnie, the safety's on the left, man. You ought to take it off if you want to threaten somebody,"

"Safety don't work, man. Never did."

Ronnie Seebok and Tom Hanson, 21 Jump Street, season 2, episode- Besieged part 1