I peered around the corner with my sword and flashlight,searching every each of the warehouse I was given for the rampant trolls. It was the second attack today which is the reason why I'm doing it and not red or blue. They were both off stoping other trolls from being caught or doing damage to the public as usual.

The magical and unnatural seeming creatures of the earth were being careless now extremely so. It was like they wanted to be outed again and it was becoming unnerving. They hadn't been this daring since the death of the elven twins and then the reviving of the princess a month ago.

Abe was kind of like my brother to me. He was welcoming when I had been recruited, unlike Red. Red took a few days to get used to me but soon enough became protective more than anyone. Manning seemed to hate it though because it meant I couldn't go on a mission with the big demon, this being the first exception.

My superhuman hearing caught something nearly impossible to hear; footsteps. They were coming from above me so I switched the flashlight off and was in the room along with whatever was walking so silently.

My green belt light shone brightly in the darkness and made me groaned in annoyance, noticing the shadows caused by it. I tightened my hand on my sword as I saw one of the trolls wake up and stare straight at me with big pain-filled eyes.

I switched the flashlight back on and hovered the light over it's form and my eyes widened in shock as I spotted a gunshot wound in its leg. I sheathed my sword and ran over to the poor thing dropping the light on the floor so it shone on the wound.

I gasped as I felt the puddle of blood seep through my jeans which caused me to realised how much blood the thing had lost. I took my hoodie off without a second thought and tied it above the wound slowing down the loss of blood.

I sped back to the van and in a flash I was back beside the beast with a first aid kit. I once again kneeled beside it and opened the box finding tweezers and bullet wound stuff. I firmly but gently grabbed the leg, holding it still and pulled the bullet out with the tweezers. I recognised it as a rifle bullet, probably a citizens.

I preceded to clean, stitch and bandage the poor beast, not knowing of the silent shocked on looker. Every so often it would whimper in pain and i could see its fist clench. I growled lowly not enjoying seeing such a thing in pain because of a human. I wasn't exactly there biggest fan and I knew they had no right to do this to something that probably caused them no harm.

After sitting there for a few minutes, it started to sit up slowly trying not to harm itself too much in the process. I helped it before standing up looking for a light switch. It took a while to find it but once I flicked it on, the room was took over by flickering of bright lights.

Before I could even take more than one step, my senses kicked in. I'm not sure what caused it but it put me on my guard. I knew I could be careless but the endless torturing for a weakness does get boring after decades.

If you hadn't guessed already, I'm a vampire. Not the sparky fuckwits if twilight or the ring obsessed ones of vampire diaries but an actual 'living' vampire. I do not burn in the sun, nor am I weakened by crosses, holy water or garlic. I have a reflection and fangs.

Due to this I had naturally blood red eyes which only got darker when hungry. Other than that, I had no physical traits that changed in the past 3 millennia since my transition. I snickered slightly as I realised how old I really am. I only look 21 though, luckily for me.i ruffled my white/blonde hair which had red streaks in to match my eyes.

Other than my senses being enhanced I also have the power of teleportation, control of elements, mind reading/controlling and super genius due to me remembering every last thing I've ever seen. The BPRD didn't know my powers of course, nor did red or blue. Liz however has always suspected me if lying which is also a reason for my hatred for her, other than her being annoying and human. I was broken out of my thoughts by a deep, raspy voice.

"Why did you help me?" I looked up to see it was the troll who spoke. I sneered slightly as I answered.

"because the humans have no right to harm us, no matter how much of our world they take up."

"Yet you work for them." I laughed.

"If you think of it like that but I like to think f it as them working for me. They'll do their job but follow demands like not kill us unless they are in fatal danger, or I get to do What I want or else."

"Our master would like you." I narrowed my eyes at the troll.

"Tell your master to be careful. Do not start revealing yourselves because it ends in you dying. No, if you want the humans dead then let them commit genocide on themselves or leave it to me."

"Why?" he asked confused.

"they're my food." he nodded understandingly before we fell into a weirdly comfortable silence. He was now leaning against a wall, still sitting down and I was in the middle of the room. I inhaled deeply through my nose and caught the scent of something else but was cut off by manning in my ear.

"agent Drac, any trolls over with you?" I looked over at the injured thing with a small smile.

"No, nothing and must you insist me on calling me that?" I growled.

"Yupp, you Gotta get back. We've got someone for you to meet."