The tension in the air heightened considerably the second a loud slapping sound echoed through the city streets. A look of shock and worry spread instantly through the fae faces, many of them meeting the rather amused gaze of the vampire that just got slapped. She took a dramatically long time turning her head back, trying to revel in the teenagers jealous for as long as possible. It was quite entertaining, really quite like a movie.

The teenage elemental stood there, fists clenched and jaw tense, staring at the vampire girl in pure hatred. Since joining the group of supernaturals, she had apparently grown up considerably but she still was a teenage girl, she still got jealous when another woman is so close to the man she likes. For some reason her jealousy has been magnified when you compare it to another elemental.

Hellboy was sat on the edge of the building watching the incident occur with his wonderful gun ready and aimed to fire at his friends head if she so much as opened her mouth to bite someone. Strangely enough, no one had noticed him yet but most had paled considerably at the sight of the mangled throat of the dark elf. Personally, he had thought about nuada back when they fought for the golden army. He had the chance to kill him then, he could have slit his throat but he didnt because of Nuala. He couldn't have hurt her and abe like that. But even red couldnt have imagined someone killing so easily, so without guilt over a little teasing.

The tension was broke when Sado- or whoever she was, red thought- Grinned and sent the girl a small, cheeky wink before walking over to the police chief, dropping to her knees with her hands behind her head. half of each group were staring at her in a mixture of confusion, shock and respect. the rest were staring at the elf and elemental, the latter with a twinge of dislike.

"Come on then, Nuada. Can't keep the humans waiting." She sniggered silently at the patheticness of her actual comment. Nuada soon joined her, albeit reluctantly, smirking just as wide as she was.

"Nuada! Don't join her!" Nina whined like a little kid who had just had her favourite toy taken off her. It was quite amusing but the annoying tone of her voice grated at their nerves. Nuada ignored her and he too knelt down, clenching his fists so hard his nails cut into his palms making them bleed to stop himself from lashing out at her. He didn't know what she planned but he knew the safest place would be at the heart of the action. "NUADAA!"

She grabbed his arm and tried to pull him away from the vampire but ended up on the floor when he suddenly jerked his arm out of her Grip making a rather smug grin appear on the vampire. Of course, she had known about their flings way before they gained their little bond. It was impossible not to when the agents would gossip about yet another supernatural couple. Since gaining their bond however, she could feel him everytime Nina went to him, he seemed far too reluctant for him to go to her. She knew it was to make her jealousy and as much she loathed to admit it she was but she took a small pleasure in knowing nina had became a stalker to him after the bond was made.

She chuckled at the blue tinted girl before giving a silent order for the golden soldier to quickly push passed the humans and grab the annoying girl. It was hilarious to watch her struggle against the golden hand that dwarfed her in size. Several of the Fae folk behind them were heard chuckling as they left without a second thought, glancing at the Elven corpse on the floor in happiness.

The humans, they started firing on the golden soldier as if it could actually damage it or destroy it. Sado and Nuada chuckled at the sight of their frustration. It was incredibly funny until one of the younger policewomen took it upon herself to turn her aim to the unsuspecting vampire And shot without a second thought.

The soldier froze for a few seconds, allowing the terrified elemental to drop to the floor and crawl over to the awaiting police officers, tears streaming down her face. Red rolled his eyes and jumped jumped off the tallish building down onto the awaiting hand on the mechanical beast then onto the ground. Everyone scuttled backwards away from the demon, weapons at the ready as he strode over the the two seemingly dead bodies.

"Come on kid, wake up." he chuckled poking her cheek with his tale but got no reaction other than the hole in her forehead healing itself and a bullet popping out. There was something comical about the bullet resting perfectly vertical in the very spot where the hole was.

"She's not going to wake up." the police chief muttered, staring wide eyed at the red filed horns along with everyone else. Red ignored them and started poking her with his boot.

All of a sudden she shot up with a gasp, hand instinctively reaching out and grabbed the bullet as it flew towards the officers. Her other hand reached up and rubbed the back of her head as she glanced at the dead prince that laid beside her. She could hear the wailing of his name from the teenager that seemed to hold affections for him.

"I don't hear a heartbeat." she whispered Blandly, displaying no emotion for the humans but so many for red. He knew when she held no emotion she was angry and depressed. It was when she would blame herself for whatever the problem was.

"He's got a hole in his forehead thanks to you! He couldn't survive that!" Nina screamed, struggled with the policemen to try and go over to her 'lover'. Sado facepalmed herself hard at her own stupidity. She smirked slightly, leaning down to press an extremely out of character and gentle kiss upon the hole, shivering slightly at the taste of his delicious blood upon her lips. Her restraint was Defintely being tested when she felt his heart stumble into a regular beat, pumping blood through his veins eratically. It was like it was teasing her, seeing what it would take to her to bite into that alabaster neck of his.

"third time I've saved your ass, Nuada. Now wake the fuck up." she whispered before he shot up, just as she did. Her head flew back, preventing them smashing their faces together but predictably, they ended up an inch away from each other, both breathing rapidly due to the bullet.

After several painfully silent seconds of them staring into each others dilated eyes, red took it upon himself to nudge their faces closer with his tail, forcing them to kiss, before walking over to the seemingly disgusted group of officers and civilians. Manning and abe were among them, the latter getting several stares at his aquatic form. Manning was smiling the most he had in as long as red could remember which confused the bprd crew the most.

"stupid demon." Sado mumbled against the dark Elven lips before standing up with a reluctant sigh. Within the blink of an eye, the policewomen who had shot her was on the floor with a sword right through her heart. Shocked shouts and disgusted screams echoed through the crisp night air.

"What the hell, you freak?!" very few of them saw her fingers twitch dangerously at the insult but those who did started to walk to the back of the group for protection, for safety.

"Personally if I was you I wouldn't insult a person who had just been shot in the head and still lived to tell the tale." she chuckled darkly "and just stabbed the person who shot her in the heart. All within a few minutes."

She didn't realise that her hand had lit itself on fire during her teasing threatening until a pair of strong hands gripped both of her wrists from behind. Almost instantly, the fire was put out but heat still lingered, ready to burst into flames once again.

She calmly reached her arm out, ready to grab the sword as it flew back to her as some speed, fracturing a couple of bones in her hand and therefore the reason why Nuada hissed slightly.

"Calm down." he whispered darkly in her ear, she could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Why?" she asked curiously, allowing him to gently to take the sword from her to grip it tightly himself.

"You remember that dream you had a few days ago?" she nodded, feeling the cold, blood-covered blade of the sword caress her cheek, cutting softly into the flesh. "I think the time has come. We need to live. We need our world."

She shivered, eyes darkening in anticipation of the events yet to come. Manning ignored the protests of the policemen and red and walked over to the couple along with Myers who looked slightly disturbed by the closeness of them. He unknowingly developed a crush on the vampire. Well he didn't know but everyone else did. They saw the way his eyes softened when they spoke about her or when they knew he was thinking about her. But he could see they were practically meant for each other, the way their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly like a completed jigsaw puzzle.

"Sado, come here." myers pleaded, hand outstretched towards her. "You're better than this! Better than him!"

"Alicia." Nuada whispered the name she had not heard nor had used in over 2000 years and that along with his thumb tracing circles on the bare skin of her hip made her shiver with slight need.

"Please!" Myers almost begged watching her head fall backwards slightly to rest up against his shoulder.

"they took what's rightfully ours and order you around like their pet. Do not let them continue to do so, take back what's ours, Alicia." she barely heard her name on his lips before teleporting them away, leaving the golden soldier there to taunt them slightly, to where the most important man resided. The two of them and 4 additional soldiers appeared within the gates of the whitehouse, still locked in their embrace grinning sardonically at the unprepared building.

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