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Warning: Now, this should be a no brainer, there will ALWAYS be Yuri or girl on girl action in any of my stories. I am the only one that has the guts to do Yuri on this site and succeed. Well there was an author that did a Yuri story before I did… too bad she didn't update… I really wanted that story updated. Now read on if you like or don't care if there is Yuri. If you hate it… then why are you here?


A creepy looking castle stood over a nearly deserted village on a small world in the Spiral. It was dark and menacing. The weather was quite fitting as there were thunderstorms and the like. Inside the very top of the castle, is a small bedroom that looked like it was for a girl. In fact, this is a room for a particular girl in question.

Sleeping on the bed was a red haired girl in her early teens. She looked quite peaceful in her slumber. Lightning flashed near the window of her room and she awoke with a startle. The red head sat up and placed a hand on her head, feeling a slight headache for whatever reason.

"Oh my head hurts…" She looked around the room, not finding anything relatively familiar. "W-Where am I? Is this my room..?"

Examining the room closer, there was a small closet, a desk with a lantern, a cuckoo clock on the wall, a few unfamiliar pictures hanging on the wall, a mirror right by the door, and a couple of teddy bears in the corner of the room. The walls were pink, just right for any normal girl.

"I… guess this IS my room… or perhaps not?" She groaned in pain and held her head with her right hand. Once the pain subsided, she looked at her hand and sees that her entire hand is covered in blood… well it is dry.

"Is this my blood...?" She checked under her pink shirt, skirt, and all over herself to see if there were any wounds on her body. She found none. Finding it strange, she got up from the bed, wondering why she has blood on her hand.

"If this isn't my blood… then whose is it? Why can't I remember anything?" She tried to think back to whatever happened in the past but everything was all fuzzy, the only thing she can remember is her name.

"My memory is so fuzzy… my name is… Apli. That's the extent of what I remember… Do I have some sort of Amnesia?" She pondered to herself. Apli walked over to the desk and finds a single piece of paper lying on it. Picking it up, she began to read the contents.

Dear Apli,

11. 9. 12. 12. ... 13. 5. 18. 12. 5.

Apli stopped reading there for just a second. Ignoring the fact that this was a letter to her for just a moment and noticed that there was smudges on a sentence that made it completely unreadable. Someone or perhaps her, since she can't remember anything beyond her name, must have done this. She shrugged her shoulders and continued to read the rest of the letter.

Find 13. 1. 5. 12.

Your Former self,


…Was this some sort of letter to herself reminding her to do something from the past? Even so… what did it mean? What do these numbers mean? The only thing she could understand is that she has to 'find' something or someone…

Not quite sure what to make of those numbers, she shoved the letter into her breast pocket, figuring what it means at a later time. Right now she has to figure out where she is and why she is here. Apli doesn't think this is her home… or room. Even if it was, nothing seems to be triggering anything in her memory.

Walking over to a picture frame on the wall, she began to examine it. In the picture there was a rather old looking man in what looked to be wizard like robes. He had gray hair and a large beard. Also has this monocle on one of his eyes. She can quite put her finger on it, but something about him seems almost… nerve wrecking and filled her with this pure anger. She can't figure out why. The other pictures near it didn't catch her eye; they were just there for decoration she assumes.

"…" Apli decided not think much about the picture and headed over to the door. Her hand went to turn the knob, but it appeared to be locked from the outside for whatever reason. Muttering to herself, she looked around the room to see if there is another way out. The window was the only means of escape… if she was willing to risk plummeting to her death.

"There has to be another way out of here…" She turned her attention to the mirror and looked at her reflection. Brown eyes stared back at her through the mirror. Apli looked very pretty and very pinkish. Her shirt, skirt, socks and shoes were pretty much pink with some white.

"I look good… but… these clothes are bit much…" Apli didn't really like the clothes. She could always check the closet to see if there is any clothes she could wear… but her first priority is to find a way out, figure out what that letter she sent to herself meant and where she was exactly.

The castle began to shake a bit, making everything in the room vibrate a bit. Apli fell down on her butt as the castle started to settle. The mirror crashed to the floor as everything went still. Glass shards scattered across the floor and almost cutting Apli's bare legs.

"…Note to self… this place will shake at times…" She looked to where the mirror had been and there appeared to be a safe. Curious, she got up from the floor and walked over to it. Apli wanted to see what was in the safe.

Placing her ear onto the safe, she began to see if she can unlock the safe. Right…left…right… PING! The door to the safe unlocked and opened up. Inside was some sort of case with a lock on it. Apli pulled it out to thoroughly examine it.

"A small brown case… with a lock… I wonder what's inside." Curious, she began to shake it a little bit. She hears the sounds of cards inside it.

"Cards? What are cards doing in a safe? Are they just playing cards? Or maybe collector cards…?" Not sure what to make of the cards in this case with a lock, she decided to place it in her belt buckle. Odd place to put it, but it is not like her skirt has pockets.

She now had a lot of things to do. Apli took a mental note of what she needed to do.

-Find a way out

-Find the key to the case of the cards of some sort

-Figure out what the letter she sent to herself meant and why.

-Figure out where she is and how.

-Find out why there is blood that is not hers on her hand.

-Possibly figure out who the old man in the picture was? Something about him filled her with anger and other emotions.

"I got a lot of work to do… ugh, I hate not remembering things, being an amnesiac stinks… but… how did I get it?" Shaking that thought for a later time, she had to find a way out.

While she looked around the room, a mysterious dark figure was looking at her from the window. Red eyes followed the movement of the girl. With a snort, the figure moved away from the window and flew off in the distance.

"The Dark Princess has awoken from her slumber… I should alert the master about this matter."

Apli looked in the closet to see if there was some sort of secret passage way out of here… there was none. There were just lots and lots of hangers to put clothes on in the closet. No trap doors or anything of that nature. Slamming the closet closed out of frustration, she turned towards the bed she was sleeping on before.

She kneeled down and looked under the bed. To her pleasant surprise, she found a silver key… and a small trap door that looked like it can barely fit her small frame. Reaching underneath the bed, she pulled out the silver key.

"Now, let's see if it is the key for this case of cards…" Pulling the case in question out of her belt buckle, she examined the lock and looked back at the key she acquired. They looked like they could fit perfectly.

Apli inserted the key into the lock. It was a perfect fit. Her hands trembled in anticipation of what kind of cards were inside. If the cards were kept in a safe, they must be important.

Taking a deep breath, she turned the key and the lid of the case flew open to reveal a deck of cards with a spiral like design on the back of them. Intrigued, she lifted the deck of cards and went through them, her eyes closely examining each of them.

"…these are no ordinary cards…" Apli was staring at pictures of what looked like Dinosaurs in the cards. Each card had a number in the corner and a symbol of a bone. There also appeared to be a percent digit in every card too; either it was 100 percent, 80 percent, or even 90 percent.

Why do I get the feeling that these cards belonged to me…? They feel so… right in my hands… Should I just take them? I don't even know what they are for… Apli placed the cards back neatly into the case and slammed it shut. She might as well take them; there was no harm in it.

She placed the key in her breast pocket and looked at the bed once more. "Right, I should move this bed and get the hella out of here!"


In the office located in the center of Wizard City, was Merle Ambrose. He appeared to be working on a couple of documents. It was night time and all was quiet except the scribbling of his pen against the paper.

"So much paper work… but I got to finish these by tomorrow night. I got other matters to finish…" He sighed as he continued working. Scribble, scribble, scribble, he went. The amount of papers he had to do seem almost endless.

The front door of his office creaked open and a young blonde female peeked in. Her bright blue eyes stared at Ambrose working at his desk. Ambrose did not hear her enter it seems as he continued scribbling down on his documents.

Without making too much noise, she entered the office and softly closed the door behind her. She slowly walked over to Ambrose, her blue night gown moving gracefully with her. Ambrose still did not notice her presence. So absorbed he was in his work.

The young female cleared her throat. Ambrose looked up with the one eye that wasn't covered with a monocle. He smiled, seeing who had entered his office. He placed his pen down and gave her his full attention.

"Ah, well if it isn't my good student, Emmaline Blossom. What brings you here at this time of night?" Ambrose asked, getting up from his chair to stand toe to toe with her. She was just about as tall as he was. Oh how fast his students grow.

"I just got this weird feeling…" Emmaline responded with a sigh, "My girlfriend Brooke felt it too…" She paused, not sure how to tell him about the strange feelings and sensations she was getting all of a sudden.

"Ok?" Ambrose wasn't sure what his student was getting at. Was there something bad? Was there something amiss? He clasped his hands together under his chin as he waited for her to continue and tell him about this, "weird feeling"

"It just happened like 15 minutes ago and I can't get it out of my system but… I-I think… she has awakened…" Emmaline finally finished.

Ambrose stood there, quite shocked. He was sure they'd never see the likes of her again. That girl was nothing but trouble to them and the rest of the Spiral.

"No… I thought she was gone for good…" Ambrose said. He held his hand with both hands, walking around the room in fear and shock. Not today! Not now of all times!

"She was bound to awake, Ambrose…" Emmaline didn't like the thought of her sworn enemy returning either, but it was inevitable, she knew that she would not sleep forever. However, she'll do anything in her power to make sure she'll sleep for good.

"We can't have her around here!" Ambrose grabbed Emmaline's shoulders and shook her, "Young wizard, please head out and find her! If you defeated her once, I am sure you can do it again!" He was desperate. That girl was dangerous. She being up and about will spell doom for him and all the others.

"I will tomorrow morning…" Emmaline promised before walking out of the office and out of sight. Ambrose took a deep breath and summoned his staff into his right hand. There was no time for paper work. Danger is afoot.

"I'll worry about paper work later; right now I need to alert the other 6 members of the council."


Apli walked through the small passage way the trap door lead to. She had the lantern from the desk in her hands to light the way. The passage way was filled with growing plants and had this horrid stench that smelt like rotten eggs. Apli was holding her breath, trying not to breathe in that smell.

Ugh… I hope I can find my way out of here soon. Blech.

Stomp, stomp, stomp. Apli looked up. There appeared to be someone moving above her. Stomp, stomp, stomp. And they were pretty loud. Who the hell walks around that loudly? She listened closely and can hear the whispering of a young feminine voice.

"Where is she? I've been looking for her for over a year now! Please be here! This is the only place I haven't looked!" said a heavenly female voice.

Apli could have sworn she recognized the voice. Her heart was now fluttering for whatever reason. She felt all warm now… but she was drawing a blank of who that person could be. She wished she remembered.

There was a trap door just above her, probably leading into the room where the girl's voice was. Gently lifting the trap door open, she peeked into the room and looked around. The room was relatively small with creepy paintings hanging on the walls. Her eyes stopped at the sight of the beautiful girl right by the door.

She had long black hair, charming emerald green eyes, skin so pale, and lips red like the rose. She had like the perfect frame. This girl wore this ethereal like blue dress that fit her in all the right places. Apli gulped and felt like melting. This girl made her heart soar… but still she couldn't figure out who she was. She was so familiar! Why can't she remember?

The girl felt a familiar presence and looked in the direction of where Apli was. Her eyes were lit with joy and she hastily made her way over to her.

Apli squeaked as she was picked up and was hugged very tightly to the point where she was choking and not breathing. This girl was small, but man was she strong. Her face was red like a tomato as this girl kept on hugging her.

"APLI! Oh I missed you so much!" The beautiful girl gushed, never wanting to let go of her. Apli felt like passing out if she held her any longer.

"Um… could you let go? I am not breathing here…" The girl blushed and let go of her. "Sowwy, I don't know my own strength at times…" Apli waved it off as she tried to let the oxygen flow through her body by breathing.

"It's ok…" Apli looked at the girl in front of her and really tried hard to see if she could remember her. Nothing came up; all was but a mere blur to her. This girl must be really important to her… but her memory isn't triggering anything. Apli really didn't want to hurt this girl's feelings by not knowing her as it seems they have history together.

"Um… sorry to ask but… who are you?" Apli watched as the girl's smile faltered. Her heart broke seeing this. She shouldn't have asked and just went with the flow. How stupid of her.

"You mean… you don't remember me? It's me… Alice…" The girl looked like she was about to cry. Apli felt really guilty now. She felt like crying herself.

"I'm sorry… I… just don't remember you…" Apli saw the tears running down Alice's face. "But… you do look familiar!" She hastily added, hoping that will ease the hurt a little bit, "My heart seems to remember you but… my brain… can't figure out who you are…"

Alice wiped her face with her arm, trying to stop crying. "Apli… what happened to you… what made you forget me?" The tears kept coming, streaming down her eyes to the cold floor. Apli wished she knew that answer. She felt very sad, hurting this girl that seemed to be so important to her.

"I wish I knew… I can't seem to remember anything but my name really." Apli watched as Alice kept on crying. Each tear that flowed from her eyes broke her heart bit by bit. She couldn't stand watching her cry.

"I spent all this time… looking for you… and now that I found you… you don't even me remember me…" Alice sobbed. She walked around Apli and opened the door out of the room, "I… I need to be alone!" She ran out the door, her cries echoed throughout the castle, leaving a saddened and confused Apli.

"Oh lord… what has happened to me?" Apli asked as she looked up to the ceiling, a single tear falling down her face.


A mysterious tall man walked around a cathedral of some sorts. His body was covered by the shadows, concealing his identity. He suddenly stopped in place as he heard the familiar noise of one of his minions. A dark owl with red like eyes flew in and landed on his shoulder. The man's eyes looked at the owl.

"What news do you bring?" The man asked. The owl whispered the news into his ear. He listened and listened and then there was a hint of a smirk upon his face.

"Oh? So my favorite pupil has awakened? My, my, I suppose the time has come at last…"


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