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Apli and Alice walked up the hill to their supposed Mansion. The red head was quite scared of her surroundings. All she was thinking is… How the hell did she want to live here before she lost her memories? This place seemed like more for monsters and Goth people and the like. She had the Goosebumps and felt like running back through the Spiral Door.

"Relax…" Alice patted her on the back, trying to give her some comfort. Apli said nothing in response, just kept on walking, her head down, not wanting to look at her surroundings anymore. This was all too scary to her. Haunted Hills sure live up to its name.

"I am sure you'll get used to it… and even better if you regain your memories… then you'll feel right at home!" Alice said as they kept walking up the Hill. It was a pretty tall hill so it will probably take another 5 minutes before they reach the top.

"Uh huh…" Apli didn't think she'll get used to this place. It sort of looks familiar to her, but again, there is no memories resurfacing for her to remember this place fully. She kind of wished there was some kind of cure for Amnesia, although… that would be too convenient.

"Anyways…" Deciding to change the subject, still looking at the ground as they kept moving up the Hill, "Earlier when you were explaining to me about who Mael was… did you just say that you, Ahisa, and I are wizards?" She didn't have a chance to comment on it back at the castle since she was too absorbed of taking in the Mael info into her brain.

"Yep… we are wizards. Almost everybody is. We all have different schools of which we classify in though." Alice explained as she reached into the pocket of her dress and pulled out a deck of cards. "I am a wizard of Magic for example. People just call us Magicians. I don't just master magic, I master dark arts and voodoo as well…"

Apli, intrigued, reached for the case in her belt buckle of her skirt and unlocked it. She pulled out the deck of cards she had found in the safe. "So… does that mean I am a Dinosaur wizard?" Apli felt like this deck of cards were hers, so it must be and can explain a few things.

Alice giggled, "Close. People just call you Paleontologists though. You know, people who study Dinosaurs. What you got there is a Prehistoric Deck from the Prehistoric School."

I'm a Paleontologist… a wizard that studies Dinosaurs… interesting. Hmm, but how does one use these cards? I know they are for summoning purposes… just how do you execute it? Do I need some sort of wand? Apli thought. Thinking back to the Castle she was in there were no signs of any wand. She found her supposed deck and the letter to herself, but there wasn't anything like that at all.

"What about this Ahisa girl, what kind of school class wizard is she?" Apli asked, looking at Alice directly.

"Well she is a Technology student… people call them Technicians. Let me tell you something…" Alice stopped in place so she can better explain the concept to Apli better. The red head stopped as well and focused her full attention on her. "There are 14 schools for Wizards to learn in. We got Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Myth, Death, and Balance being taught in a place called Wizard City."

"Then we got another placed called Neo Wizard City that teaches Prehistoric, Galaxy, Technology, Music, Folklore, Darkness, and Magic. Each school has their own ups and downs. A wizard is usually born with any of these powers. They go to school to master those powers." Alice finished explaining, hoping that will satisfy Apli's understanding for the time being.

"Ah… I see. So I was born with these Prehistoric Powers… hmm, but shouldn't I have like some sort of wand? I didn't see it in my time in the Castle…"

Alice scratched the back of her head, thinking back. That was a good question. Where exactly is Apli's wand? She pondered and pondered. An imaginary light bulb flashed above her head and she smiled.

"Oh, Mael has your wand. He had it with him before you disappeared off and lost your memory." She shook her head, "Man, it was only a year ago and I nearly forgot about that piece of info, must be getting old… even though I am only 15."

"…" Apli had nothing to say to that and continued to march on forward. Alice slowly followed afterwards. They gradually made it up the hill and came to a stop at the top. The front door of the Mansion opened and out came a rug shaped like a tongue.

Apli yelped as it wrapped itself around them and pulled them inside. The Front door shut behind them and the rug released them from its grip. It then flattened itself on the floor perfectly as if it never moved. Apli let out a disgusted sound as she was covered with drool.

"I already don't like this House…" Apli stated, trying to wipe herself clean. Alice giggled and got out what appeared to be a Magician's wand. She muttered a spell under her breath and both their clothing were as good as new.

"You'll get used to it… or at least remember it…" Alice said as she stretched her arms. She took in the fresh smell of the House and sighed happily, grateful to finally be home now.

Apli took in the area around her. It looked pretty large and filled with ancient decorations, furniture and the like. Everything seemed so… medieval in here. It's like this Mansion was made in medieval times… if that was even possible. It did seem very familiar to her and not surprisingly, nothing is resurfacing.


The red head turned her head to the right and sees a purple haired girl in a lab coat staring at her, mouth agape. Before she could say anything however, the girl rushed to her and grabbed her in a fierce hug… stronger than Alice's…

"YAY! YOU CAME BACK! ME SO HAPPY!" gushed the girl, tears of joy falling from her eyes. Apli couldn't breathe, she felt like passing out. This girl has one hell of a grip and it was taking her breath away, for reals.

"Choking… not breathing…" Apli gasped, hoping this girl would let go of her. Alice rolled her eyes and smiled at the girl holding the red head in a death hug grip. Their best friend can be so dramatic sometimes.

"You can let go of her now, Ahisa…" Alice said, giggling slightly.

Ahisa released her tight grip on Alice and the red head took a deep breath, trying to get oxygen flowing through her system again. The purple haired girl rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, scolding herself about how strong she is without knowing it.

"Oops… sorry, you know me, I don't even know my own strength at times…" Ahisa stuck her tongue out in a silly fashion, eyes closed, and rubbing the back of her own head.

"It's fine…" Apli gasped, hoping her other 'team' members isn't as strong as Apli and Ahisa with their hugs. She doesn't think she'll last another bone crushing hug like that.

"Um… so you're Ahisa…" Apli stated, wanting to tell her the situation with herself right now instead of later. She hopes she takes it well. Apli can't stand breaking another girl's heart.

"Yep! In the flesh, don't tell me you forgotten me already…" Ahisa said somewhat teasingly. Apli bit her lip at that and almost nodded afterwards.

"Actually… Ahisa… there is something you need to know…"

30 minutes of talking and crying later…

"Who… did this to you..? This doesn't make any sense…" Ahisa sniffled, wiping her tears with her arm. Who did this to her bestest friend in the entire spiral? Whatever the case, if she finds out who did, she'll rip them to shreds and devour them later.

"That's what we're trying to find out. I still can't remember anything…" Apli responded, refusing to talk about that one memory that resurfaced back at the Castle. She still doesn't know what it means and she isn't going to think about it any time soon.

"Well… I wish there was a cure for Amnesia… but they are still researching that." Ahisa placed a hand on her hips and sighed, "I guess I'll explain that to the rest of the gang first thing tomorrow, but first, let us eat, I'm hungry. Our dad is in the kitchen…" Ahisa rubbed her growling stomach, ready to eat a lot of food.

"Oh yeah… I need some food too." Apli felt her stomach rumble. "I guess sleeping for a year really builds up an appetite…"

"The Dining Hall is over here…" Alice said, pointing to her right. Without another word, all 3 of them made their way to the Dining Hall. Apli looked around. It was a relatively huge dining hall. If she had to guess it was about 250ft by 250ft. There was a long dining table fit for 100 people if need be. There was a lit fireplace and a lot of pictures that had them and the other members of "The Resistance."

She sat herself in one of the chairs at the end of the table. She looked to the chair at the very end of the table. It looked bigger and fancier than the other chairs. This must be Mael's chair. Alice took a seat next to her not surprisingly and Ahisa took the seat across from her.

There was an awkward silence between the 3 of them, none of them quite sure how to start a conversation until the food comes. Apli nervously drummed her fingers on the table, trying to think of what to say.

"So, do the other team members live here?" Apli asked, breaking the silence. She might as well know more about her team members and what they are capable of. She might as well know everything she can. No telling when all her memories will return.

"No they don't live here…" Ahisa yawned and stretched her arms, putting bones back into place. "Only we 3 since our dad picked us up when were homeless and hungry. So he brought us here to stay in this Mansion. The others actually have homes to go to."

"I see… what are their names?"

"Well there's Jacqueline, we just call her Jackie. She is a Conjurer, you know, student of Myth." Alice responded instead of Ahisa who seemed to be day dreaming about something. "Um… there is our friend Patrick Wildspear…" Her voice was bitter when she said his name, but Apli didn't question it.

"He is a Sorceror or if you will… a Balance student." Alice continued, "And finally there is Gabrielle FairyBlossom, she is a student of Life or Theurgist."

"Ah…" Those names are familiar to Apli. The blur lifted a bit for those memories, but still can't be seen.

Mael came into the room with a plate with a cover on it. He stared at Apli, who stared at him back. "Ah, Apli, it is nice to see you back… I had a feeling you'd return soon."

So this is our dad… he looks old, but that is to be expected I guess. I feel a connection with him. I should ask him questions soon.

"Hello… father." Apli started, not quite used to calling someone she doesn't quite remember a father to her.

"I bet you're hungry…" Mael stated as he laid down the plate on the dining table. Apli nodded fast, she could eat a whole zebra if she wanted to. She wondered what they would be having tonight. She sniffed the plate and it smelt like eggs and… something else.

"What are we eating tonight?" asked Apli, quite curious. The smell was good, not quite sure what to make of the smell that was with the eggs.

"Why it's a family favorite… Eggstacy Worms…" Mael removed the cover to reveal scrambled eggs mixed with dead worms. There were also some hints of salt and pepper added in with some chopped mushrooms. Suddenly, Apli didn't feel hungry anymore.

"EWW! That is not food! That's gross!" Apli exclaimed, not wanting to have anything to do with that yucky excuse for food.

"Oh come on, Apli, worms are actually quite tasty if cooked well." Ahisa got out a knife and a fork and cut out a slice for her to eat.

"Ah yes… you lost your memories…" Mael clicked his tongue and sat himself down on his chair, cutting out his slice of the grotesque meal that Apli does not want.

"How do you know that? I haven't even told you…" Apli questioned, quite confused as to how he knows this already. Mael shrugged his shoulders and took a bite out of the meal, savoring the taste. "Mmm that's good… to answer your question I overheard your conversation in the Entrance Hall."

He was hiding something… but Apli didn't push. She looked at the meal and then back at Mael, who was still scarfing down the food.

"Father, um, isn't there any other food I can eat? Particularly food without bugs in them?" She was very hungry and eating bugs doesn't sound very appealing.

"I'm sorry… but I don't know any recipes that don't have bugs in them. Haunted Hills is not known for having food without it. It is a common thing to eat around here…" Mael said as he finished up his meal. "You're going to have to try it… don't hate it till you try…"

"Come on, Apli, try some…" Alice cut out a piece and stabbed her fork into it. She placed a hand under the fork as to catch it if it drops. "Open your mouth."

"But it's gross and don't try to feed me like a-" Apli was cut off as the food was shoved inside her mouth by Alice. The raven haired beauty pulled the fork back and smiled innocently. "There… now chew…"

Apli reluctantly chewed it. After a couple of chews, she found that she liked it. The taste was exquisite. She happily swallowed it and craved for more. "Wow, that's actually pretty good! Didn't know bugs can be so tasty… especially slimy worms…"

"Good. Now let me get the drinks. Delicious Cactus juice…" Mael got up and walked into the kitchen to grab said drinks. Apli didn't like the idea of drinking cactus juice, sure it quenches your thirst a lot, but it is not something you usually drink. But after eating the "Eggstacy Worms", she might as well try.

Apli shrugged and took another bite of the meal, trying to think of another conversation starter before Mael comes back with the drinks. "So… uh… what have you been up to Ahisa?" She wanted to know more about her very girly friend. Who knows, if she knows more she'll probably remember something.

"Oh I have been making this Machine to aid me in battle… but I just can't seem to make it work… Currently I am making an artificial heart for it… I tried almost everything…" Ahisa sighed in exasperation as she shoved the whole piece of the meal she had into her mouth and chewed vigorously. "I spent half a year of my life working on it and it still not complete!"

"Wow… life of a Technician must be hard…" Apli said, almost in a teasing voice, not quite sure why she made it sound like that.

"Shut up!" Ahisa rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless. She was grateful to talk to her lifelong best friend, even though Apli doesn't even remember her. She hoped she would remember soon. First things first though, they have a lot of work to do now that she is back with them.

Mael came back with 4 glasses of freshly poured cactus juice. He handed each of them a glass and then grabbed one himself as he sat down in his chair.

Apli sniffed the drink before giving it a sip. The taste was extraordinary and quenches her first. She felt her body responding positively to the drink and soothed some of her muscles. "Mmm… this is quite good." She remarked, deciding to drink the whole thing in one gulp.

"Apli you pig," Alice giggled at her friend's antics, "You don't cork it down in a few seconds. You have to savor the taste!" Apli shrugged and licked her lips clean, wanting to get every last drop and essence of that quench inducing drink.

"Hmm, it has been bugging me for quite some time… but can I see your deck… I feel that there is something missing in there…" Mael remarked, looking at the locked case with the Dinosaur like deck inside it at the belt buckle of Apli's skirt.

"Oh um…ok" She pulled out the case and unlocked it. Apli grabbed the deck and gave it to Mael who immediately snatched it from her hands. He scanned its contents leisurely, making sure he doesn't skip a single card. He came across 3 blank cards in the middle of the deck.

"Ah… indeed you are missing something… you lost the soul of the T-Rex spell. You're trump card in other words…" He pulled the 3 blank cards in question and handed it over to Apli. Alice and Ahisa looked at one another before looking back at the red head, who was confused about the whole thing. They wondered where the soul of her trump card went. Normally spells don't just escape from their encasement from the spell card…

Apli stared at the blank cards. There was nothing there except the name of the cards, which was T-Rex. Jeez, as if there weren't enough mysteries for her to solve. "Where could it have gone...?" The red head looked back at Mael who shrugged in response. He didn't know the answer to that either.

"I don't know. However, I think the professor of the Prehistoric School, Isaac Dino, might have clue where it is… He knows where all Dinosaurs are apparently." He picked up all 4 of the empty glasses and got up from his chair and gave her back her deck. "However, we'll deal with that tomorrow morning… as well as some stuff I need to tell you…"

He turned towards Alice before saying, "Show Apli where she will be sleeping in. Good night girls… if you need me, kindly knock on my Office Door…" He disappeared off into the kitchen and turned off the lights.

Ahisa stretched and yawned loudly, ready to turn in for the night. "Man I am bushed… I'll see you two pretty girls later…" She got up from her chair and took off her lab coat, revealing that she was wearing pajamas underneath. Ahisa waved them good night and headed up the stairs to her room.

"D-Did she just call us pretty?" Apli asked, quite embarrassed by the compliment. Alice giggled in response and nodded.

"Yeah… She likes complimenting girls that are good looking, but don't worry, she flirts for fun, nothing serious." Alice explained, getting up from her chair. Apli let out a murmur of understanding before getting up from her chair as well. She didn't feel all that tired really. She slept for well over a year for crying out loud.

"Ready for bed, Apli? I can show you to our room." Alice asked. Apli looked at her strangely when she said, 'our room'. She voiced her thoughts about it to her.

"Yeah, it is actually our room… but… you can sleep in the guest bedroom if you want…" Alice really missed Apli being in their bed, but she wouldn't push it because Apli doesn't even remember her. So it would be understandable that sleeping with her sounds a bit strange at the moment.

"Uh…" Apli was not quite sure if that was a good idea. It was tempting as Alice is very beautiful, but she is not quite sure if she can control herself. She shook her head no the idea. Alice frowned a bit at the response, but knew it was for the best until she remembered.

"Oh ok… I'll show you to the guest bedroom then."

Alice led her to the upstairs guest bedroom on the second floor. She told Apli that Mael's office was up on the 3rd floor, so if she had any questions, she can head up there and ask in the middle of the night as Mael hardly ever sleeps.

"Why does he hardly sleep?" Apli asked, looking up the stairs that led to the 3rd floor. Alice shrugged in response, not really knowing the answer herself. It confused her too.

"I don't know… He hardly ever is tired. We keep asking him, but he never tells us why." Alice escorted her to the end of the hallway on the floor they were on. She opened the door and they both went inside. Alice flicked on the lights, revealing the room to Apli.

It was a fairly simple room. It had a double-bed, a closet, a desk, and a clock on a mini dresser of some kind. Apli didn't really care about how simple it was, it would have to do. Where else would she stay anyways? Well she could reconsider and sleep in the same room with Alice, but it will be quite awkward for her.

"I have all your clothes in my room, if you need to change, just ask me and I'll give you some new clothes to wear tomorrow…"

"Ok…" Apli nodded and laid herself down on the soft comforting mattress. She looked over to Alice who had her hand near the flicker, staring back at her. "Good night…" She whispered to the raven haired girl. Alice smiled weakly and mouthed a good night to her before flicking off the light. She then closed the door as she walked out.

Sleep is the last thing on my mind… but what else am I going to do in here? She wondered as she drew the blankets over herself. Apli lay on her side and closed her eyes. There were still so many questions left unanswered, but she can think about that tomorrow morning. With one last yawn, she drifted off to dreamland.

A young Apli was stripped naked, chains wrapped around her arms and ankles. There was no way she could escape from this. A man in a black coat stared at her, whip in hand. She was in for the pain of a lifetime and sadly for her, there was going to be no mercy until they were through with her.

"Why are you doing this to me?! I have done nothing wrong!" Apli screamed, tears streaming down from her eyes. She truly did nothing wrong, why are they torturing her because they think she is some crazy beast? Why?

"Shut up, kid! Don't talk nonsense!" He demanded. He whipped her across the chest and she screamed in pain. The man growled and shook his head at her, knowing that this will be a long night for them both. "Did I say you could scream also? You're just asking for it! Stay quiet!" He whipped her continuously, each more painful than the last.

The tears kept coming as she tried her best not to scream in pain, but it was just too painful for her. He did this to her. That stupid excuse for a man did this to her and her parents! She'll never forgive him! If she ever gets out of here alive, she'll rip him to shreds… painfully and slowly.

"You are scum, nothing but scum. You're lucky you are even alive! Hell has no mercy for people like you. We're just doing you a favor!" He placed his whip away, but then he did something she didn't expect. The sound of a zipper being unzipped was heard and she knew right away what was coming.

"NO PLEASE! Anything but that!"

Her scream rang out through the whole mental hospital.

Apli awoke with a yell. Sweat was dripping from her face as she panted heavily. Jesus… She shook her head in disbelief. It was a dream but… it was so realistic and so familiar. It must have been one of her horrid memories like the once she received in the castle. She looked at the clock; it read 5:30 AM.

What do these memories mean? They were so horrifying that she felt her sanity was being depleted. God, she hoped no more of those will come, but she thinks it will be inevitable anyways.

"I need a glass of water… maybe there is some in the kitchen…" She got out of bed and looked outside. It was still very dark out, pretty much no sign of any sun in sight. Shrugging her shoulders, she figures it must be dark 24/7 here. Apli opened the door out of her room and headed to the kitchen.


It is 6:00 AM and Emmaline was sleeping on the couch. There really was no reason for her to be sleeping there, she just felt like it. The sun was rising and its rays entered through the window and illuminated the living room. It did not bother her as she just kept on sleeping.

Knock. Knock. Knock. The blonde was startled awake and she looked at the front door. She heard more knocking. Emmaline cursed under her breath and got up. It must be Annamile as she would show up earlier than requested. She walked over to the door and peeked through the eye hole. Not surprisingly it was indeed Annamile and the others.

Opening the door, she greeted them. Annamile greeted her back before heading inside with 2 other girls and a guy. The blonde shut the door behind them and proceeded to sit back on the couch.

"Things have been crazy this morning… actually all through the night…" said a girl named Primrose. She has violet hair with matching eyes and light skin. She appears to be in Fire robes, signifying that she is a Pyromancer. She looked pretty cute and was about around the age of 12.

"Right, Kacey?" Primrose turned to the girl named Kacey, who just nodded in response; not exactly have anything else to say really. She has jet black hair and blue eyes and light skin. Unlike Primrose, she was wearing Ice robes, signifying that she is a Thaumaturge. She looked about 15 years old.

"Yeah, crazy stuff, man. Word's gone out that Apli has awakened and the whole city was scared. Scared like Mooses. Speaking of Mooses… man what animals they are… Radical" said a boy named Dylan. He looked to be a strange but interesting fellow. He had a mop of black hair on his head that change in whatever direction it pleases it seems. Dylan was a bit muscular, but it didn't really show that much even though he was so tall, like about 5 foot and 11 inches.

He has brown eyes, pretty pale skin with a bit of a tan, skinny, and he appears to be wearing black robes with a black and white hat with a feather on top and black and white boots. On first glance, many can assume he is a Death student.

Annamile pushed her purple haired locks away from her face and behind her ear. "Yeah," ignoring the part about the Mooses her boyfriend was talking about. "The whole city is on high alert. Ambrose had to shut down the Spiral Door within Bartleby. Now nobody can get in or out. Only we get the exception."

"Hmm…" Emmaline crossed her arms in thought. She knew the city would react like this. She had to stop this madness soon… but where would she go to find Apli? It's not like she has a tracking device on her or something. "We must silence her for good. That girl can cause a lot of damage without even lifting a finger, given the chance…"

"Hell ya, sistah! She's a SCAARRY LAAADY!" Dylan said almost sarcastic like, "Even manly men are scared of her, I bet she don't like them bananas if you know what I mean. Haha."

Emmaline facepalmed at his joke but smiled nonetheless. Primrose looked at the staircase that led up to the second floor of the house. "Brooke… still sleeping?" She asked in a child-like voice.

"Yeah she's still sleeping…" Emmaline got up from the couch and looked out the window. She sees a lot of people securing their houses with wood and other traps as if Apli was just going to come in and wreck their lives. "I wonder what we're going to do first. Ambrose, knowing him, has already contacted the other 6 members of the Council of Light…"

"It's not like we have any idea where Apli would go. She can't come in here because of the Spiral Door being blocked off…" The blonde placed her hands behind her back as she stared at people running about and trying to protect their homes from a possible threat.

"Um… well if I were her…" Annamile started as she started pacing around the room, "And if I wanted to get revenge… I'd start by trying to power myself up in an environment that is of use to me…"

"Oh you mean that place with the Dinosaurs in it… that place is scary…" Primrose remarked, "I think it was called, "Jurassic Park…" I think it was created from the movie of the same name… it also appeared in that one movie called One Weird Band of Heroes…"

"Oh yeah… Jurassic Park… that place was only created 15 years ago after the Movie aired…" Annamile remembered, thinking back on the place. She had been there herself and while the place was certainly fascinating and amazing… there were just way too many dinosaurs there for comfort. All of them looked like they could swallow them whole given the chance…

"Then… that's where we'll go. After breakfast we head over to Jurassic Park… hopefully Apli will be there… and if she is…" Emmaline took out the Sword of Suns from her backpack and armed herself with it. "Her head will be cut off…"

"YEAH BABY!" Dylan yelled as he did an airguitar, "Let's get ready to rock! WOO!"


Apli, Alice, and Ahisa were all sitting next to each other in the Dining Hall. Across from them were the other 3 members of their team. They were all waiting for Mael, who was still in his office doing who knows what.

The red head sighed and looked at her Scythe and Dino Blade she had acquired from Mael just a half an hour ago before he went to his office to do some stuff. The weapons she held her hand were certainly familiar and did feel quite right in her hands. She felt a strong urge to destroy things while dual wielding both deadly weapons.

The Scythe was black and sharp to the touch. Dark auras seem to be emanating from it. The Dino Blade was carved from a T-Rex Bone with teeth from the T-Rex attached to it, making any cut jagged and fatal.

"How long do we have to wait for him?" Jacqueline asked. She appeared to be slim and tall with long black hair that mostly covered in the shroud of a blue long-sleeved t-shirt underneath her black vest. She has pale skin, piercing blue eyes, and this black ninja mask that covers the lower half of her face. Also she was wearing matching long pants and boots. She looked about 17. Jacqueline or Jackie is a Conjurer.

"I don't know the answer to that… you know how he is sometimes…" replied Gabrielle quietly.

Gabrielle is a short petite 15 year old girl with blonde hair tied into a pony tail, brown eyes, and slightly tanned complexion. She is wearing green and brown life robes.

"So… have you regained at least some of your memories at least, Apli?" Gabrielle asked in a caring tone. She wanted to know if she was regaining memories at a steady pace. If so, there is hope yet and she'll remember everything soon enough. She'll definitely help her regain those memories if she can.

"Yeah it kind of sucks that you don't remember us, man…" said Patrick in a sad tone.

Patrick is a 17 year old balance student. He has short strawberry blonde hair, cerulean eyes, fit figure, healthy tan, and wears green robes.

"…" Apli didn't say anything. She wasn't quite sure what to say if she was honest to herself. She only regained 2 memories, both of which were horrid and had something to do when she was a wee child. Talking about it now seems like a bad idea to her.

"No," She said simply, lying under teeth. Apli was glad that no one picked up her lie and said nothing about it.

Patrick reached over and gently patted Apli's hand to comfort her. "Well we are for you. A team like us always looks out for each other. So we'll help you gain your memories while we do our job at the same time…"

Apli gave him a bright smile. "Thanks"

The speaker above them turned on and the sounds of Mael's voice was heard. All of them looked up at it and listened to what he had to say. "It turns out I'll be in my office for quite a while. GOD DAMMIT!" The sounds of crashing and hissing were heard. "Uh… ignore that. I'll explain everything to Apli and you all later today after you head to Neo Wizard City first. She needs to talk to Issac Dino about the whereabouts of her T-Rex and gain some spells from the other professors there. Be sure to show her around there!"

"Understood!" Everyone but Apli shouted as if Mael could hear them, which he did.

"Good. Come back in 1200 hours… that's military time to you! Over and out!" The Speaker turned off and all of them stared at one another.

"I need some new… spells? What's wrong with the deck of spells I have now?" Apli questioned, quite confused.

"I don't know! We just follow his orders. Whatever he is planning, we don't question it as they are usually successful… except the last mission we had." Ahisa said with a frown, but then quickly turned that frown upside down. "YAY! We're finally going to do something after more than a year!" She giggled like a school girl and hummed as she made her way to the Entrance Hall.

"She's energetic today…" Jacqueline remarked, getting up from her chair.

Sigh… I wonder what awaits me today…? Apli thought as all of them followed Ahisa to the Entrance Hall to start their 'first' mission… if they can call it that.


There you have it. By the looks of things, it may get darker in near future chapters. However, I won't tell you right away when that is. Stay tuned. Yes I did make a couple of references to my other stories. Is that so wrong? To answer another possible question, no, this is Alternate Universe. Only the EWA stories are connected, this and OWBoH are not connected.

Anyways, see ya next chapter!