For those who have never seen the world of Lost Saga, it is made up into 6 categories. The Melee's, The Range, The Magi, The Special, The Premium and the Rare.


The Melee's are a genetic breed of warriors whose skills are directed froward at a close range. People like Knights and Boxers and other martial artists fall under this category. Melee's are consider the strongest of the hero classes because of the fact that they can have a range of excruciating power and speed. They were the ones who created the triangle of power, theoretical triangle that shows a heroes greatest strengths and weaknesses. The melee's are universally weakest in comparison to range's, and strongest against the magi.


The Range's are also a genetic breed of warriors, but have obtained a more concentrated skill with a weapon that devises a long distance. People in history like Robin Hood and Clone Troopers fall under this category. What Range's don't have in long distance power, they make up for in minor short distance strength and accuracy in a long-range of distances. In the triangle of power, range's are universally the weakest against the magi, but strong against the Melee's.


The Magi's (Mage's, Sage's, Magicians, Magic's, etc.) are a somewhat genetic breed of warriors, but have obtained the knowledge of the worlds non-living features and turned it into a strength. People like nurses and sorcerer's fall under this category. Ranges tend to create add-on effects to all of their attacks to do more damage than those of other classes. In the triangle of power, Magi have strength against those who can commit to long-range sneak attacks, but spend so much time focusing on the far ahead, threat they forget to see whats in front of them, already hitting them while they are performing enchantments and other worldly spells.


The special's are not a genetic breed of warriors, because nobody can truly classify them as one of the previous three categories of people. People like rock stars and werewolves fall under this category. A special hero is put in the center of the triangle of power, because they have enough power to destroy the three other types, but at the same time could be weaker. They have no defined fighting style that can be said for all special heroes.

Premium's are also not a genetic breed of warriors, but are so powerful that they are almost confused for a genetic breed. People from Premium worlds met, and ganged together in a rage against the world, all sorts of people like fantasy archers or anchor carrying pirates. In the theoretical triangle, Premiums are put on the outside of the triangle, because they have so much strength that they overpower the other hero classes. They have mixed fighting style combinations, such as people who are a combo of Magi's and Melee, Range's and Melee, or Magi and Range's.

Rare's are ancient warriors, and have so much strength that nobody can stand up against one of them. It is for that reason that they stay solitude, only trying to survive at their own advantages. Rare's are born from the ashes of powerful gears, and have the mind sets of those who fell in those ashes. People such as Chi masters and ancient demons fall under this category. They have a super-defined fighting style, so strong that rare people have ever mastered their will of fighting. They are theoretical emotionless.

The Purpose of Gear
Gears are strength in what you carry on you. Gears are things from the clothes you wear, the hats you hold, the belts on your waist and the stuff in your hands. Every gear has a skill, and every skill has a separate ability. Weapon skills define the hero's class, and like all gears are used differently depending on the skill they have as a warrior. Clothing skills define the character of a hero, and their back stories. They are used depending on how much heart a hero has. Belt skills or Trinket skills define a characters mind, and how well they use it when under pressure. The stronger a will to protect you have, the better your trinket skill will be. Finally, there is the hat or helmet skill, which defines the style of a hero. The stronger in strength a helmet is, the more style is hidden underneath.

Now that I have explained a small back story to the heroes, allow me to explain why I, am explaining this all to you.

Kids all across the world play lost saga. Kids all across the world have always dreamed of putting their own hero into lost saga, and how that would change the fun of the game. Special Forces Units all over the game have denied of this for quite some time. They have managed the gate up until this point. Somehow, the ideas have now outgrown the population of the special forces, and the Time Gate is acting odd. When the heroes come together for training in HQ, they noticed that in the center of all the Time Gates polls, was a small little white crack. On the other side of this white crack, is the life of every idea that has ever been created, but unrecognized.