"Devon!" I screamed. I could hear his whelping squeals of pain from where I was standing. I was slightly weak, but couldn't stand helpless at the face of danger. I had to act, here and now. We all gathered our things and ran on foot towards the freshwater ocean that held the biomedica that was essential to save my life earlier. I had to be careful, even now. The roads were still thin, holding that demon water from hell on either side.

Another scream was let out, and this time, it was stronger. Devon was getting weaker and weaker every moment, and here I was dily-dallying. I rubbed my rabbit's foot, and started running. It suddenly didn't matter that I was so close to the black water, because my foot was letting me run over the black water, as if it were solid concrete. I was moving faster, and I could feel myself getting closer to Devon with every pant I let out.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaa!" Devon yelled. I pushed harder, ignoring the pain, the fatigue, the emotions and the utter weakness. Devon was in need, and that's all that mattered now.(Hmm, I wonder, has Amy has ever felt like this?) The density in the air was getting stronger, and my heart rate felt like it was way beyond 200 bpm. I wanted to scream for him, just to let him know that I was on my way to help him. A part of me wouldn't let me do so.

Finally, the beach. Along the roads, the water got brighter, and eventually formed a bluish color around the road that had been gradually changing to a pier as I progressed forward. I stopped, and stepped into the warm sand. I looked around for Devon with a fluttering heart. Devon, where the heck are you?

It took a few moments, but my heart stopped, just as the rest of me did. Looking up, I could see Devon being held up by the sea. I walked over slowly, trying not to draw attention to myself. Devon wasn't moving, but he was dangling. Behind the water were two shadowy figures I couldn't make out. They seemed to be controlling the water around him.

"Well, you were such a valiant fighter Devon,but you were no match for the gods of the sea. Enjoy your last moments, just as you have seen them time and time before, for tonight is your final requiem." The manly figure said deeply. The two shapes fell gradually into the sea,using the water to hurl Devon into one of the buildings lining the beach. He rolled down,lying on the shoreline gasping for air. i ran to him, hoping that there was someway that I could aid him. I looked hard at him.


"Jenna, is that really you?" I looked at him harshly, looking for any serious injuries. I knew it was already too late when I saw a puddle of blood start to form around his chest and his legs.

"So... this is what you saw, huh." He nodded yes. I turned my head away from him, and then stared into my coin.

"The coin I gave you when we first met, it was a special coin. It was designed to do anything that the user set its mind to. The only problem was, the only girl I found to use it and trust me, I fell in love with."

"Devon, we need to get you to Amy, she needs to heal you!"

"There's no time Jenna. Please, I've seen this happen in the coin, and I don't wish to see it any other way. The coin showed me die, right here in the sand with you Jenna. The shamrock opened up, and I saw you there right by my side. Please, come closer to me." I got onto my knees, he flipped over onto his side and gave me his hand.

"Jenna, you need to finish my journey for me."

"Don't say things like that. I don't want to believe this is where the story ends. I don't want it to end here, with you dying in my arms. You are going to live."

"No Jenna, I'm not. Don't go making foolish promises you know you can't keep. That's what happened between me and Sandy, and you saw what happened to her."

"Please Devon, you need to stay strong." I threw one of my coins into the air from the slot machine, setting it on fire. The light from the coin would act like a flare,so the others would nowhere to look for me.

"Jenna, listen to me. You need to hear what I am about to say. Whatever happens, you need to be strong for me. It's funny, but I guess you can say that my luck just ran out." He laughed faintly, but all I could do is cry. "Jenna, if I do die, just as I saw it, then there are a couple of other things you need to hear, and I don't know how long I have left to say them."

"Please Devon, what could possibly be going on in there?" He smirked, reaching for his tie. He took it off, and then spewed purple smoke from his hands. A coin and his lucky rabbits foot appeared when the smoke subsided.

"You are my Sandy, a girl that I could be myself around. We may not have had a long romantic life, but there was one there. We met at the Casino that allowed people like us to play for free. I swore to myself I would be your lucky charm. So please, I want you to have mine." He gave me his charm, then gripped his chest. His end was waddling near, and the pain was starting to settle in. Tears welled up in his eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes.

"Oh Devon, how did this ever happen. It's all my fault." he smiled at me.

"It is your fault Jenna. It's your fault for being so lovely all the time, that I fell in love with you the moment I saw you." Our eyes met, and a warm feeling surged through my body, along with the grief and misery.

"I love you too." He wrapped his hand over my hair, sealing his love for me in one last kiss. The kiss was romantic, and felt breathtaking. I closed my eyes, wrapping my arms around him. After a moment, he pulled back, and smiled.

"May the light of my love, be your guiding light." He closed his eyes, exhaling his final breath. The last expression that he made, was a smile. I felt the blood in my hair, and cried, remembering all the moments that we spent together as a couple. The casino, the date at the coffee shop, our whole journey up until this point. Even with a lack of time together, my love for him was quiet and strong. He will always be my beacon of light, and always in my heart.

This war of Order, Legion, Ordegion or whatever you called it against the Idealnomes like us had to end. That was my dying wish for him.

Amy made it with the other out of the mess of speed that I left behind trying to get here. They only had to look at the blood in my hair to know that Devon was lifeless next to me.

"Oh no, we were too late." Yukia said.

I turned to them, running into their arms. "He knew this was going to happen,and he let himself die. It'-It's... Oh my god. Where's Joe?" I sobbed.

Amy looked around the beach where she stood, and tried to comfort me. She too was bawling her minds out. Yukia advised her to let it all out, and we all cried in a huddle together.

"Joe!" Amy cried. "You were all the family that I had left, and now I can't find you. They killed you didn't they. Oh, how awful!" She was an emotional wreck, just like me. She sat back, and we all sat back together as a group. She walked to the shoreline, and picked something from the beach and walked over to us.

It was Joe's gun. Joe's bloody gun.

Secret #5

. . .With love comes loss. With loss comes hope. With hope comes determination. With determination comes dreams. With dreams comes reality. With reality comes the future. In the future, there is sorrow, and in sorrow we find love.

. . .May the hearts of the fallen, be a sign to the Timegate. The first to die unwillingly within the gate, is the beneficial boyfriend, and the punk brother. They meant the world to this cycle. This cycle affects all people. Even the weak, the eager and the truly evil.

. . .Love is unending, and is always in your heart somewhere.