I got up and onto my feet, and Tsabukai walked in with a blank face. She looked around, then eyeballs me. She seemed different. Her hair seemed a lot more stiff, her eyes were less exaggerated as usual. Even her stare didn't look like her. Something didn't feel right in the air either. The air was tense, and full of high pressure. She pulled out her bow and then drew an arrow.

"I'm sorry Jenabell, for my intruding, my spying, my acknowledgment of your kind existence, but I am going to have to kill you." Tsabukai said in a soft tone.

"Is everything alright Tsabukai? That doesn't sound like you at all." I said.

"You have underestimated me my friends, since the conflict and the divide, everything is too real. I have a short list of people who are allowed to live in this city, and you are not on this list." My mind suddenly flickered on. I just realized that she was being literal in what she was saying.

"Tsabukai, don't play games with me. What's going on." I said. She drew back an arrow and Devon backed up. She put down her arrow and looked at me.

"I'm sorry, but were going to have to kill you Jennabell, you are not one of us. You are an Idealnome to the world, and Ragna will not allow one of them to exist on our city." Tsabukai said. I stepped back in disbelief.

"Tsabukai, what's going on. I just don't understand. I can't be an Idealnome because I have lived here for my entire life. The Timegate has let out the Idealnomes, while I was born this way!" Hell, We saved your life not that long ago before the other Idealnomes even started surging out of the gateway! Is this how you repay your debts Tsabukai, with killing those who you hold nearby. Is this how you plan to repay Devon and I!"

Tsabukai pulled her arrow back again. "Tsabukai, what are you doing!? Why are you doing this?" Devon yelled. Tsabukai summons a light veil around her bow, holding the arrow to the ground.

"It is the will of Ragna that I do that such thing to you both. I only partake in this brutal shot by his will against Idealnomes. As a friend, I am ending your lives now quickly and painlessly so you don't have suffering in your near future." She holds up her bow, aiming the arrow directly at me. "I know this is not the ending you wished to have, and it's probably a little sad, but I cannot deny the will of Ragna, my superior." The string is pulled back even further, the arrow tip glowing a line of sight, hitting me right in the chest. I am paralyzed with fear.

"Farewell my friends. May we meet again in another life." The sound of the arrow's release is let out. I closed my eyes, awaiting the weapon to pierce through my heart, and catch my last breath, as it is released with a single shot. I awaited my remorse, my last requiem. I opened my eyes at the sound of an explosion. Had the arrow been an exploding arrow, determined to strike fear and damage? I was still standing, without an arrow in my chest.

"Jennabell. You're... alive?" Devon said in confusion. i looked to the ground at a disintegrated arrow tip. Smoke rose from the pile of ashes left behind. The trail was traced to a nearby table in the corner of the room. A man and a woman stepped out, revealing themselves.

The woman wore a white button down, long-sleeved blouse and a black skirt about as high up as half of her thigh. Around her left leg was a gun holster. She wore black combat boots, and she wore her snow-white hair in a long tied fashion over her pale skin.

The man wore a black, ripped T-shirt with a skull tatoo on his right bicep. He had a gun holster around his right leg. Along his blue jeans and black army boots were designs of silver flames and other punk tattoos. He wore his bright red hair in a waste long ponytail over his darker skin.

In both of their hands was a weapon that I had not recognized before, a midnight black gun with silver lining. The gun had smoke trailing from it and into the ashes. "Lets not share any bloodshed now." the man said. I couldn't help but smell his honey scented breath.

"What business do you have in interrupting in our affairs in New Ordegion! Explain yourselves or be slaughtered like a pig!" Tsabukai shouted. The girl took a step up.

"Simple answer really." The girl said in a british accent. "You want to take her away from the world for being different, you know, lock away their souls to the great beyond when they have done nothing wrong except learn a newer technique during her natural-born existence. Is it because of fear of our new-found strength, or is it because we're just different? Maybe we know things. Maybe your precious leader Ragna, is just scared that we know his fears and weaknesses."

Tsabukai stood idle, finally looking away, and firing an arrow at the man behind the woman who just defended us. Without hesitation, and at a lightning speed, he hold\s up his gun and an explosion erupts from the gun. The blast both disintegrated the arrow, and knocked Tsabukai into the wall immediately next to the door.

The woman walks up to Tsabukai, ans stares at her muttering something out loud. "You want to know something woman? I hate angelic she beasts who are just like you. When I was young and in high school, I walked home from school, and you people made me watch an arrow strike her heart. My mother's heart. She was all that was left with me since my father died. I've waited so long to have a revenge shot for my mom." She holds her finger over the trigger and aims it at Tsabukai. Tsabukai tries to free herself from the wall with no luck. Her eyes widen in fear.

"I should have found a way to kill you when you killed my mother. I should have found a way. But~" She stops and looks at Tsabukai. "What is that around your neck?" she asks. She wrapped her finger around one of her hairs, and pulled it out of her head. Tsabukai suddenly passed out. The woman walked behind a wall, and out of nowhere it collapsed into a barrage of explosions. The words "revenge shot" had been yelled out just seconds before the explosion. The woman pulled the gun into the gun holster and walked over the body of Tsabukai. The moved away some of her hair and frowned at her.

"I should have figured when I say the eyes. She has a silver Mantixipclicle hair. Her body is surprisingly pale and her neck is engraved in a rose. It looks like our friend here had not been actually under Ragna's full will. I believe that somehow the Timegate is causing this, maybe even Rachel Allucard." Devon walked towards the woman.

"What's a mantid- whatever you called it hair? and why di you make such conclusions?"

"A Mantixipclicle hair is a hair connected to the thought processes of your instincts. When it turns silver, it means that there is a loss to this connection, but this hair can only turn silver if it is dyed, or you age to a point where you get white hair. The only exception left to this rule is being marked or controlled unwillingly, causing the hair to turn a pale white, confusing them into believing whoever's mark this is. And judging that this symbol is a rose, Rachel Allucard is probably behind the cause of this. The sudden . ?docid=29846879ce of the Timegate's flow in energy could have caused an infrared disorder in a vampires mind, such as Rachel." The woman paused.

"Grab your gear, we need to escape this Twilight zone drama before we realize how many other people could have been infected."

"We don't even know who you two are!" I yelled. The woman looked at me hesitantly.

"I am a free spirit. The name is Amy Marie Walker, and this is my brother, Joe Walker."

"Uh guys, I don't mean to alarm you" Joe said "but it seems you revenge shot has awaken the city. I hear sirens going off. We need to move now if we don't want to get interrogated, or possibly affected by the same fate as your friend here." I looked out side and heard the blares of alarms and sirens. These sirens only went off in the case of a threat or an emergency. We were that threat. Devon threw my a change of clothes from his coat, and we ran out into the city.