Rating: PG-13

Summery: (The Sequel to Branching Towards You)
Tony and Steve's six month anniversary is coming up, so it's time for a trip! At first, Tony was just planning the trip to Disney World for him and Steve...but then he realized Disney World could be the perfect place for a certain Scientist and Archer to finally get together. Tony hatches up another crazy plan and invites all of the Avengers to Disney World with him and Steve...this will be interesting. Oh and guess who crashing the party? Loki!

Couple: Steve/Tony, Clint/Bruce,

Authors: TeamLadyCay (caycullen: Cayla and ladyofgeekdom: Nicole)

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Branching Towards You 2: The Vacation That Changed Everything


Cayla & Nicole

Chapter Two: Who knew Natasha was a fangirl?

Tony grinned when Steve kissed him on the cheek. He assumed that if Steve was mad at him before, it was all forgiven now.

"I'm the best." Tony gloated to Clint, who rolled his eyes.

Clint was about to go to the bar, but saw that Loki was there. There was a very high chance he would kill Loki, so he looked to Bruce for help.

"Could you go get me a drink?" Clint asked hopefully. "I would get it myself, but the other brother is over there." He said with a sigh.

Loki smirked at Clint's remark. It was satisfying to know that he made such an impression on him.

Bruce laughed at Clint. "Quite mature of you, Clint." He teased. He offered him a small smile. "Sure, I'll be right back." Bruce walked over to the bar and grabbed two wine glasses and filled them up with red wine.

They were in the air now, which they were all thankful to be. They would be in Florida in about 5 hours, but it would be a long flight to most of them. Well, maybe not Tony and Steve, who seemed absolutely smitten with each other.

Tony and Steve sat on the couch beside each other, Steve wrapping an arm around him. "I'm happy that you're excited." Tony told Steve with a bright smile. He really wanted to kiss him, but knew very well that Steve wasn't into PDA ever since everyone found them in the woods together.

"I'm happy that you did this for me." Steve answered his boyfriend. "This is really great. I can't believe that we're all here again." He turned to Tony and gave him a serious look. "Thank you so much." He pecked him lightly on the lips and pulled away shyly.

Tony smiled brightly and gave Steve a kiss on the cheek, as if thanking him for giving him a kiss on the lips in front of their friends. He remembered the second part of his surprise; the Disney movies in his bag.

"Let's watch some TV!" Tony called.

"NO!" Clint cried. He stared back at Natasha who had a sly grin. In her hands were two DVD boxes. "Please tell me that the DVD player is broken." He begged Tony.

Tony turned his head to look at Clint with a raised eyebrow. "Do you seriously think I own anything broken?" He asked.

Natasha grinned that devilish grin of hers. The one that could be read as her hiding a secret that no one else knew about. "I brought Supernatural." She stated and, without any direction at all, found the DVD player. "And Sherlock." She added.

"I've heard of that. The TV show, right?" Tony asked as he snuggled closer to Steve.

"Yup." Natasha answered.

"But what's Supernatural?" Tony and Steve asked in unison. They paused and turned towards each other and smiled.

"It's a show about angels, demons, and demon hunting brothers…and overall gayness, which is awesome, but, still…I'm getting sick of the damn show. She makes me watch it like it's the damn news or something." Clint muttered. He sat down on the couch.

Bruce came back with their drinks and sat beside him. "Thanks, Doc." Clint said with a wink. He turned to look back at the bar, only to see Thor trying to speak with his brother, who must have been on his third glass.


"Why are you not having fun?" Thor asked, honestly upset that Loki wasn't happy.

"You bring me on a trip with people who hate me and I hate them just as equally and you don't see anything wrong with the picture?" Loki snapped.

Thor frowned. "I did not know they would be here." He argued. "But, regardless, Loki, my friends are kind enough to accept your company."

Loki laughed at his brother's lie. "They're avoiding me." He informed him.

"Only because you're harsh with them." Thor added.

"But I actually thought I was doing alright this time." Loki sighed. "I only insulted half of them!"

"Why did you have to insult them at all?" Thor asked with a hurt expression. "Loki, these are my friends, if you're nice to them, they will grow to like you." Thor assured him, placing a hand on the back of his neck.

Loki crossed his arms and muttered something that couldn't be heard. He pushed past Thor and sat down in an empty seat.


Natasha cast a look between Tony and Steve. "Tony, you remind me of Dean. And Steve reminds me of Cas."

Tony raised an eyebrow at her and Steve tilted his head. "What?" They both said. Steve laughed and hugged Tony closer to him.

Natasha glared at Clint. "As I told you before, it's not a show…" She paused. "It's a lifestyle." She said, in a slightly dazed tone.

Everyone froze in place and turned to her. This was weird. Not only was she was a master assassin, Natasha Romanov was a calm-and-collected person with a icy exterior. And here she was, revealing her inner...fangirl.

Natasha's eyes widened and she turned around, blushing furiously. "Just pick a damn show." She groaned.

"Which ever one that you want, Natasha." Tony said. "Me and Steve don't care either way." He assured her and hugged Steve close. He was glad to be in relationship where you knew what the other was thinking without asking.

"You two can't be making out during the whole thing!" Clint ordered, after taking a sip of his wine. He let his arm fall around Bruce subconsciously. "You have to suffer like I do." Clint mumbled.

"We're not going to make out!" Steve said defensively. He pointed at the wine in Clint's hand. "Also, just want to add, you'll probably be too drunk to understand what's going on anyways."

Seeing Clint's arm fall around Bruce was evidence enough. Tony grinned up at Steve knowingly. Steve chuckled and nodded at Tony.

Clint then realized that his arm was around Bruce. "Wow, um, I'm sorry, Bruce." Clint said. He quickly pulled his arm away, blushing madly.

"Oh! It's..uhmm..It's perfectly alright, Clint." Bruce said with a blush. He didn't mind the contact. In fact, he enjoyed it.

"I'm not drunk!" Clint argued. But, he really must have been, if he let a slip up like that happen. It had been so comfortable and felt so incredibly right that he didn't even notice what was wrong until he thought about where his arms was.

Bruce chuckled at Clint reaction. He had already drank his first glass of wine, so he took the glass away from him. "You've had enough, Cupid." He said with a fond smile. He stood to go put the glass away and quickly returned to sit beside Clint.

Natasha sighed. "Alright, girls…we're going to start off with Sherlock." she said. "Each episode is about an hour and a half long, but it will be good to transition into Supernatural."


Thor came and sat beside Loki. He smiled, happy to be around his friends again. "What are we watching?" He asked.

Tony was about to explain, but Natasha gave him a glare before he even tried. "Ask the fiery red head." He said and looked up at Steve. "She's starting to scare me with this fangirl thing." Tony whispered.

"She heard that." Clint laughed. If he heard it, there was no doubt that Natasha heard him too.

Tony laughed. "Steve, don't let her kill me." Tony joked and hid his face in Steve's chest.

Loki just sat there. These people were far too childish to not to be actual children. He was smiling very slightly at the scene. His smile—if you could even call it that—was so small that only Thor would have noticed if he was really looking.

Natasha furrowed her eyebrows. "See? This is why I enjoy spending time with Pepper." She said, rolling her eyes. 'Even though she is so wrong for having her OTP be Wincest.' She cringed to herself.

She huffed and put in the first Sherlock DVD. "We're watching BBC Sherlock, Thor. It's about a man who solves crime cases with a retired army doctor." She explained.

"The dudes are also in love." Clint added.

Natasha pursed her lips, but didn't deny his comment.

Clint shook his head, realizing that everything and everyone around them was becoming insanely homosexual. He fixed his eyes on Bruce and felt his heart start pounding. 'Fuck…'

Loki was interested to see these crime solving men, they sounded intriguing.

"Men in love, fighting evil? I like it!" He took Loki's wine glass and threw it onto the ground. "Start the picture!" Thor said excitingly.

Steve laughed. "No, I used to read the books when I was little." He said. "John Watson ends up marrying a wo-"

"-Uhhh, a man named Sherlock Holmes!" Clint shouted, waving his hands in defense. Oh God. If Natasha had heard him finish what he was about to say... He cringed. Dammit! Why did she have to be so obsessive with fictional couples?

"No she-"

"-Steve, baby, she will kill you if she finds that out." Tony whispered to Steve, cutting him off. Tony knew very well that in the book that John Watson married a woman named Marry. He had read the books as a kid. "And FYI Clint, she dies." Tony whispered back to Clint, who's eyes went wide.

"You think I care? I seriously will not have her flipping out again because her OTP is getting holes blown in its ship." Clint hissed in a whisper.

Tony knew enough about fangirls to know what ship, and OTP meant. Steve on the other hand...

"Her what? OTP?" Steve asked, confused.

"One true pairing." Natasha replied with a smile as she sat beside Bruce. "It means your favorite couple." Tony explained.

'Oh my God. That's terrible.' Steve thought to himself. "Oh…that's really interesting." Steve lied for Natasha's sake.

The opening scene began with John Watson's flashbacks to his time in the army. Steve had to admit that he already felt an attachment to John, due to obvious similarities. The opening credits began. Steve curled closer to Tony and continued watching.

The scene of Stamford introducing John to Sherlock unfolded. Bruce leaned over to Natasha. "Not even ten minutes in and already I like them together." He said, half serious, half teasing.

Natasha had to hold in her fangirl squeal at Bruce's comment. She knew it made non-fandom members freak out. So, she composed herself with a bright smile and said, "They are perfect together."

By the time they reached the scene where John and Sherlock we're eating dinner together, Tony called out to the entire room, "I ship it!"

"Shh! We're trying to watch!" Loki hissed back.

Steve smiled at Tony. "I like how even the landlady seems to support them together." He said. "It's like seeing our master assassin in the show." He whispered to Tony.

Tony laughed quietly before hugging Steve tighter. "I'm Sherlock, you're my John." He stated, kissing Steve's cheek.

Steve smiled. Although he was wary about watching the show, he decided that he really liked the modernized take on Sherlock Holmes. The close relationship between John and Sherlock was questionably endearing. As his cerulean eyes looked into Tony's large brown eyes, Steve couldn't help but think Tony would make the perfect Sherlock Holmes. "I ship it." He agreed with a grin.

Tony smiled up at Steve. "Good. I ship it too. And, most importantly, I ship you and me." He whispered before giving a quick kiss on the lips.

They reached the part with the glass vials in the two pills. Loki frowned at the cab driver. He felt sorry for him. The old man didn't seem that bad. Although, what he did to those people was terrible, his intentions related to his family. In Loki's opinion, the cab driver wasn't a bad guy; just someone who had an unfortunate turn of events.

Loki looked at Thor, who was watching the show with an intense stare. Loki's heart sank. Maybe he could be nice to his friends for his sake. "I apologize, Thor." He said.

Thor looked over at Loki with disbelief but, then, he smiled softly. Who knew that a tv show could make Loki apologize? Thor would have to figure out how to take this show back to Asgard.

"It's alright, I forgive you." Thor said. He put an arm around Loki, much like Steve was doing to Tony.

"Aw!" Natasha whispered to Bruce. She motioned toward Thor and Loki. 'The power of Sherlock is amazing!'

Bruce laughed. "I was actually thinking Supernatural would bring them closer together. That's about two brothers, right?"

"Oh. My. God. I did not even think of that! We'll put that in next!" Natasha said eagerly.

"She's losing it." Clint muttered and Bruce hit him playful.

"Be nice." He ordered and Clint smiled at him bashfully.

"Why can't they watch things quietly?" Loki asked Thor, who beamed at him. "We're not the quiet type."

The credits of Sherlock started rolling. "Yeah, that was fantastic. I'm actually surprised that you're not into Doctor Who." Bruce said.

"I really got into it after we-what?" Bruce asked Clint who stared at him wide-eyed, shaking his head. Bruce slowly nodded. Yeah...Natasha probably didn't need something else to fangirl over. "Oh, I mean, hey! Look! Here's Supernatural." Bruce said, grabbing the Supernatural DVDs. "I've been dying to watch this." He lied.

Natasha spun around eagerly and nearly tackled the box set out of the doctor's hands. She ran up to the DVD player and swapped the discs. "Oh, you guys are going to love this!" She squealed.

"Okay, Thor. Seriously. What happened to her?" Loki growled at his brother. "You can't possibly tell me that…THAT is the wench that outsmarted me on that flying contraption I was imprisoned on!" He raised a hand at Natasha who was giggling and squealing with excitement. "She has the mind and personality of a child! She was the only one that had potential." He paused, realizing he was being offensive again. "My sincerest apologies, brother."

Thor sighed. His brother wasn't doing too well with the attempt at being nice thing at the moment. But, Thor couldn't get mad at him. Loki had apologized, which was a gigantic step for Loki. Thor looked over at Loki and frowned. "I don't approve of what you said, but you apologized. Therefore, I am not upset with you." Thor decided.

"You're trying. That's a very good thing. You may be failing at your task at the moment, but you're trying which is much more than I thought you would do…thank you for apologizing." Thor said and gave Loki's shoulder a squeeze.

Loki felt his heart skip a beat. He couldn't explain it, but something about Thor thanking him made him feel something. 'No...I do what I want. Feelings are not going to get in the way of this.' Loki said to himself.

"You're welcome." Loki grumbled to his brother. His eyes averted to the screen as Supernatural started. He figured he would just insult the pretty boys that Natasha was fawning over. Thor wasn't friends with them, so, he didn't see how he could mess up there.

"Natasha, after this, we're watching Disney movies. I brought some because...I mean, hello, we're going to Disney. We're obligated to watch them." Tony said as if that should be obvious.

"Do you have Robin Hood?" Clint asked excitedly, causing Bruce to eye him curiously.

"What?" Clint asked. "I used to love that movie when I was a kid." He explained with a shrug.

"Is that the one with the fox as Robin Hood?" Tony asked. Clint nodded. "Brought it because I knew you'd probably be into that."

"Yes!" Clint cheered.

"I also brought Snow White." Tony said and looked up at Steve with a smile. "That was out in the 40's right?" He asked.

Steve smiled and nodded. "Yes. One of the first movies that I ever saw." He kissed Tony on the cheek. He couldn't believe that a man, who was so full of himself, was so caring when it came to him.

"Guys! Shush! It's starting!" Natasha barked.

Steve leaned over to Tony's ear. "Did I mention that you're the best?" He whispered.

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