I was dead on my feet. I was tired since Tuesday morning. And honey, Tuesday morning was three days ago. And this was Friday night. My shift was over and I was driving home, which, to give it to you straight was not safe for me or anyone else. Besides all of that I am in fact a good driver so I didn't think I would be in too much trouble. Oh boy! I was dead, dead, wrong.


That was the sound of my busted old car smacking into what had to be a stray animal. My car hit it and then skid to a smoky stop on the left side of the road. I hopped out, snatching my keys and purse on the way.

Something was whining on the other side of the road. It lay on its back, moving side to side in pain. I say It because I didn't know what the hell it was. It wasn't a cat, dog, or any other domestic animal. And it sure was not a deer. Having seen my fair share of horror movies I could have put bank on it that it was a werewolve. I could have smacked myself having such thoughts. Vampires existed, not them.

I hit whatever the hell it was so It became my responsibility. I stepped forward. And was stopped immediately with a cold hand on my forearm.

"The dog doesn't need your help." A cool voice whispered in my ear. The man, whoever he was was close enough that I felt his chest against my back. His voice was smooth, sensual, and just the sound of it made my nipples pebble.

I couldn't find anything smart to say. And my word of the day had been "lascivious". That wasn't any help. "I hit It." Is what I finally came up with.

The man's arm slid around my waist, his hands splayed across my stomach and I became putty. "You are sleepy."

I nodded my head. I was sleepy.

"So why don't you just go ahead and go to bed?" He said to me. His voice was so soft, so alluring. I just wanted to listen. Fall to sleep.

The Thing whined again, shaking. I stepped forward again.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Come here." He whirled me around in his arms. We stood face to face, chest to...stomach. He was tall. His mouth came down on mine. And baby could he kiss. If I was sleepy, his lips sure did wake me up. His tongue licked at the inside of my mouth, playing with my tongue. His teeth nibbled on my lips. He ruled me, devoured me. And I couldn't keep up. My legs buckled beneath me and I gave in to him. The fog that started up Tuesday came back and all I wanted to do was sleep.

"I could drink you dry right now." The alluring man said to me. I looked up, and up so more at him. He had blue eyes just like mine along with blonde hair that fell just above his shoulders. His lips that had just been on mine were plump and kissable. I had just gotten proof.

I shook my head. "Don't."

His hand snaked into my hair, loosening the ponytail. "You're beautiful."

I was too sleepy to speak in sentences. "Thanks."

"What is your name?" He asked me. Those eyes were hard to deny an answer to.

"Sookie Stackhouse."

"Why do you smell the way you do?"

I tried to move my shoulders in a shrug but I couldn't.

"What are you?"

"Waitress." I replied breathlessly.

"You're going to be mine." He rasped. "Do you hear me?"

I heard him alright, but I passed out before I could respond.

I woke up to pounding on my door. I rolled over in bed and almost fell out of it. My cat, Tina, meowed angrily at me from the floor. Clearly ticked off at me for the loud knocking, as if it was my own doing. The pounding at the door continued.

I cursed whoever beating on my poor old door several times as I pulled on a pair of pants. I checked myself in the mirror and was stunned to see that something was written there. In bright red lipstick (my lipstick) the message said:

Sookie, your car is gone. You hit a deer on the side of the road. Car broke. You walked home. - Eric

Who in the hell is Eric? I didn't have time to think about who Eric was and how he had gotten into my home.

I checked the clock in the kitchen on my way to answering the door. It was only after eight a.m. I answered the door to find Bud Dearborne and Andy Bellefleur standing on my porch. They didn't look to happy to see me, which is a bit funny since they came to see me and not the other way around.

"Can I help y'all?" I didn't sound too happy either. Take that.

"Morning Sookie." Bud Dearborne greeted me with his small smile.

"What is your car doing on the side of the road Sookie?" Andy said, he snarled it like it was his car busted up on the side of the road.

You hit a deer. "I hit a deer." Car broke. "My car broke down so I left it where it was." My acting skills was sure being put to work. Lying to the police, my grandmother would beat me if she knew.

Andy tugged at the waist of his pants. "You hit a deer?"

I looked at Bud, who was the Sheriff. "Yes, I was driving home and it just came out of nowhere. My car isn't what you call brand new so it-"

"Bullshit." Andy spat, "We found blood on the front of your car, Sookie Stackhouse." He said my name like a teasing four year old.

He was beginning to really tick me off. "Deer bleed don't they Bud?" I asked him sweetly.

Bud was turning redder than a peach. I would be embarrassed of Andy's manners myself. "Why yes Sookie...they do. Look, we just came here to make sure you were..." His thoughts told me what they were thinking. They believed I had been killed. I sure hoped they didn't call Jason.

"Here I am. Alive. Did you tow my car?"

After a bit of talking Bud and Andy were off of my porch and heading far away from me. And I was glad for it. I had work tonight and I was going to need a few extra hours of sleep to do it. I fed Tina and then fell straight to sleep. When I woke up, oh, did I have a surprise waiting for me.

I woke up with a tweak in my back, and no pep in my step. I showered, dressed, applied my make-up and then remembered that I hadn't a car. I surely couldn't use my ten year old bike that still had the training wheels attached to Merlotte's.

Knock Knock.

Tina meowed at me as if to say, "Well aren't you popular."

I stepped around her to the door, I tried listening in on whoever was on the other side of the door but got nothing. I opened the door and had to step back in surprise. Suddenly the room turned over and the floor was beginning to seem closer and closer.

"Sookie." He gasped, and then he was there. I was safe in his arms, looking right into his baby blues.

"Who are you?" I asked, although I already knew. It was Eric. It was him. The one on the side of the road, and the one who wrote on the mirror in my room.

And he was a Vampire.

"Lover, you don't remember me?" He sounded downright hurt.

"How are you in my house? You can't come in unless I invite you in." I knew that much about Vampires.

"You did last night." He informed me. His hand roaming through my ponytail.

I was shocked, he was in my home, unfamiliar, and I didn't even mind. I felt myself wanting him to be there, I felt myself liking the way his arms held me. None of this was good news. I was getting myself in trouble. I could feel it.

"I have to get to work, and my car is...gone."

His lips lifted into one of the sexiest smiles yet, or that I believe I would ever see. "I got you one."

"What? No, I don't even know you." I was not a damn charity case.

"You will." He sounded very sure of himself too.

"I can't take a car from you, I don't-"

"You will take the car, Sookie, because I told you too."

Eric was pushy. "No, my-"

He growled, and he even did that sexy. "I ruined your other car, so I bought you a new one. See? I'm paying you back. You don't owe me."

I saw the logic in that. "Okay."

He rolled his eyes. "Humans." He muttered. "Let's go."

I grabbed my purse and keys and followed him outside. I had to stop in my tracks when I saw the car. It was a...

"It's a Dodge Dart, 2013. There aren't even out yet." He explained clearly happy with himself. Getting into the front seat. I slid into the passengers seat. "Do you like it?"

I wasn't going to lie. And plus it was a gift, I wasn't rude. "Yes."

"Good." He began pulling out of my driveway and then immediately stopped. "What in the hell is wrong with your driveway?"

It wasn't hard to notice the bumps and holes in my driveway. And I had the decency to be embarrassed. "I can't afford to fix it."

He made a noise of disgust in his throat. "Let's go. We have...things to talk about."

I nodded, trying to clear the fog out of my mind. We sure did have things to talk about.