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Eva slowly regained consciousness to a rocking motion and the soft creak of timber. That was strange, since she was pretty sure that her bed was a solid matress, rather than a hammock, and there were no trees near her bedroom window.

She regained consciousness a lot faster when one of the bodies nearby sat up with a loud shriek and started bouncing around. She was on the short side, but very colourful, with black hair that had been coloured green and pink in parts. "Oh, my god! I can't believe it's real! I mean, I know the crazy old lady showed up, but I didn't think it was serious!"

Eva could only blink as another girl woke up. She also shrieked, but was less excited and more nervous. Eva put that aside for now, trying to think of something to say. "Why do you have pink hair?"

The first girl stopped bouncing, which made the boat settle down a bit, and glared. "It's faded magenta, damn it! I'm Sydney, who are you guys?"

The other girl calmed down a bit. "Call me Lady Evanna. Um, you know that we're doomed, right?"

Eva and Sydney stared at her, but were stopped from replying by a boy entering. Through the open hatch, Eva caught a brief glimpse of a narrow walkway, rowers on each side. "Hi, all! We're nearly there! Is anyone else worried?"

Lady Evanna brightened, brushing her hair out of her brown eyes. "No! I emailed a few friends after I got the enrolment papers, since a few of them have been to another OFU, and one of them was hyperventilating when she called me back, before I fell unconscious and woke up here. From what I could get out of her, it's going to be a bit more life-like than we were imagining, but how bad can it be?"

Eva hoped that she wasn't like this all the time, and steered the subject away. "Have you seen the course list? Why do you think they had us put down whether we were noble, commoner or warrior?"

The boy shrugged. "I don't know, but I haven't seen many commoners around. There was one girl, and she said it was because if girls had to get married at 14 or 15, then at least commoners had a bit more choice in things. I'm Ian, by the way."

Eva smiled as a gentle thump indicated that the boat had docked. "I'm Eva, this is Sydney and Lady Evanna. I didn't see the course list yet, what do we have?"

Sydney flourished a piece of paper as the captain not-quite-threw them off, muttering darkly in Gaelic. "We're going to learn so much! Runes: Elder Furthark, Ogham, and their uses. Say It With Words: Medieval Scottish, Modern English, and why they are not mutually inclusive. A Day In The Life: Behaviour, Daily Routine and more…"

Eva peeked over her shoulder. "Weapons Training: No, it really does take practice. So we get to shoot and stuff like Merida?"

Yet another girl, this one carrying a spear, walked up to them. "In your case, I'd go with 'and stuff'. Come on, the orientation is about to start."

Eva ignored the sarcasm and followed the girl along a path toward the hills, where two castles stood.

They finally gathered in the courtyard of the smaller castle, where a tall, dark-haired woman was waiting for them. "Good afternoon, students. I am Miss Mairi, your Course Co-Ordinator, and this is the Official Fanfiction University of Brave, where you will learn to write acceptable fanfiction. Are there any inane questions you want to ask?"

Everyone instantly tried to ask questions at the same time, but a boy managed to shout over everyone else. "Will we get to bunk with the Characters? I can start to woo Merida!"

Since that was the question everyone wanted to ask, they settled down to hear the response. Miss Mairi smiled benevolently. It was a very forboding sight. "I suggest that you don't repeat that in front of any of the staff, especially the Princess herself. I'm sorry to say that the Staff Section is in a different building entirely, and there are guards to ensure than you cannot sneak out of this building, let alone into the Staff section. While I fully expect some of you to try no matter what I say, I strongly advise against it. You have been warned."

There was a depressed collective groan and a few fugitive looks from students already plotting a way around the restriction. Lady Evanna raised her hand, looking apprehensive. "When to we start classes? Will we have time to settle in first?"

Miss Mairi looked slightly less stern, probably pleased at having a sensible question to answer. "You will have the rest of today and tomorrow to settle in and learn your way around, but classes will start first thing the following morning, no exceptions."

She waved a hand in dismissal. "There is a list of dormitory arrangements and a map on the wall as you go through that door. There are no mixed-gender arrangements, and unless you are completely unable to tolerate each other to the point of injury, there will be no changes. You will find uniforms and a list of rules in your rooms, and I suggest you read the list carefully, because it will be enforced."

Ian raised his hand again. "Enforced by who?"

The boy was unfortunately tackled by a mass of dark fur roughly a metre high, which eventually resolved itself into two very small bears. Miss Mairi smirked. "A serious infraction will be dealt with by me or one of the Staff. Smaller problems will be dealt with by the Mini-Mor'du's, which are created every time a fanfic author spells a name wrong."

This time her smile was somewhat malicious as a number of students started to look guilty. "But I'm sure none of you had problems with that, when it is so easy to look up the spelling on an official fansite or novelization. Those two are Eleanor and Marada. You will most likely meet more throughout the year."

The students started to file into the main tower when the gates opened again, and three young men walked in. "Miss Mairi, Queen Elinor…"

They stopped dead as they took in the half-full courtyard. For a moment, everything was silent.

Then forty-odd students stampeded toward them.





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