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So without any further ado, here is the first chapter!

She knew that she shouldn't have done it. Looking back, it was the biggest mistake of her life. However, he step-father was enthusiastic and her mother was never very vocal about anything. It was enough to make the fourteen year-old future second generation star love the idea of spending the summer on the road with him. Maryanne, or Mary as she preferred to go by, may have been young, but she was tough. She and her brother had already began training, and it looked like she was going to be the more promising out of the two. She already knew the ins and outs of the business. Faces and heels, good guys and bad guys, heroes and villains. She was very intelligent for her age and it showed in the ring. She was a fast learner, and many said that she would be the future of the women's division of what was then known as the WWF.

Anthony Roberts wasn't ever that big of a star in his own right. He spent most of his career as a jobber and a complete joke. When he met his wife it was at a house show that she took her two children to. Mary was eight at the time and she was probably the most into his match out of everyone in the small venue. This caused Anthony, who had a ring corny ring name that no one cares to remember now, to go up to the small family and introduce himself. Needless to say, the single mother was impressed with his interaction with her children and jumped on it. Within the next year they were married and Mary found herself with a new sister. With Anthony on the road, and her mother working full time, nine year-old Mary found herself with the duties of raising her baby sister.

After a couple of weeks on the road, Vince McMahon agreed to allow Mary to join her step-father at ringside during what could be considered "safer" matches. This meant that she could only go out when Anthony faced faces or smaller guys, who in character, would never do anything to harm her. Sure, she was able to handle herself, but she still a teenage girl. The company could get sued if anything were to happen to her. As much as it made her pout, she understood the reasoning behind the conditions of her on screen time. She would get plenty of in ring time before the cameras and audience entered the buildings. A lot of the superstars were more than willing to work with her, showing her basic moves and some of their secrets of the ring along the way.

Earlier that year, Anthony faced a young talent, who showed a lot of promise. He took on Daniel Richards as his protege. This meant that he wasn't able to put all of his focus on Mary and Alex, but that didn't stop Mary from learning everything she needed to know. She went out of her way to approach the other superstars and most were more than happy to oblige. As the summer progressed, Mary and Daniel became close. She even joined him at ringside one night during RAW and left with him when Anthony came out for one of the matches that she wasn't allowed to stay for. Daniel was sweet, young, and completely naïve. At twenty-two, he was oblivious to most things around him. He didn't know how old Mary was, nor did he take the time to ask. She was mature for her age, but that was no reason to assume she was eighteen and old enough for him to pursue. But he didn't pursue her in a traditional sense. Daniel took what he wanted from Mary. Didn't ask any questions. Left when he was finished. The rest of that night was a blur for Mary. Her life would never be the same after this experience.

Sorry for the lack of interaction and dialogue. This was more of a prologue/setting up chapter. I promise that there will be more known faces and interaction starting with the next chapter! Let me know what you think!