Windhelm was a big place with many different cultural groups. Unfortunately, it was also a very racist place as well. Dark elves were refused jobs and their children were reduced to performing petty thievery or begging. This would be a bad thing to most children...

But not to Aventus. Every day he would thank Talos that Dark elf children were terrible at thievery.

In the center of the Market stood a Aventus, alone in a crowd, a devious smile on his face and a plan up his sleeve.

Taking a deep breath, Aventus scanned the area for potential threats. "THIEF!" Aventus shouted as he pointed at the first dark elf he could see.

Almost like a ripple in water, every Nord head in the area turned to face the dark elf with fanatical racism.

With every ones attention focused away from him, Aventus helped himself to a loaf of bread from the nearest stall.

Just as Aventus thought he was getting away, the guard standing next to him ended his invisibility spell.

The sudden appearance scared Aventus so much that he couldn't even scream.

The guard snatched Aventus' hand while he was still in shock and started walking towards the keep. "You're under arrest Aventus, no excuses." The guards voice was gruff and callous, hardened by many fights and battles. "We've been trying to arrest you for years now." The guards grip on Aventus' wrist was as tight and cold as steel, probably because it was steel gauntlets.

Aventus didn't struggle at all, instead he walked side by side with the guard, still holding the stolen loaf of bread in his free hand. "It was just one loaf. I'll pay my fine."

The guard shook his head. "Oh no kid, you're not out of trouble that fast. You hired the dark brotherhood to organize a murder years back. We can put you away just for that."

Mind racing, Aventus racked his brains for a way to escape legally, if he ran away from the guard, he would instantly be an official criminal and that wouldn't help anything, Jail wasn't an option either.

With his heart almost exploding from stress, Aventus spoke smoothly with his silver tongue, hiding his fear with ease. "Do you know why I've never been arrested before? a 15 year old boy who is a known dark brotherhood assistant?" Aventus spoke both snidely and condescending. "Please tell me, why am I not in jail already?" Aventus forced himself to stay calm, any panic would just make him seem like he was lying, which he was. But that wasn't the point.

The guards walk slowed. "Because you've never been caught stealing before..." His voice was cracking. A smile began to creep up on Aventus' face again.

Now Aventus really was truly calm. He knew he had won this battle of wits. "Oh no, I get caught all the time, but everyone knows that the Dark brotherhood is going to recruit me, any one who even tries to come near me gets killed. You know that... Right?"

The guard slowly stopped walking and slackened his grip slightly, the cold steel of his gauntlets no longer dug into Aventus' arm.

slipping a coin into the guards pocket, Aventus broke out of the guards grip. "That should cover my fine." he said quietly with a mouth full of bread.

With a spring in his step, Aventus walked back to his house, all around him people avoided his gaze and children would stop playing as he passed. Some stared at him, other tried their hardest not to stare.

it would be upsetting to any other teenager... But Aventus had long since stopped caring, instead he was enjoying the respect he was given. People were afraid of him so much that they wouldn't even raise their voice at him, let alone say anything bad about him. Aventus was all too aware of his position as a terror among the populace and he had grown to accept it as part of his life.

With a reputation that mothers/children and war veterans would hide from, it was quite a surprise to find a girl around his age standing outside his house dressed in red and black.

A flash of recognition entered Aventus' mind as he drew closer to her, it was Runa, an orphan like him.

"RUNA!" Aventus rushed towards her and hugged her, the black leather of her clothing was warm to touch and was surprisingly tough.

Her voice was familiar but chilling. "It's good to see you Aventus, but I'm here on official business..." Runa smiled politely and handed him a note.

Aventus casually opened the note and quizzically raised an eye brow, the note contained the words -It's time- and a black hand print in the center of the page.

"I suggest you get some sleep..." Runa smiled politely once again and walked away with all the confidence and grace of a noble. Aventus simply stood and watched, wondering what had happened to her since he was gone.

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