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You know how every little girl dreams about the day their prince comes and sweeps them off their feet, riding into their sunset on their white horse? That moment never came for me. But I did get my prince just in a kinda odd way. Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me rewind 3 months.

"Wait, waitYou'd do what to Mercedes?!" Quinn yelled to her twin brother in shock.

Okay, now youre probably wondering who the hell is Mercedes and who wants to do something to her. I have the honor of being said Mercedes and for me to answer who wants to do something to me, I'd have to go back even farther back in time. To a time when Lizzie McGuire was on Disney and Raven was a psychic instead of maybe she is, maybe she isn't lesbian. It all started in 1st grade with a simple purple balloon.

I was a quiet kid, not really wanting to hang out with the mini Barbie look alikes here in Lima. I guess you could say I was showing early signs of anti-social behavior, which I still suffer from today. In short, I didn't like people.

I wasn't mean about it, I was just kinda shy.

One particular day, after living in Lima for more than a month, my mother realized I hadn't talked about any friends. And I guess that was because I hadn't made any yet. Most of the kids were afraid of me because of who my father was. No, he wasn't a mob boss, or any other type of gangster. He was the one thing kids feared more than eating Brussels sprouts.

My father was a dentist.

In kid's eyes, he was the devil. There had even been a rumor going around that my dad kept the teeth he pulled from kid's mouths and made a necklace out of them.

Anyways back to my story, my mother thought it would be an excellent idea to give me a big purple balloon to use as a way to attract kids to me. Now that I think about it that was kind of a pedophile move. Like who thinks about attracting kids with balloons besides pedophiles, right? Any who, I went to school that Monday, my hair nicely pressed into perfect pigtails, my dress perfectly steamed and that damned balloon wrapped around my wrist. I was happy about it at the time, because it combined my two favorite things, purple and objects that defied gravity (we'll talk about my obsession of jumping off of things in attempts to fly later).

It all seemed like a bullet proof plan right?


Kids could be little ass holes. I walked into my classroom balloon in hand, wide smile of pride on my face and almost as soon as I sat down, Noah Puckerman, known as Puck now, used a pair of scissors to pop my balloon. Tears filled my eyes as I watched in slow motion as pieces of purple plastic hit the ground.

"Ha!" Puck said, teasing me. "Are you gonna cry?"

"Youre gonna cry," I said back, wiping my eyes.

"That wasn't nice Noah!" I heard a high pitch squeak say. I looked up and saw a girl with curly blonde hair and piercing green eyes scowling at Puck.

"So, I don't care," Puck said.

"Well I do," the girl said, hitting Puck in the crotch sending him to the ground.

He howled out in pain, holding his groin.

"Are you okay?" she asked me, as I stared at her in amazement before nodding my head.

"Good!" she shouted, smiling, revealing her missing 2 front teeth. "I'm Lucille Quinn Fabray Evans, but everyone calls me Quinn, except for my brother, he calls me Q, nice to meet ya!" She extended her hand and I shook it cautiously.

"I'm Mercedes but my family calls me Mercy," I said.

"Mercedes… I think my daddy has one of those. Do you wanna play with me?"

"Sure," I said smiling.

And that was it. I had made my first real friend. And then almost a minute later, my second real friend came bouncing behind Quinn in a flash of blonde.

"Mercy, this is my brother Sam, he's my far-ter-nawl twin," she said pronouncing the word fraternal delicately.

Sam smiled at me, a toothless grin matching his sisters. I should have known then to run like hell and to never look into those boys devilishly green eyes but I did, and since it was such a momentous moment where I got 2 new friends, it was only right that I fell in love too.

"Hi," he said, pulling Quinn into the opposite direction. "Quinn come play 4 square with me."

"No," she said stopping. "Not unless Mercy can come too."

I was shocked, assuming the siblings would go play by themselves.

Sam scrunched up his face, think before smiling widely and nodding his head.

"Okay!" he said enthusiastically. "Can you play?" I nodded my head, still not sure how to speak. "Can you speak?" I nodded my head again. Obviously I was an articulate creature in my hay day. "How come you aren't then?" I shrugged. It's because youre a beautiful magnificent creature whose sole purpose was to make my life a living hell with your hotness. Okay… I admit it; 6 year old me wasn't thinking that. 6 year old me was thinking, I wanna hold your hand, Beatles style!

Fast forward 11 years and not much had changed. Quinn and I were still best friends, Puck was still a nuisance to the women of Lima but sexually of course, and I was still hopelessly in love with my best friend's brother, just like when I was 6.

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