April 12, 2012

Outskirts of Accumula Town

Cedric Juniper forgot how beautiful and horrible snow can be. He wasn't as Bad as Professor Oak who has only felt snow once in his life and now he's hating it. No matter how many layers, Professor Oak was still freezing to death. Cedric held on his bonnet tightly so the chilly breeze wouldn't blow it away. His daughter, also a Professor, was clutching her father's arm tenderly like a loving mother.

"Are you sure you don't need my scarf?" Aurea Juniper asked with concern.

"Nah, I'm not that tropical like our fellow Professor here." Cedric chuckled, as Professor Oak strode from behind. He paced a little quicker. Maybe he wanted the scarf instead.

"Couldn't we just take a bus?"

"But my house is only a few streets away from the lab and I'm sure no buses pass this way." Cedric said.

Oak pouted. "It's only been a few minutes Samuel, surely a little snow won't kill you!" Juniper smiled. But Oak remained in his current state. It might... He thought.

A few minutes later, the nearing trio soon came across a double-store house with a small balcony on the second , Professor ran inside like a giddy school girl. Aurea laughed as she let go of her father's arm.

"Well, I'll leave you and the Professor to do your work. I'll be meeting some trainers at Accumula Town."

Cedric beamed. "Thanks for escorting me but just because I'm old, doesn't mean I'm helpless you know. You should stop treating me like your child. It's the other way around." Cedric sneered teasingly.

Juniper laughed again. "It's because I worry that you might overwork yourself."

Aurea kissed her father's cheek and grabbed him gently for a tender hug. "Take care..." she murmured.

"Same to you darling."

Their hug was interrupted by a whining professor.

"CEDRIC! I'm dying here!"

The Junipers laughed at his comment. Aurea took of with a final wave as she walked to a corner and turned left. Cedric smiled to himself as he strolled to his front gate where, indeed, the professor was dying (metaphorically). As Cedric turned his key to a click and opened the door, Professor Oak bolted in the lounge. Cedric sighed as he looked back to where his daughter had taken of. "Take care.." He whispered as he new that an evil organization will rise one day. Just like in the other regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

Aurea grabbed both ends of her fluffy lab/winter coat. She shuddered as she regretted, forgetting her gloves as she was in a hurry to meet her trainers but she would never leave her father unattended even if other people were with him. Over the past few days, Cedric Juniper was growing ill. At first, he just had a red throat. Soon enough, the upper half of his chest were covered with red patches. What's worse was that it was an uncontrollable rash. Good thing it is winter she thought.

Suddenly, an unnatural sound of rustling came from behind. Juniper flinched as she stood still. She looked back as there was no shadows on the ground or floor. She quicken her pace as a faint thud of footsteps copied her beat.

Aurea ran.

As fast as she could, she could feel the sore feeling in her feet as she was wearing heels. Unfortunately this caused her to become even more slower. The footsteps were getting louder. She panted out of exhaustion. Slowly, her pursuer was getting hot on her heels as she began to tire. After another second the mysterious figure jumped behind her and grabbed both her arms. His strong hands were like mechanical arms, precise on where to grab her next. He lifted her up with one hand. Aurea couldn't make any noise as his hand was completely covering her mouth. Now, she could see his full image. A very dark Brown coat was wrapped tightly around his body. He was wearing black gloves and slacks. His boots were one of those cow-boy ones. He had a cow-boy face on too. A white western fedora hat and a chewed toothpick between his teeth. Yup, he definitely fits the cow-boy category.

She expected abuse but all he did was lift her up over his shoulders, carrying her with no sound. His feet were light as a feather, despite, carrying a full-grown woman. Oh, did I mention she was gagged and tied up on her hands and feet? If only some one saw her, they would call a cop or some one. But even on broad daylight (A/N: It wasn't really sunny since it is winter but u get what I mean) no one was outside, I mean who would be in this cold weather? The Unova Professor continued to struggle until she saw a white van with a driver, clearly asleep.

"Wake Up! I got the package here!" Her captor smacked the driver's head, starling the man to reality.

"OK! Okay! Sheesh! To think that you'd wake me up more kindly!"

"Being a smuggler is no kind job. When ya got a job, You do the job!"

The back of the van was quickly opened and the kidnapper shoved Aurea in, Literally.

Soon all of them were in the van. Soon enough, It wasn't a peaceful drive since all you could hear were screams and kicking on walls.


I wonder what happens to Professor Juniper?